I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

10. I’ll Love you Every Second of my Life!

That kind of treatment didn’t mean anything. After all, before, he had outrightly stated that he despised her. However, as she was about to faint, she realized the possibility that she might never see him again.

Thus, Charlotte managed to sit back up on the chaise lounge.

“—Next week, you and I will have to attend the evening party at the royal castle.”


To Oswald’s words, Charlotte blinked.

“I’ve heard of your dislike towards socializing, but you have no veto power on this one.”

“No, an evening party… in other words, a ball…”

“In short, it’s an inspection. I have to prove to His Majesty the King and everyone else that your divine power is, in fact, sealed properly. Therefore, you’ll be proven to be an existence that no longer pose any harm to the kingdom or the world.”


“Hmph, of course you’d react that way.”

Oswald looked up as if he had seen it coming.

“I knew you’d refuse. Regardless, you’ll have to accompany me, and I’ll do anything to ensure it. Even if I have to take you by force—”

“—Oswald, it’s just…!!”

Unable to stand it, she stood up.

“…Are you asking me on a date!?”

“No, this is completely different.”

With a distant gaze, he crisply answered.

“An evening party with Oswald! To be able to wear a beautiful dress, put on makeup, and go out with you…!! I’m truly glad…!!”

“Like I said, it’s completely different! This is an inspection by the royal family! It’s being done for surveillance’s sake! You’re being brought there just for show!”

“…Just for show?”

With a sigh, Oswald clutched his forehead.

“It’s because of your beautiful appearance.”


Charlotte, who didn’t know what kind of expression she was making, tried to conceal her face.

“Even aristocrats who feared you will approach you once they learn your divine power is sealed. Moreover, as your watchman, I can prevent you from doing anything uncouth.”

“O, Oswald…! You just said that I’m beautiful…!”

“…I’m merely stating a general fact. Hey, listen to me.”

She wanted to keep pursuing it, but at the same time, she also wanted to listen to Oswald. Nodding, Charlotte attentively listened to him.

“No problem, Oswald! I’ll participate in the evening party with all my heart!”

“…Are you being serious?”

“After all, if I don’t go, you’ll be in trouble, right? I will do anything to help Oswald!”

Oswald was getting more dumbfounded as she enthusiastically stated that.

“You want to help me?”


“…Seriously, what possessed you? You are supposed to hate me, the man who not only captured and forcibly married you, but also robbed you of all your divine power.”

“But why would I!?”

However, to avoid any suspicion, she didn’t say anything else.

In the past, I have an inkling that I dislike this person, but for the time being…

“I’ve reflected on what I’ve done.”

“Reflection? You? A repeat offender?”

“…Repeat offender.”

“Don’t think that I’d forget.”

Actually, she wished that he’d forget with all her might.

However, there was no way she could say that. Charlotte was dejected.

She realized that it was dishonest of her to lie about her amnesia.

Regardless, if she were to that fact, she’d be fleeing from her responsibilities. Just like he said, she was a repeat offender. At the same time, she didn’t know what else to do.

“I don’t think I can make up for everything, but I hope that I can do it bit by bit. As such, I might inconvenience you, Oswald.”

“…Did you perhaps develop a strange interest in me after it was proven that I could seal your divine power?”

Before I lost my memory, it didn’t seem like I had any sort of feelings for Oswald.

With that in mind, Charlotte shook her head.

“It was actually love at first sight.”

“…Are you stupid?”

“Yesterday, I saw many of Oswald’s wonderful sides. Judging from your magic circle, you’re an expert in magic. You also have a delicate and bold personality… along with a gentle side.”


Charlotte nodded.

“After I sneezed, you lent me your cloak.”

“That was—”

“Looking at the embroidered pattern, it’s probably a part of your uniform, right? For you to lend it to me and go to work as you were, that must’ve resulted in a problem. Yet still, you draped it over my shoulders.”


“Then, just now, when you saw me crying, you were concerned for me!”

Not to mention, Oswald was also a magnificent beauty.

The moment Charlotte, who couldn’t remember anything, woke up, his intense beauty was seared into her mind. But now it was no longer just his appearance that made her heart flutter.

“Every time you call me by my name, ‘Charlotte’—it’s as if the realization ‘that’s my name’ deeply permeates me.”

She placed her hand on the left side of her chest and closed her eyes, as if immersing herself in that joy.

“More than I already did this morning, I’m in love with Oswald. Tomorrow, I’ll love you more and more.”


“If it’s your order, whether it’s a night party or a showcase, I’ll always obey!”

Oswald stared straight at Charlotte.

Charlotte received his stare with a beaming gaze. Then, with a sigh, he began to speak.

“You truly are…”


Oswald quietly closed his eyes.

“It’s nothing. Get ready for the evening party.”

“Aye sir!”

After nodding with all her might, she smiled.

Even so, a pair of magic circles… back then, I had no interest in them. However, when I consider that Oswald gave it to me, it becomes irreplaceable.

At that moment, Charlotte realized something troublesome.

—Wait, to apply the seal, wouldn’t the sealer have to touch the part where the magic circle is engraved using his own?

She went pale all at once thanks to the memories that somehow remained about magic and divine power.

That’s like saying Oswald and I were having a very passionate kiss during the moment of the sealing!!

Immediately after trying to imagine it, Charlotte’s vision distorted.


“No… merely by imagining it, my consciousness is fading…”


Charlotte truly did faint in the end.

***T/N: After her divine power has been sealed, it seems that sth else has awakened in this saint…

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