The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

20: Burst, Inazuma Harite

Ariake Nishi-Futo Park.

Facing Tokyo Bay, this park is not very crowded even during the day. Even more so, under the cold sky of December, at midnight, there was no sign of anyone. Tokyo Bay, which had melted grey, was now just black with the color of darkness.

After getting out of the cab, Rintaro wiped his glasses, which had fogged up from the cold, and looked around the park. Then he saw a large man sitting on a bench illuminated by an outside light.

「I was going to wait until morning, but you’re earlier than I expected.」

「That’s good to know. I don’t want to have to carry frozen wrestlers to Headquarter, either.」

Kioumaru…… Yellow and Rintaro are always like this when they see each other. But how many days has it been since he’s had a light conversation like this?

The escape from the Ark Dominion secret base was also really dumbfounding.

His growing fame as Death Green must have led to their firm trust in Rintaro. Rintaro was greeted by many monsters as he passed by, but no one stopped him on his way here.

Of course, there was no Samechi in the way. The only people here now were Rintaro and his colleague, Kioumaru.

「……So, can I really go back to Hero Headquarters?」

「I can guarantee that, de gowasu. Well, I can’t say that the matter of crippling the members of the Victorious Rangers can be absolved, de gowasu ga.

「I am already prepared for that. I don’t mind even if they told me to get beaten up as revenge.」

「It seems that Commander Onuki has been contacted about it, being accused of an unjustified transfer of personnel to a different location, de gowasu. I’m sure Green can be given leniency due to this circumstances, de gowasu zo.」

「I see, that’s great.」

Rintaro said, and stared silently at the dark sea. The cold sea breeze brushed against his cheeks painfully. Like a small bone stuck in his teeth, Rintaro had something stuck in his mind for a long time.

「It’s getting cold, de gowasu. Let’s walk while we talk, de gowasu.

「I am looking forward to the fireplace in my house.」

「Shall we grab a drink before we go, de gowasu ka?」

「Let’s not. I’m well aware of your bad drinking habits.」

Two men walk side by side along the pier at night. Although Rintaro had been waiting for a long time to go home, his legs felt somewhat heavy.

When he looked back, he saw nothing but darkness and no one being there. Of course, this is what Rintaro wanted.

「Fu, I guess being a monster is more your style, de gowasu ka?」

「Stop joking, I am a man who can’t even kill a bug.」

「Gahahaha、how can you say that after destroying three Victor Rangers, de gowasu? You’d better be prepared for a pay cut or a transfer, de gowasu zo.」

As Yellow said, what Rintaro should be thinking about is not what happened in the past, but what he should do in the future. If the member who was the victim of the crime filed a complaint, he may not be exempted from disciplinary action, but because of the nature of the case, he cannot avoid severe punishment.

「You’re right, there are three… blue, pink…… hmm? Who’s the other one? Oh, green, huh. Isn’t that me?」

Although he claims to be an important member of the team, the fact that he misspells a number at an important point shows that Yellow’s sense of camaraderie is frivolous. Rintaro, ‘who’ believes in taking good care of his friends, felt a slight sense of discomfort at the small mistake.

「……Geez don’t joke around, You can’t just kill me off like that.」

Just then, a strong wind blew through the air between them. Something tumbled out of Rintaro’s coat.

「This is…… Ah right, I had this thing with me.」

It was a homemade “detonation switch” that had already served its purpose. He had kept it in his jacket pocket for a long time because he had missed the chance to throw it away that day.

The wires were sticking out all over the place because Sametchi spent the night working on it. It was so ugly and awkward that for some reason it caught Rintaro’s eye.

「……Something like this can only be a garbage.」

It was just a useless piece of junk, but somehow Rintaro bent down to pick it up anyway. At that moment…

「Inazuma Harite!!」

Rintaro’s face was hit by a shock that seemed to hit him from the side. Immediately after, a sensation of floating enveloped his whole body, Rintaro’s body was slammed into a hard concrete wall. The lenses of his glasses shattered, and the frames crumpled in midair.


「Fumu, as expected I couldn’t kill you without the Victory Suit.」

The taste of blood filled his mouth, as if his back teeth had been broken. Even though it was because his balance was off due to bending down, his brain was shaken so hard that his vision spun.

It didn’t take long for Rintaro to realize that he had been hit hard by Yellow’s harite.

「Yellow…… Why……?」

「Victory Change!」

When Yellow held up his Victory Transformation Gear, his huge body was enveloped in a dazzling yellow light.

「The yellow light that overflow with power, Victor Yellow! Now, this is full power. Prepare yourself, monster Death Green!」

Victory Sentai Victor Ranger.

Kioumaru wears the Victory Suit, his formal attire. The one there was Victor Yellow, who had bared his hostility to Rintaro.

The shining V on his chest is the V sign of victory. No one has ever seen this V and still be safe before.

「Damn it……, you tricked me, yellow ……!!」

「Right back at you, de gowasu zo, Fake Green」

「I already told you that I am not a fake!」

Rintaro shouted angrily as he staggered to his feet. His lungs, crushed by the impact, trembled painfully.

「Why does it matter? Whether Green is fake or real, it doesn’t make any difference, de gowasou? The monster that threatens people’s peace, and the traitor who attacked his friends are both enemies of justice , ni gowasu! Inazuma Harite!」

Yellow’s palm seemed to glow, and a huge hand-shaped shockwave was released. Rintaro, who had wounds all over his body, narrowly avoided Yellow’s shockwave. Immediately after, the concrete wall shattered into pieces with an explosion.

The Victory Suit dramatically improves physical abilities. Yellow’s serious Inazuma Harite has an extremely short range, but if it hits, it is powerful enough to repel a high-speed Limited Express Train head-on.

「Goddamn it, you set me up, you bastard!」

「Stop running running around, you little green bug!」

As he rolled to the side, Rintaro regretted his decision. This man, Yellow, had been aiming for this all along.

He pretends to be his ally and calls Rintaro out to take care of him when he shows up. It’s a simple enough job, but if he succeed, he’ll be known as the one who took down the monster Death Green.

「I’ve thought this for a long time, but you are really a trash!」

「Why don’t you look in the mirror and say it, you green bastard! And if you’ve been fighting monsters for more than ten years, you’ll learn to do ‘something like this’ even if you don’t want to, de gowasu. Come on come on, What’s the matter, Inazuma Harite Rendaa!」

The earth rumbled with a ‘dododo’, and craters appeared one after another on the ground. It was as if the heavy machinery at the construction site had gone out of control.

No matter how strong Victory Green Rintaro was, he can’t win if he doesn’t have a plan beforehand, furthermore he’s running around after taking a lot of damage from the first attack.

(It’s fine if I just got caught, he’s completely trying to kill me. He is trying to seal my mouth shut right here!)

At that moment, Rintaro’s vision tilted unsteadily. Rintaro’s battered body collapsed from his knees. The damage he had accumulated during this absolutely desperate moment had finally reached his legs.


「Got you, de gowasu!!」

A huge, glowing yellow palm approaches Rintaro.

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