Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

39. [Day 0 (3)]

“…Geez, Lady Lorona is such a mess. I wonder if it’s some kind of birth defect?”

Chille was examining herself with her hand mirror inside the carriage. She would soon finish applying her makeup.

The fashionable face powder and lipstick she wore made her feel much prettier. As Lorona didn’t have a mole on her neck, Chille had to cover said area with powder.

Her hair, which was dyed to a color similar to Lorona’s silver hair, also wasn’t bad.

The special dye she had recently purchased couldn’t be removed without the use of a special detergent.

“Although, my lady’s hair is brighter. Well, I’m sure no one will notice.”

Chille, who shrugged her shoulders and laughed, proceeded to wear Lorona’s dress.

“After being abandoned by her fiancé, she proceeded to drown herself in the pleasure of the night life… Fufu, wouldn’t that be juicy?”

While fluttering the hem of the dress, Chille hummed. The song told a story of a cinder-covered girl who fell in love with a prince and lived happily ever after.

Chille was born the daughter of a broker in a small rural town.

While personally, she considered her gray hair a bit dull, she was gifted with beauty. Ever since she was little, she had been popular. People always complimented her. They told her that someday the prince would notice her. She grew up being pampered by her surroundings.

“I’m sure the prince will come for me.”

However, upon reaching adulthood, Chille learned that the prince had already been betrothed. The utter shock left her crying for three days and nights.

Chille’s parents, distressed after having disappointed their daughter, took her to the royal capital. There, she caught sight of the prince walking alongside his fiancée.

“Look, that’s the crown prince and his fiancée. While you are certainly adorable, these are aristocrats we’re talking about. They aren’t dreamers.”

The cruel words of her parents left Chille staggering.

A princess was already beside the handsome prince. She looked as if she had just come out of a story book.

The prince’s fiancée was a beautiful, goddess-like, girl with lustrous silver hair and violet eyes.

Suddenly, Chille found herself loathing her own hair, something she should’ve been fond of. Chille wailed and rampaged as to why she had such an ashen hair color.

“—Why am I not an aristocrat!?”

Chille’s troubled parents promised to make her an apprentice at an aristocratic house.

They thought that if they were to send her there, she’d develop some self-awareness.

Coincidentally, those words reached Belverassa—Lorona’s stepmother.

Upon being presented with a large pearl, Belverassa agreed to entertain Chille’s desire. She granted the girl a glimpse to the life of a lady.

“For me to become the maid of a lady… how fortunate.”

Of course, Chille disliked being treated as a maid. Still, if she were to follow Lorona, she would be able to visit the palace from time to time. She would also be able see the prince’s face up from up close.

She also learned that if she were to get close to Belverassa, she could easily become associated with any nobleman in the kingdom, much less any commoner.

“I don’t think my face and body are unappealing… Not to mention, I’m still young. I do wish I had silver hair like the young lady’s, though…”

To be able to serve Lorona, the crown prince’s fiancée, she was so lucky!

“Still, why does the young lady waste her time doing menial jobs? She doesn’t throw parties or even go shopping—it’s unbelievable!”

Lorona rarely participated in tea parties and other social events held by the aristocrats. Unless she were formally invited by Velbutte himself, she always rejected the invitations.

On the contrary, Lorona was enthusiastic about worship and donating to dirty nursing homes and churches. She even went out of her way to start a business with a commoner.

I can’t believe it! She doesn’t resemble a princess in the slightest!

…Even though she can get married with the prince!

Chille was resentful towards Lorona, someone she deemed dull.

Lorona didn’t make the most of her beautiful appearance. Instead, she merely cleaned up after her selfish parents.

Lorona, who neither laughed nor got angry, was creepy. As such, Chille couldn’t help but find her as loathsome.

A person bearing the title of a princess should be more glamorous!

Someone like her isn’t suitable for the prince!

Hence, Chille secretly wrote a letter to Velbutte.

‘—Countess Lorona often goes in and out of the downtown and is doing shady business with a commoner.’

It wasn’t a lie.

After all, Lorona would often visit the downtown. To top it off, she was also doing business with a commoner.

However, that letter wasn’t enough to destroy Lorona’s engagement. After the letter had been delivered to the prince, Lorona remained his fiancée.

…Fufu, I never thought that Lumina would be so cunning.

While serving Lorona, Chille observed Velbutte’s movement to see how he’d react upon seeing her secret letter.

Soon, she discovered something else. She saw Velbutte and Lumina staring passionately at each other.

Realizing that the prince was having an affair, Chille felt a slight resentment within herself. Nevertheless, as the partner was Lumina, she was fine with it.

Lumina is more suitable to becoming a princess.

Chille was so happy, she was about to die.

If she couldn’t become the prince’s partner, then she at least hoped he’d find a suitable one. The boring Lorona was ill-suited for the title of a princess.

As of the present, her wish finally came true.

With a deep blue face, Lorona had returned. She was climbing into her carriage even though the ceremony shouldn’t be over, yet.

Leaving the sleeping Lorona in the carriage, Chille gathered some information and discovered that her engagement had been annulled.

Moreover, one of the reasons was because of the letter she herself had written.

She had succeeded in toppling Lorona.

Lorona, the girl who got everything Chille had ever wanted merely because she was born in the right family.

Because of her, that girl had fallen off stage.

Joy engulfed Chille to the point that she was writhing in ecstasy.

“Fufu, don’t worry, Milady, I shall take care of everything.”

Lorona’s reputation wouldn’t be tarnished merely because of her broken engagement.

If anything, people might sympathize with Lorona.

It was up to Chille to deal the finishing blow.

 “The countess, the daughter of the count, who was dumped by the crown prince, will be returning home in the morning!”

Chille wore the dress that Lorona had entrusted to her, dyed her hair silver, and put on some makeup. As of that moment, she was swaying inside of the carriage.

She had handed the coachman some gold coins and instructed him to carry her to the red-light district.

She didn’t really need to play at night.

All she needed to do was wander around the red-light district at dawn. Afterwards, Lorona’s reputation would be beyond repair.

“That calm face of her’s… I wonder how it’ll look soaked in tears!? Milady, I’m sure that you’ll look your best when you’re crying!”

That unchanging expression of Lorona’s—how would it look distorted with despair?

Oh, how I am looking forward to this—!

“Soon, you’ll have nothing left! I wish we’d reach the royal capital—kyaaaa!!!”

After an unpleasant shaking, her body floated for a moment. The illusion of time stopping pervaded her senses.

Then, a terrifying shock seized her world. Her body slammed against the carriage’s floor.


Before she could even feel the pain, she heard an unpleasant cracking sound from her spine as her back struck the seat.

Breathing became difficult. Her field of view was hazy.

W, what just…


She could hear something cracking as the wind began to stroke her cheeks.

A few seconds later, her view, which was dyed in white and red, was covered with black.


At the end of the foolish noise she had just made, Chille’s world came to an abrupt end.

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