Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

54. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (6)

Listening to Tistye’s weakening voice, Gaizel crossed his long legs and sighed.

He inserted his fingers into his tight collar, and loosened it by pulling it to the left and right.

Tistye stared at him from a distance. Using his gaze, Gaizel signaled for Tistye to sit beside him.

She had to be close to him. Tistye, who couldn’t refuse, obeyed like a dog and sat beside Gaizel.

“You never returned my jacket.”


“You said you wanted to take a break, yet never came back.”


Gaizel spoke with a flat tone.

She couldn’t hear the voice of his heart. Tistye tightly shut her eyes—it seemed that she was about to be reprimanded. Gaizel must had been so angry…

However, Gaizel stopped blaming her. Instead, a heavy cloth fell over Tistye’s head.

She hurriedly opened her eyes, but it was pitch black. Lifting her face, she saw Gaizel was holding back his laughter through the gap.

“Eh!? Eh!?”

She reached for the cloth covering her head. The texture felt familiar—it was none other than Gaizel’s jacket. Apparently, Gaizel discovered what was folded up on the sofa and draped it on Tistye.

Towards Tistye, who stiffened as she was covered with the fluffy jacket, Gaizel finally raised the corners of his lips.

“I heard everything from Sarah.”


“It seems that you were helping someone.”

Apparently, Gaizel already knew everything. Tistye hung her head down. “I’m sorry…”

While silently narrowing his eyes, Gaizel caressed Tistye’s head over his jacket.

“Don’t worry about the greetings. They were but small talk, anyway.”

“Well, but…”

“I’m glad that I didn’t have to show you to anyone else. If you were walking around looking like that, I’d surely explode.”

Although she didn’t know whether Gaizel meant it or not, Tistye still laughed. Gaizel then bent over to gently stare into her eyes.

“As I thought, the jacket is too big for you.”

After muttering so, he gently kissed Tistye.

Many invited guests were still enjoying the party outside, the performance by the orchestra and lively voices were flying around.

However, in that moment, Tistye’s surroundings were surrounded by silence.

Gaizel released her lips and stood up.

Tistye, who turned as red as her dress, pulled on his jacket as if wanting to hide her embarrassment.

Her current appearance was unbefitting of the empress. Tistye pursed her lips.

For being teased, Tistye wanted to argue. However, she suddenly noticed something, and gently pulled on the coat.

Was Gaizel behaving strangely again? She started to get suspicious.

Gaizel suddenly said. “Why don’t you remove the jacket?”

“I, don’t want you to see my face… also…”


“…It smells like Lord Gaizel, so…”

As soon as he saw Tistye laughing bashfully, Gaizel’s face somehow reverted back to the ‘Emperor of Ice.’

While Tistye was surprised at what happened to him, he suddenly grabbed her shoulders.

“…I thought I managed to suppress the explosion… but, it might be progressively getting worse, instead…”

Y, Your Majesty!?

Apparently, Tistye pressed the wrong switch on Gaizel.

Scooped up from below, he wildly kissed her. His hands, which were resting on her shoulders, supported her arms and hip as Tistye fell.

Eventually, with the jacket on her back, Tistye looked up at Gaizel.

Because of the narrow sofa, one of Gaizel’s legs laid on the floor. His dark blue eyes were narrow, while the chandelier shone light on his black hair.

“…Compared to this jacket, isn’t the real thing better?”

“Y, Your Majesty…”

“It’s ‘Gaizel.’”

Gaizel’s hand slide over Tistye’s cheek. His upper body approached her. Tistye irresistibly closed her eyes in an attempt to accept him—

Kon! Kon!

Knocks echoed in the drawing room.

“Your Majesty, are you inside?”

Mr. and Mrs. Foster, who seemed to have finished their greetings, had returned.

They saw Tistye and Gaizel sitting side by side on the sofa and tilted their heads.

“What happened, here?”

“N, nothing!”

Tistye’s face was red, and her hair was slightly disheveled.

Gaizel, on the other hand, wore his shirt and jacket tightly. He had a stern expression. Tistye wondered how as to how he was able to tidy himself up so fast. Gaizel begrudgingly averted his eyes.

“By the way, I wonder if your friend is alright?”

“Ah, yes! I’m sorry, thank you very much for everything!”

“It’s okay, please tell me if something were to happen again.”

Tistye was indescribably grateful to Sarah for her heartwarming laughter. At the same time, she remembered about Elena.

Elena, I wonder if she’s alright…?

Tistye was worried that she might get bullied by the other ladies again. On the other hand, she was also concerned about Elena’s reaction to the soiled dress. Especially the voice of her heart, which Tistye only heard once.

Let’s ask about the dress the next time we meet!

Tistye quietly clasped her hands.

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