Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

33. [Day 4 (5)]

“…Arrest? …Someone like me?”

Unable to comprehend the words of the butler, the count shook his head.

As his entire body trembled, he crouched as if crawling on the floor.

“—Fools! What right do you have!?”

When he left the room and went for the entrance hall, armed soldiers were already lined up in an orderly manner as the butler said.

It was a formation commonly used on the battlefield. They gave off the same intimidating feeling of the soldiers led by the count to face their enemy.

Instinctively, the count realized—he had been identified as the enemy.

“What’s with this commotion?”

However, as a soldier who had survived the war, the count was unfaltering.

After all, he had done nothing wrong. They just misunderstood.

“You must be Count Ruth.”

A dignified, young, officer in military uniform greeted Count Ruth who had just entered the hall. He was one head taller than the count and had a robust body.

His dignified appearance was such that the count wanted to recruit him as a subordinate. The count quietly replied, “Yes.” and faced the young officer.

“What’s the meaning of this uproar? I used to serve this kingdom as a soldier. I shouldn’t be subjected to such a treatment.”

He glared at the soldiers, including the young one, saying that they should go home quickly.

However, none of them backed down. The young officer even had a look of contempt on his face.

“Do you think your former glory warrants you the ability to do absolutely anything you please?”


“Forgive me, count. You were certainly a count. Even I used to admire your heroicness. Despite that—you’ve crossed the line.”

Unable to understand the meaning of the young officer’s words, the count furrowed his eyebrows.

“I’m grateful for your sheltering of soldiers who have nowhere to go. However, as time passed, it has become apparent that you’ve become… quite extreme.”

As the young officer looked down at the speechless count, he received a document from his subordinate.

When he noticed that the count was furrowing his eyebrows, he suddenly smiled softly.

“This is a list of the weapons you bought earlier this year. Swords, guns, explosives… for a private army to play with, that is just too much.”

“That is…”

“Here comes the worst—what do you intend to do with something as powerful as a mobile cannon? Possession of that item was forbidden after the war ended. Shame on you for violating that rule.”


But how—

—the count’s complexion shifted.

The weapon dealer the count frequented offered said mobile cannon to him, saying that it was difficult to obtain.

In the past, they had been used to crush numerous enemy formations. Recalling the former excitement he used to have in the battlefield, the count instinctively told the merchant to give it to him.

Of course, he was aware that the possession was prohibited. Therefore, he never reloaded the cannon or took it outside—

so how did they know?

“The House of Lords has determined that Count Ruth is suspected trying to raise a rebellion because due to his raising a private army and obtaining a large amount of weaponry. Therefore, you’ll be detained.”

What—?! Don’t be stupid—!!”

“Capture him!”

Shortly after resisting the oncoming soldiers, the count was suppressed.

Not having the advantage in numbers, the count soon found himself being pressed to the ground.

He managed to look up at the face of the young officer who was coldly staring at him.

“You! Don’t think that this kind of barbarity will be allowed! I firmly protest! I have allies who are also my former comrades!”

“As you like. With all this evidence, I don’t think there’ll be anyone on your side.”

The count exhaled a thin breath as if panting at the words the young officer plainly stated.

He could only wriggle at their mercy, like an insect struck on the ground.

“What is happening!? What the hell is this!?”

A high-pitched voice echoed, tearing through the noisy atmosphere.

When the count moved his gaze to locate who had made that voice, he saw the trembling Belverassa. Her face was deep blue.

Angry and ashamed to be seen in such a disgraceful state by his own wife, the count rampaged to rid himself of his restraints. Regardless, the soldiers still triumphed in the end.

“Good day to you, countess. Actually, you’re also suspected of being involved in the sale of contraband. Can you accompany me?”

“No, of course not! Let go! No!”

“Stop!! Don’t touch my wife!!”

“Help! Please do something about this!”

“…How noisy. Shut up.”

After the young officer frowned in annoyance, he instructed his subordinates to silence them before turning on his heels.

As per his instruction, the soldiers stuffed the mouths of the count and Belverassa.


The soldiers then tied up the count and his wife and dragged them out of the mansion. Their muffled screams echoed along the way.

Belverassa didn’t give up resistance and kept screaming. But she couldn’t even form a word because her mouth was covered.

They were pushed into a windowless carriage intended for prisoners.


What utter nonsense!

I’m a hero!

How could this happen to me?!

The count’s world was dyed black as the cold sound of the door being locked from the outside echoed.

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