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26. Condemnation Drama

That year’s graduation party at Rolaud Kingdom was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

The foursome of idiots at the center of the venue were the sole cause.

The leading member of said group was a beautiful young man with light green hair, Feld Rolaud.

He was one of the graduating students, and also the crown prince of the kingdom. On the other hand, I was his fiancée—Duchess of Samaria, Violet.

His Highness was glaring at me as if I was a murderer.

No, it wasn’t just His Highness.

My brother, Duke Sagius Samaria, and the red-haired, wild-faced, Count Brown Kayes, were also glaring at me with such eyes.

However, the two were also grinning slightly…

Baroness Mia Abazn, who had a pair of round eyes, was dressed in a princess line dress the same pink color as her hair. She wore a lot of flashy accessories. The entire time, she behaved like a small creature.

…I was sure she was laughing inwardly.

What a vile woman.

I wondered how many misdeeds she had performed just to stage that condemnation…

…While I was fanning myself, His Highness pointed at me.

“Violet! You’ve committed an outrageously atrocious, deed! Therefore, I’ve decided to abandon my engagement with you. Baroness Mia Abazn will be my new fiancée!”

When His Highness declared that, screams rose from all over the venue.

…Although, most of the students and their parents wore stunned expressions.

Towards that a scene, I narrowed my eyes.

Then, I spoke to His Highness, who had entered his own world and was too blind to perceive his surroundings.

“Your Highness, there’s a proper procedure for breaking an engagement… First of all, can you tell me why?”

“Do you still need me to spell it out? Not only did you hide and rip apart Mia’s textbooks, you also poured hot drinks on her, and tripped her down the stairs!”

“…Is there any evidence? What about witnesses?”

“There is! Everyone, show yourself!”

When His Highness said that, some students walked to his side.

Looking at the students, I concealed my face with my fan.

All I could do was laugh.

However, His Highness yelled at me for it.

“Violet, have you finally lost your mind!? Is it because I do have witnesses!?”

“…Pfft, no. By the way, did all of you… truly witness them?”

When I folded my fan and smiled at the students, they all shrank.

…I was sure they realized that my eyes weren’t laughing at all.

However, in a traumatic tone, the students said one after another.

“…I, I saw it—! I saw Duchess Samaria shred Baroness Abazn’s textbook to pieces…!”

“…Yes—! Not only that, Duchess Samaria also splashed Baroness Abazn with drinks—!”

“…I witnessed Duchess Samaria pushing Baroness Abazn down the stairs.”

After the students said that, His Highness smirked.

As I concealed my face with my fan, I scoffed once again.

“Fufu… I see, of course, of course you’d say that. Alright, Your Majesty, it’s as you can see…”

When I said that, everyone looked back at the royal seats.

Before they knew it, the king, the queen, and the second prince had been standing there.

His Majesty nodded when he heard my words.

“…I’ve heard everything.”

Upon hearing His Majesty’s reply, His Highness and the students who had testified became nervous for a moment. However, believing everything was under control, the smile of His Highness returned.

Amidst all that, I pointed my fan towards Baroness Abazn who was still dazed.

“Baroness Mia Abazn, I have something to ask you. I have no recollections of ever doing the aforementioned actions. So, can you please enlighten me about the time and place?”

Towards my question, Baroness Abazn suddenly fell to the floor and wept.

“…H, how cruel! You did such cruel things to Mia, and you dare feign ignorance!? As I thought, is it because of my low rank!?”

Baroness Abazn wept, and His Highness immediately rushed to embrace her.

“That’s not true! That villainess is only jealous of our true love! Violet, you’ve crossed the line! Mia could have died from falling down the stairs!”

His Highness glared at me as he said that. I smiled as I fanned myself.

“I agree, is dangerous dangerous—had she truly fallen down the stairs, that is.”

“You’re still trying to deny it!?”

“No. Because I never did such a thing from the beginning—right, Principal?”

When I asked the principal, who approached my side, he nodded with a smile.

“Yes, I assure you that the Duchess of Samaria has never done any of the aforementioned actions in the academy. There’s no evidences to support your claim.”

The principal then turned to the two people who followed him,

After the first person had bowed towards the royal seats, he addressed his surroundings.

“I’m Alzir, the head of Count Denver family which represents the Inspector General of the Kingdom of Rolaud. My subordinates have been keeping watch in the academy, but there are no reports of Duchess Samaria doing any of the aforementioned deeds to Baroness Abazn.”

After Count Denver said that, the second person bowed to the royal seats and started talking.

“I’m Mineria, the representative of the Kingdom of Rolaud’s documentary team. Nothing like that is mentioned in the detailed records of my subordinates. Rather, the Duchess of Samaria always kept her distance from Baroness Abazn. The record is pretty consistent about that.”

Upon hearing that, His Highness and his witnesses were stunned.

“W, what has just…”

Then, the students all turned blue and crumpled on the floor. Baroness Abazn cried while burying her face in His Highness’ chest.

However, something different from what I had imagined happened. His Highness, who seemed confused, could only alternately stare at us.

Towards such a pathetic His Highness, I spoke.

“These people have been monitoring our movements from the shadow. I’ve also discovered that the witnesses Your Highness has presented are nothing more than aristocrats trying to curry favor from you.”


Even though I had explained thoroughly, His Highness’ brain, where a flower field was blooming at its finest, failed to process it. He continuously tilted his head while saying, “What?”

“Fufu, it seems that you’ve lost the ability to think. Let me guess, your head must be in a lot of pain right now.”

I almost couldn’t help but laugh once again. His Highness, who understood that he was being ridiculed, squeaked while glaring at me.

However, there was a person who supported His Highness—

—my brother.

“Don’t be fooled by my foolish sister, Your Highness. We have evidence.”

After listening to my brother, His Highness smiled and nodded. Then, he pointed at me once again.

“…You villainess! Let me inform everyone of your crimes! Listen, this woman before me—Violet, has used a forbidden dr to harm both His Highness Aldam Neonhart, and Baroness Mia Abazn! That’s right! She attempted to assassinate the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom!”

His Highness said that and looked around.

As expected, the people inside the venue grew suspicious and various eyes pierced me.

For a moment, I was reminded of the previous condemnation and staggered. However, Luria immediately supported me from behind. I immediately regained my composure.

“Thank you, Luria.”

“Milady, are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you. You’re my lifeline.”

I turned towards His Highness once again.

“…Now, that’s not funny. If it’s a joke, it’s in bad taste. Do you have any evidence?”

“Of course.”

His Highness smiled and nodded, and my brother shouted immediately—

“—Present the evidence!”

Then, from the entrance of the venue, Grace, who was surrounded by knights and accompanied by their leader—Marquis Renil Wayne, came in.

Marquis Wayne raised a small bottle and announced.

“I discovered this in the desk drawer within the room of Duchess Violet Samaria. It was Grace, the maid of Duchess Samaria, who told me.”

At that moment, His Highness smiled triumphantly, while my brother and Count Kayes sighed with ugly smiles.

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