The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

53. They were a Very Dazzling Three Days (4)

—2 days remaining

“Lelouche! Will you grant me the honor of escorting you?”

My school day wouldn’t be complete without hearing His Highness crying out to me at least once. At the same time, that was also going to be the last.

After all, I had decided to spend tomorrow relaxing at home. Without giving any particular reason, I said, “I’d like to spend time with my family tomorrow… Can’t I?” Perhaps because I had asked sweetly, my parents agreed almost instantly. They were too lenient on their daughter. My father even decided to rearrange the schedule for dinner.

The future of the Elcage family is in good hands…

…I could only trust them on that point.

Therefore, that day would be my last day at school. Although, to be precise, that’d be the day after tomorrow, when the dance party was to be held. However, on the evening of said party, I’d be wearing a dress.

Thus, it’d be my last day wearing a uniform.

Apparently, that was to be my last time experiencing such a lively morning, as well.

For the last time, I thought of giving His Highness a thoughtful reply.

I stared at His Highness Sazanjill.

Dazzling blonde hair and gallant lapis lazuli eyes. His beauty alone was almost like a work of art—if we were to discount the fact that he seemed utterly desperate.

His nose was swollen. His eyebrows were furrowed. His eyes were also glazed over.

As such, I couldn’t help but laugh at his beautiful, hopeless, appearance.


“Pardon me, Your Highness Sazanjill. Good morning.”

“Y, yes, good morning…”

It was another beautiful day. Despite the season, the temperature was mild without a single breeze blowing.

That’s right, does he still have it…?

“Your Highness, do you still have that stuffed animal?”

“Ah? You mean this?”

With a somewhat happy look on his face, His Highness Sazanjill took out the tattered stuffed animal. I honestly thought that as a young man of age, he shouldn’t be displaying that so proudly.

…How hopeless.

“I have a once-in-a-lifetime favor to ask of you.”

“W-what is it? I’ll do whatever you want!”

Seeing how eager he was, I felt a little uneasy.

Can’t you be a little bit more cautious…?

Well, since he said that he’d do whatever, I could ask him to return the stuffed animal. After all, it was supposed to have been thrown away.

“Would you like to skip school together with me?”


Then, His Highness Sazanjill continued.

“W, w, what’s gotten into you, Lelouche? If my mother were to learn of this, wouldn’t you be in a lot of trouble?”

“When that happens, please be my shield.”

“I… if it’s only that much, it’s no problem!”

Fufu, Your Highness, your eyes are swimming, though?

Soon, we were speaking inside a carriage as we headed for the city. As I alighted from the carriage, I stretched out.

Oooh—! I love the mixture of guilt and sense of freedom of strolling in the city so early on a weekday morning—!

“Hey, Lelouche, should we wear a disguise?”

“Oh, that’s a great idea. Well, Your Highness, you may disguise yourself.”

It’d be a problem if the dignified crown prince was caught skipping school and playing around in the city. As such, disguising himself was probably for the best. However, when I was about to enter a nearby clothing store, His Highness pulled my hand.

“No, let’s refrain from doing so. It’s a uniform date.”


Thus, we walked around the city as we were.

As I had discovered a trendy donut shop, we ate there together. As expected, the area around His Highness’ mouth became pure white. Then, I spotted a strange mask at an antique shop, and told His Highness to wear it (later, he bought it.) There was a shooting game in the amusement park, so I let His Highness try it and he almost hit the clerk. We both flat out apologized afterwards.

Of course, the people and the clerk who saw us were astonished. After all, not only were we in uniform, it was the crown prince and his fiancée. Everyone’s initial reaction was, “What on earth happened!?”

But every time, His Highness would say.

“We’re having a uniform date, so I’d like to ask you to keep this a secret.”

Please don’t use the word ‘date’ so casually—!

I was careless in inviting someone as serious as him. If possible, I wanted to refrain from giving everyone the impression that we were on good terms. Otherwise, when I died, it’d be a full-blown tragedy. Instead, it’d be better for everyone to hear that the villainess who was on bad terms with the crown prince had finally died.

Therefore, I put the nail in the coffin.

“I’m going to ask you to not only annul our engagement, but also to escort Lumiere to the party the day after tomorrow.”

“But why…?”

His Highness was so utterly shocked that he dropped his cutlery. Meanwhile, I was twirling the pasta around my fork as I looked at him.

“Lumiere has no one else besides Your Highness. Without you, won’t she be lonely?”

It’d be embarrassing for a lady to enter alone.

His Highness narrowed his eyes.

“Then, with whom are you going?”

“…That’ll be a secret until the day of.”

“Is it Zafield?”

“Of course not.”

“Then, is it someone else that you like!?”

“…That person wouldn’t be able to attend, though.”

He couldn’t participate in the party. In the first place, would I survive until the start of the party? If possible, I’d like to see ‘Nameless’ Sunset’ one more time. The crimson flowers, along with the setting sun, were so beautifully drawn, they left me lost for words.

As I brought the pasta to my mouth, His Highness put his elbow at the table.

“…Is that supposed to be a riddle? I don’t understand at all.”

“Well, it’s complicated, so do your best.”

‘My fiancée is going to die the day after tomorrow, yet refuses to attend the party with me to make a final memory.’

I’d be in trouble if he got that right. I’d also be troubled if he were to be saddened by the tragedy.

“That’s right, let’s return to the academy after we finished eating. There’s someone I’d like to meet.”

“Is it Lumiere?”

“Well, half-correct. I have to make a final confirmation of her party etiquette.”

“If so, then is it Zafield?”

“Being honest with you, I’d like to refrain from meeting him…”

He lied to me about the dress Lumiere had supposedly received from His Highness Sazanjill!

I knew he had his reasons such as because he had a crush on me, or because he was testing His Highness Sazanjill. Regardless, I couldn’t just keep silent and move on…

…Still, I regretted that I couldn’t continue to train until the end.

As he clenched his fist in frustration, His Highness sipped his water and said.

“Did he do something to you as well?”

As well?”

“No, never mind. Don’t worry about that.”

I’d rather not meddle in the siblings’ affairs.

Then, I opted to think about the alternatives.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll deal with the rest.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“By all means, escort Lumiere.”

Like I said—!”

“—We’re in this together.”

I was sure that he’d be able to handle it. I finished my lunch and got up from my seat.

“Everything’ll be alright, I’m not that fragile of a woman.”

“Am I such an unreliable man?”

“No, it’s not like that. I just don’t know how to depend on you. But one thing is for certain, Your Highness…”

I put my napkin on the chair before smiling at His Highness and telling him how I truly felt.

“I really appreciated our date today. Because of you, I had so much fun!”

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