The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

133. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (23)

He felt a chill.

Lawrence Merton trembled and looked around—however, he wasn’t being watched by a suspicious figure.

“Did you catch a cold or something? You probably brought it back from the Rave Empire…”

Crown Prince Geraldo de Kratos spoke lightly while going through paperwork at the office desk before him. Lawrence shook his head in a reassuring manner.

“I did run around in the woods… I’m probably just tired.”

“If so, get some rest before it gets worse. Fortunately, I have no urgent need of you.”

A good crown prince also had to care for his subordinates. However, reality wasn’t so sweet.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I need to make a small report. There have been reports that the beast has snuck into Radea for sightseeing.”

Geraldo wrinkled his eyebrows, took off his glasses, and put his elbows on his office desk.

“I’ve mentioned this before… Have you heard about the Dragon Princess?”

“I don’t know how a beast thinks. However, the inside of the Rave Empire is as expected for now. Crown Prince Vissel has taken control of both domestic and military affairs and is preparing for the Radea rebellion. I’ve already taken preparations for swiftly acquiring the Dragon Princess’ sacred treasure, but… what should the next step be?”

“What’s your opinion?”

“There are too many uncertainties… I can’t read the strength of the stuffed animal and chicken…”

Geraldo frowned at Lawrence’s passing muttering.

Stuffed animal and chicken?”

“No, I’m talking about a fish we failed to catch. It was pretty big, so having lost it was a real shame.”

“…Jill Saber?”

The wrinkles between Geraldo’s eyebrows only deepened. If he kept making such a difficult face, that crown prince would surely develop permanent wrinkles. Lawrence felt sorry for Geraldo whom was still fifteen years old.

“Indeed. She’s definitely on the side of the Dragon Emperor. She was the one who protected the Dragon Emperor during the turmoil caused by Grand Duke Georg. Even now, if they felt like it, they could surely escape from the imperial capital together…”

“If they were to run away, they would have neither money nor military strength. Unless they strived their best to generate it.”

“Her Majesty the Dragon Princess can’t be suppressed thoroughly with force. In short, you can’t force a reign of terror. It’s good for us that the Dragon Emperor has been so influenced by Her Majesty the Dragon Princess, but she, in and of herself, is just too strong… Your Highness, why did you let her go? Not to mention, she seems to really despise you.”

When Lawrence asked that, Geraldo glared at him.

“How should I know? I haven’t done anything. The engagement was going well.”

“Or maybe, you just don’t remember. A problem must have happened there.”

“We have never had a conversation! Even I want to know why!”

Lawrence blinked— Geraldo shouting was unusual. Surprisingly, the prince might be concerned that he was hated.

You’re a sinful little girl… not only are you beloved by the Dragon Emperor, but by the Crown Prince, as well… or maybe you’ve already fallen to Hell.

Before buying any more of his lord’s wrath, Lawrence backtracked.

“But, if that beast—the Southern King—were to head to Radea, it’d be to our advantage if he were to confront the Dragon Princess. Our enemies will end up crushing each other.”

“What about the Dragon Princess’ sacred treasure? Even given that it actually exists within the Temple of Radea, the Radea military shouldn’t be competent enough to get it out themselves. An idiot dispatched a force from here and attracted attention to the former imperial army in Radea. Said idiot then cried to carry it out in the rush. Sure enough, the blame fell on the Duke of Leirzatz.”

“What an incompetent aide, that was. I can’t trust the navigator either. Even Georg should be having a hard time. I can see why he left a will to the soldiers who sided with him.”

When Lawrence was a dragon knight apprentice in Noitral, the aide was taken in because Georg had lost. But it turned out that he was useless as a human resource.

Geraldo sighed loudly.

“I’m against handing over the sacred treasure of the Dragon Princess. I can’t increase Faelis’ burden even more than this.”

Princess Faelis had been asleep for the past few weeks, not waking up once. She had regained the Holy Spear and as a result of the Goddess recovering her power, Faelis was suffering.

“I know, but why don’t you change your policy a little, Your Highness Geraldo?”

Lawrence gave a meaningful smile to Geraldo’s questioning eyes.

“Why don’t we try to re-catch the escaped fish?”

Geraldo blinked in quick succession.

After Lawrence had spoken so much, it still never occurred to Geraldo to claim her back? Lawrence was baffled, as well.

“…Re-catch, but, how…?”

“…Your naïve reaction surprises me. This is just shocking. Did you promise her that the engagement will be fun?”

“No, it’s not that type of engagement… it’s one that once you’ve decided, you won’t be disappointed.”

Lawrence didn’t think that was different but decided to not point it out.

“Of course, it’ll be counterproductive to force her. How about trying to get in her good graces?”


“Should the battle in Radea continue, the Dragon Emperor, lacking a military force, won’t be able to win no matter what. There is no easy method to victory. Their civil war will only reduce their national power.”

“—If it’s indeed true that he went to Radea, all that will remain are a burnt fields.”

Lawrence laughed some at Geraldo’s refusal to refer to that person as “father”.

“How about we lure her out? We’ll make her the Dragon Princess. Afterwards, we can both claim the Dragon Princess and her sacred treasure.”

After pondering Lawrence’s plan for a moment, Geraldo looked disappointed.

“You… have a bad personality.”

“People often say that.”

Geraldo sighed when Lawrence answered with a smile.

It was a signal of approval.

Well, this will only succeed if they manage to suppress that beast.

They had to do their best—so that they’d be the ones with the last laugh.

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