I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

50. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Thank you for your concern. This was me, the fully recovered Rururia.

After the incident of the abandonment of the Dadra, the two and one defenses were lifted and put on hold after Sara-chan’s ‘I’ll look into it.’

…Yeah, yeah, yeah! Why, hey! You can choose Return the Dragon to Dragon Island!

Oh, I’m wondering what to do with the existence in front of me right now.

What’s so fun, with the Dadra looking at me while wagging its tail.

Huh? What’s wrong?

…This Dadra… For some reason, when I disappeared, it lashed out.

What the hell was that? Am I your mother, Dragon!?

I don’t remember giving birth to such a huge one! And I’m an unmarried girl!

…So, I had to sleep outside in a hurry, the daughter of a nobleman.

I’m glad it’s summer… Hey, that’s not good at all! But it was surprisingly calm and easy to sleep!

I don’t know where in the world I can find peace of mind.

No! No! That kind of place was what you make of it!

Yes, turn away this Dadra and make peace in your own home again, Rururia!

To express my determination, I pointed my finger at the Dragon.


Kyuuu? No, not that. You stupid Dragon.

You can’t just tilt your head back and coo all cutely like that. It’s no use!



Hey, that hurt! Jeez! What’s this all of a sudden!

When I looked at the ground, I saw something curled up on the floor. What’s this?
It’s probably a letter that hit my head.

But why was it cylindrical? While thinking, I unfurled it.

For some reason, some candy came out.

Th… This is!?

The candy was wrapped by the letter, but someone was thoughtful enough to put the candy in wrapping paper, so that the letter doesn’t get sticky.\

This work, where the letter was carefully cylindrical, so that it does not wrinkle…

The culprit… My brother!

From the yard, I looked around at the pillars of the house where someone could hide, as well as the trees’ shadows, but there were none!

Hmmm, I placed my hand on my chin and thought about it.

It’s still just candy, no matter how nicely wrapped it was.

It’s not only candy, but also a letter, so it’s light and can’t be thrown from so far away.
However, considering the pain of being hit, the momentum seemed to have been built up.

Did they use some kind of tool?

Or was it just a product from harboring a grudge?

…Hmmm, the mystery deepened.

Where did they throw it from? And where are you… Brother

“Hey, Ria!”

I questioned myself when I heard my brother’s voice from above my head.

I looked up to see my brother peeking out from the second-floor balcony.

Really! Did you drop it on the second floor from there!? That’s why the momentum was…!

Hey, brother! Don’t throw things from the second floor again, okay!?

“Brother! No matter how much of a hurry you’re in, it’s just too much! Think about your sister’s head… Dropping that from the second floor?!”

I said, with my fists raised. His eyes conveyed that what he did normal.

It’s not normal at all!

“I wouldn’t go near a Dragon. Unlike you, I’m weak!”

“I’m weak, too! The Dragon can take anyone down in one fell swoop!”

I cried out a resolute protest against such terrible rumors.


What in the world does my brother think I am, eh?

“Okay, read it.”

Said my brother as he withdrew his head.

I don’t want to get involved with Dragons. I envy you! Brother!

However, it can’t be helped. I saw the crest of the Royal family, so I think I really have to read it.

Uhm, what?

“Come to the Royal Palace early. From the King who couldn’t join you.”

What’s this bitter-looking signature?

It’s longer than the letter itself.

I knew it!

The Heavenly Eye Dragon has come, and the Dadra was right here, right now!

…I don’t have the option of not going…

I have a grudge against the Dadra, which was the cause of everything.

Come on, Dadra! Don’t chase the butterflies so happily!

That’s a flower bed over there! Do not go in! Don’t break anything!

Oh, it’s incredible what you can do in the sky!

I am running on the road to the Royal Palace with a fixed magic circle. Why on earth were there are no carriages available?

No, no. No matter how mediocre my family was, there should always be carriages to transport nobles, right?

The Dadra destroyed the roof!

I was called by the King and got on a carriage to head to the Royal Palace.

Yeah, that’s normal behavior!

However, at that moment, that stupid dragon broke open the roof of the carriage with his claws.

That’s right! This guy gets restless when he can’t see me!

I was careless… oh, my carriage… That was the only carriage belonging to our house… I’m so sad.

Even so, now can I understand the feelings of the people inside when a covered carriage suddenly became a roofless carriage?

I didn’t want to figure it out!


The Dadra peered at me inside the open, roofless carriage.

…Heavenly Eye Dragon, could you tell that Dadra something for me?

At this time, I thought I should go without a roof, but the driver had already run away.

…But I have to go to the Royal Palace.

I also have to travel in a way that the Dadra can see me…

And that brought me to the present, where I’m moving with a fixed magic circle… Because I could only think of that!

“Mom! What’s that?”

“I’m sure there’s some reason… Don’t point at her.

Ah, the voice of a purely curious child and the gentle voice of a caring mother. My heart tightened.

Huh? Why wasn’t the Dadra getting attention as much as I am?

That’s because my blood, sweat, and tears worked hard to teach him the appropriate distance!

Flying at that distance, it looked like it was just a big bird.

It seemed that the distance doesn’t really matter to it. The point was that it could still see me.

What on Earth made you like that? You, Dadra

And, in this situation where I can’t see the Dadra, I’m the only one getting strange attention.

Only a Knight or a Magician would be able to move to the Royal Capital with a fixed magic circle.

Even by mistake, it was not what a noble’s daughter would do.

I’m so graceful to be able to endure the quiet voices and suspicious looks.

I have to escape to the Royal Palace quickly!