I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

9.My Husband’s Offensive Power is Too High!

Oswald was the first to speak,

“Show me the magic circle on your body.”


Charlotte visibly tensed.

“What’s wrong? I’m asking you to show your magic circle.”

Well, uh, a magic circle…?!

She desperately searched through her memories.

Oh…! I remember…! When sinners that happens to be magicians are detained, magic circles are engraved on their bodies to disable their magic. In other words, my divine power is also sealed by the same magic circle?

However, as of the present, that wasn’t the problem—

I don’t remember where the magic circle is…!

Charlotte, who couldn’t answer, smiled awkwardly.

A magic circle should exist somewhere on her body. If she were to use her magic, it’d shine. If she didn’t, it’d have a thin pattern.

Uh, I do remember how it works but… when I took a bath earlier, did I see anything resembling that?!

But, being terribly honest, she had no idea at all. Oswald began to look suspicious.

“…You can’t show it?”

“No, that isn’t the case!”

“Did you do something to the seal?”

His expression, which was marred by suspicion and caution, was truly beautiful. It thrilled her. If only those emotions weren’t directed at her, she might be able to revel in the sight of it.

I have to do something… oh!! I have an idea!!

Charlotte screamed, thanking herself for the sudden inspiration.

“…Why doesn’t Oswald show his first?!”


His well-shaped eyebrows twitched.

“Why do I have to show it to you?”

“Because I want to see it!!”

“What would you achieve from that?”

“I will engrave it in my heart!”

That part wasn’t a lie. Therefore, she could say it loudly. Perhaps failing to comprehend anything, Oswald retreated a few steps.

However, she didn’t just raise that question on a whim. She managed to get a decent amount of information.

Magic circles should exist in pairs. The sealer, Oswald, and I, the target of the seal, should have our magic circles in the same place… Fufu, fufufu…

For them to have matching seals… it was truly wonderful. It made her feel like they were a true married couple.

Actually, rather than between married couples, that sort of seal only existed between executioners and sinners. However, she was amnesic, so she decided to pretend not remembering that.

“Mine doesn’t matter, let me see yours…”

“Please, please, Oswald!! If you don’t show me yours, I won’t be able to quell my inner desires!! I’ll be left wondering about your magic circle! Such as, how beautiful is it?! How does it look on the sealer’s side?! I’ll be so curious, I’ll be dancing until morning!”

“Stop it!!”

Hah…!! I have to stop…!! Being honest, I want to see Oswald’s magic circle so badly…!!

She corrected her posture which was dangerously leaning forward.

“…If I were to show you my magic circle, would you show me yours without complaint?”


In response to the unexpected question, Charlotte beamed.

“I, I will! I will definitely show you!! If Oswald so desires, you may even put another one anywhere on my body!!”

“For God’s sake, looking at your magic circle is all I’m asking… Haa, dammit…”

While sighing in exhaustion, Oswald stared at Charlotte.

Then, he opened his well-shapes lips.


Charlotte was at a loss for breath.

What was shown was a delicate magic circle drawn in light blue.

Even if she lost her memory, she could see how impressive it was by merely looking at the magic circle. That was probably because she still had knowledge about magic itself. Perfectly calculated, a lean construction formula, and an outcome that demonstrated the excellence of the human being who made it were engraved there.

There—within Oswald’s open lips, on the surface of his tongue.

On Oswald’s red tongue, there’s a magic circle…

He only displayed it for a few seconds. After that, Oswald immediately closed his mouth.

Charlotte tumbled down and was quiet.

“…Now, do you feel like fulfilling your end of the bargain?”


“Told you, there’s nothing to gain from seeing my magic circle. You should open your mouth—”

—Hick, guh…”


She didn’t want to show him her tears, but they overflowed on their own.

Upon noticing that Charlotte was crying, Oswald tensed up. Then, with a voice as if he was dying with frustration, he asked—

“—Why, for what reason are you crying?!”

“Uh, uh… I’m sorry, forgive me, for showing you such an unsightly side…”

“Did you catch a cold this morning?”

“No…! Actually, this is…!”

Charlotte desperately explained while shedding tears.

“…Oswald sticking his tongue out was just too sexy, it was almost too forbidden of a sight!”


At that moment, Oswald got fed-up.

“It was truly, truly, a forbidden sight…!! For the cool Oswald to stick out his tongue like a bad boy, it was absolutely too much of a scene…!! The sex appeal, the cuteness, the unexpectedness, they are just…!!”

“…Seriously, what are you talking about?”

With a dazed sigh, Oswald stood up.

“—For the time being, I conclude that my inquiry about your magic circle was met with rejection.”

“Ah…! I’m sorry…!”

Although she was genuinely in tears, he might take it as an attempt to mislead him. She truly felt sorry, for she didn’t plan to deceive him.

It was almost at the same time as Charlotte managed to stop crying. Oswald stood in front of her.



Oswald extended his hand.

Then, he grabbed Charlotte’s chin. His fingers proceeded to part her lips.


Oswald pushed his fingers into Charlotte’s mouth, as if to discipline a puppy’s biting habit.

Then, he pushed Charlotte’s wet tongue with his thumb and stared at the surface.

After that, he narrowed his eyes.

“…The magic circle is perfectly fine.”


He immediately released her.

At the moment of freedom, Charlotte slipped off the chaise lounge.

“…I can’t, I can’t anymore. I’m at my limit. I’m going to faint.”

“Hey, don’t writhe around on the floor and after taking a bath!”

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