The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

25. The Condemnation Drama Begins

Only a week remained for the graduation party.

Until the next semester, the academy was closed.

Of course, those who didn’t have enough credits or hadn’t submitted their assignments had to go to the academy. Nevertheless, it had nothing to do with me, someone who had good grades.

However, the same couldn’t be said about Baroness Abazn and Count Kayes. Not only had they not done their assignments, they did poorly on the exam. As such, their credits weren’t enough.

Hence, the two had to go to the academy and complete their assignments. But for some reason, they were dilly-dallying around the city with His Highness and the others.

…Perhaps, the two thought their futures were secured. After His Highness had graduated, Count Kayes expected to be accepted into the knight order, while Baroness Abazn expected to be the future queen. As such, they probably thought it was okay to prance around like idiots.

…There truly was a flower field inside of their respective heads.

While thinking that, I picked up a letter and opened it. I was truly hopeful, it was as if I was praying.

After reading the content, my cheeks became loose.

With that, I had finished assembling my pieces.

Now all I had to do was wait for the two pieces still out there…

Luria came into my room and said to me when I was about to reply the letter.

“Baroness Mia Abazn is about to be poisoned by someone.”

“…It seems that the first piece has arrived. Starting from tonight, let’s be on high alert.”

“I’ll inform everyone. But, are you sure you don’t want to subdue her?”

“Yes, after all, I’ve prepared a stage where she won’t be able escape no matter what excuses she makes, so it’s alright.”

I answered that and stared at the desk drawer.

Last time, a small bottle containing a poisonous drug came out from that.

Of course, Grace planted it under my brother’s instructions.

I wondered when the last piece would arrive…

…My mouth twisted while I traced my nape.

At the beginning, I was merely thinking of trying to ditch my engagement with His Highness. But in the end, it became like this…

No, I guess I wanted to do this from the beginning.

“…The title of villainess rightfully suits the present me.”

When I muttered that, Luria shook her head.

“That’s not the case. Milady is the daughter of the duke’s family—that much is certain. I know because I’ve been watching you ever since you helped me that day.”

“…Fufu, but that’s probably because I want to see the reaction of the duke. He’s probably waiting in anticipation of becoming one of the next four grand dukes.”

When I said that and smiled, Luria looked surprised.

“You’re aware of even that, too. As expected of Milady.”

“Well, since I’ve been with Luria for almost a year, I can confidently say that you performed perfectly as a maid. But in the end, it was to no avail. After all, I’m sure the Duke of Samaria won’t be safe.”

“…I see. What will happen to the Duke of Samaria?”

“Once we’re done, you’ll understand. Well, as long as one is alive, one should be able to do something.”

I muttered so quietly at the end, Luria couldn’t hear it.


Finally, the fateful day came.

When I got off the carriage, I checked my appearance.

My ringlets were perfect.

I squinted at my ringlets, which were rolled more carefully than usual. Then, I stared at my black mermaid line dress that was embroidered with a subtle silver flower motif.

Aren’t I just a villainess at this point?

With a bitter smile, I spread the purple fan I had prepared for that day and chuckled.

“Now, let’s go.”

I called out to Luria, who was behind me, and proceeded for the graduation party.

Then, everyone immediately shifted their focus to me. However, their gazes held adoration for me. It seemed that all my accumulated efforts had come to fruition.

Fufu, I’ve ingrained it well.

As I walked forward, Marquis Sirene Mador called out to me.

Ara, it seems that Duchess of Samaria is alone. Where’s your escort?”

“Fufu, even though you knew the answer, already. So, did you come all the way here to be sarcastic?”

“…Some time ago, I saw a foursome of idiots go inside the room reserved for the royal family. Is something wrong?”

“It’s alright. They can do whatever they want.”

When I said that and waved my fan, Marquis Mador was in dismay.

“…I don’t know what exactly you’re planning. People are anxious about it…”

“All the necessary preparations are done. Everything will be fine.”

When I said that and showed a fearless smile, Marquis Mador smiled and lightly waved her hand.

“…Then, I’ll keep my distance so to not get caught up in it.”

Marquis Mador said that as she withdrew. However, Countess Lilian Baker immediately filled her spot in front of me.

“Duchess of Samaria, what have you done behind the scenes?”

Countess Baker glared at me, but I dismissed her with a wave of my fan.

“Rest assured, it has nothing to do with you.”


Surprised, Countess Baker tilted her head. I didn’t pay her any mind and left.

Then, when I went to the center of the party venue where I was convicted last time, His Highness appeared from the path dedicated to the royal family and came straight towards me.

Therefore, I waited with a smile.

To watch the worst play in that kingdom.

When His Highness finally arrived in front of me, he spoke in a voice that echoed within the venue.

“Violet! I have something to say to you!”

At that moment, the whole venue turned to us. I saw my brother and Count Kayes grinning.

They were absolutely convinced they had created the perfect stage.


Let everyone see it…

When I muttered so inwardly, the mouth concealed behind my fan became distorted as I laughed.

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