Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

40. [Day 5 (1)]

At dawn, the carriage carrying the three men reached the nursing home.

While staggering due to fatigue and tension, the coachman who drove without resting that night told Astel and the others that they had arrived. Afterwards, the man sat down and fainted.

Shesam and Astel humbly knocked the door to the nursing home while Kaiser tended to the horse. The horse, who was experiencing extreme tension and excitement, needed to be calmed.

“…Who is it?”

A quiet voice could be heard from behind the door. The two immediately breathed.

As per their earlier agreement, Shesam stepped forward, took a deep breath, and spoke.

“…My name is Shesam, the servant of Count Ruth. I’m grateful for your letter.”

“My, the count’s servant!”

The door opened vigorously, perhaps because the person was relieved by the words of Shesam.

The one who greeted them was a young Sister.

The deep laughing wrinkles around her eyes conveyed her personality. While her smile carried a semblance of fatigue, it was also reassuring.

“We’ve been waiting. Come inside.”

The Sister invited the two with a smile.

Shesam and Astel looked at each other with doubt at the welcome.

The letter they had read at the church in the royal capital was written by the same Sister.

The content was, ‘Lorona’s fever has dropped, but she hasn’t regained her consciousness, yet. Why has no one come for her? Was there a problem?’

“What is the meaning of this…?”

Astel could only tilt his head.

The remains that were believed to be Lorona’s weren’t actually hers.

Moreover, according to the letter, Lorona was still alive. Not to mention, she was staying in that nursing home.

“Did another lady get mistaken as Lorona?”

“But the dress she wore was definitely Lady Lorona’s. That was a one-of-a-kind piece made for the graduation ceremony. There is no mistake.”

“…Then, what exactly is happening?”

The three once again turned their eyes to the enshrined corpse.

The remains, which wore a plaster mask, laid still as if it were a relic.

The body wore Lorona’s dress. The hair was dyed silver. From what they had figured out, the woman that died in the carriage accident was the same age as Lorona.


“What is it, Shesam?”

Astel and Kaiser focused on the murmuring Shesam.

Unaware of their gazes, Shesam kept staring at the lifeless body.

“It’s Chille.”


“She’s Chille, Lady Lorona’s maid. She is supposedly back at the mansion, but I have yet to see her…”

Everything finally made sense. With a dazed look, Shesam approached the corpse.

When he first saw the corpse, he failed to notice. However, there was a small mole on the neck of the corpse.

“It’s Chille…”

Lorona didn’t have such a mole, but Chille did.

It was imprinted in Shesam’s memory, the moment when Chille seductively approached him while baring that mole—

“—Sexy, isn’t it?”

“Why didn’t I consider it…”

“So, she’s Lorona’s maid? But why would she pretend to be Lorona? Moreover, her hair…”

“I don’t know…”

Shesam told Astel and the others about the girl named Chille.

She was a maid hired by Belverassa as per the request of her distant relatives.

Chille’s attitude as a servant of an aristocrat was too uncouth, her surroundings would often mock her.

Because of that, no one noticed her absence.

Everyone probably thought she was out playing around.

No one would’ve imagined that she was dead.

In the quiet morgue, each of the three had a complicated expression.

“…Anyway, let’s head to this nursing home.”

“…Yes, we should.”

After asking the church to keep the body for a while, they boarded a carriage and went straight to the nursing home.

Once they arrived, would they truly meet Lorona?

None of them could explain why Lorona was there to begin with though.

Above all, Astel and the others were confused by the Sister’s calm attitude.

“…Since when has the young lady been staying here?”

“Since when…?”

“Uhm, that, actually, no news came to her house…”

“Oh, dear!”

Surprised, the Sister went agape.

She seemed to truly be clueless.

“Everyone must’ve been worried. After all, the count’s daughter hasn’t returned for five days… Surely, a riot must be occuring in the royal capital by now?”

There was no way they could just tell her Lorona was presumed dead.

The Sister slowly explained to Astel and Shesam about what Lorona had been up to.

Lorona came to celebrate the birthday of the children. During the celebration, she contracted a high fever and had to stay there. The maid who accompanied Lorona then returned to the count’s family.

“But no one else seemed to be coming to fetch the lady… Because I was worried, I decided to write a letter…”

“Why did you address the letter to me?”

“Previously, the lady told me that you’re her most trusted servant. Although, I did consider directly telling the count…”

“By the way, don’t newspapers reach this village?”

“Such things arrive only once a month. This is a remote village. I’m lucky I was able to deliver that letter. After all, the delivery man rarely comes to this part. If until tomorrow no one still came, I was thinking of going to the royal capital myself.”


If the Sister’s words were true, Chille should’ve reached the royal capital long ago bearing the news about Lorona.

So why was she dressed up as Lorona?

…Was she planning something?

Shesam recalled that Chille’s words and actions had an arrogance that couldn’t be hidden.

The fact that she had donned Lorona’s dress proved she was indeed planning something.

Strangely, as this was Chille, Shesam believed that may be the case. After all, she even went as far as to dye her hair.

Well, it’s no use thinking about that, now. More importantly, the young lady—…

“How is the young lady doing?”

“Her fever finally subsided last night. It was truly terrible.”

“Is she safe!?”

“She’s lucky. Usually, there are no doctors in this village. However, a traveling physician happened to be passing by and took care of her.”

The physician said that because of exhaustion and stress, Lorona ended up falling ill.

Thanks to the precise instructions of the doctor, who prescribed some medicine, Lorona recovered.

“She’s still asleep, but would you like to see her?”


Astel replied resolutely. Seeing at his profile, which was full of determination to confirm Lorona’s safety, Shesam nodded.

They were then guided to a small room in the back of the nursing home.

When they opened the simple wooden door and went inside, the scent of flowers tickled their noses.

While it was a small room, various flowers were displayed on its shelves.

On the simple bed by the wall, they caught a glimpse of her silver hair.


Astel groaned with a quivering voice.

The corners of Shesam’s eyes burned.

The Sister, who entered the room, spread the curtains. Gentle sunlight entered and the figure lying on the bed was illuminated.

The feeling of despair that came over them when they witnessed the body covered by a plaster mask in the cold morgue vanished without a trace.

Her steady breathing sounded out within that slightly warm room which was filled with the scent of flowers.

Her sleeping appearance was the epitome of innocence with her body lying down and her hands aligned beside her.

Rose-colored cheeks and raspberry-colored lips.

Her long silver eyelashes were shining in the morning sun that casted her shadow.


The girl sleeping on the bed was definitely Lorona Ruth.

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