I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

49. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

While hurrying to the garden, to the back of my brother was me. Rururia.

When you found out what happened to your weak little sister, you even wanted to whip me to death, brother.

But he’s not the kind of brother I can complain about.

I don’t think I can say anything to my brother, who had grown up with me, wearing such a desperate face after seeing me for the first time.

…Well, most of the time, I never really had the energy to say anything, so it’s okay!

“…That’s why Ria can’t move right now.”

“Yeah, you can’t meet Ria, so give up and go home.”

“That’s right! Go home!”

What was that sound?

The voices of three people who felt like they were trying to get rid of someone or bullying the weak.

Who the hell were you?

Their identity was revealed when my brother turned at full speed into the corner of the garden of our house.

Three people surrounded a light-green lump.



The Dadra, the Dumb Dragon, should be a fearsome one, but he’s shown signs of being confused by the momentum of the three of them. He was fidgety as if shrinking from the prominent figures.

This really doesn’t look like a Dragon

The three of them seem to have noticed my brother with me on his back.

“Oh, brother. Is there a problem? Please leave it to me.”

“Yes, I’ll turn it back now.”

“Of course! If it’s just this one Dragon, it’s nothing to worry about!”

They nodded at my brother with a three-way smile.

An older brother who can only give a dry laugh at them. Do your best, guys.

“Tell him that it would be a bad idea to send the Dragon with a connection to Ria home.”

…You can say, ‘Hey, Brother, just say it…’

My brother whispered to me after I said the obvious to him.

My brother looked at me as if he were looking at a villain who had said something outrageous.

What? Wasn’t it funny? Isn’t it somewhat outrageous that I’m the one being outraged?

“What do you mean…? To the Demon King, to the next Chief Sorcerer, to the next Family head of the Duke? Do you want me to die?”

My friends, what are you to my brother?

How could you risk your life just to argue with me? And what do you mean by that?

“…As far as I can confirm, this is the only Dragon in Lemaire.”

“Then, I guess we should send him home. I’ll seal the bracelet.”

“Of course! We’ll send the Dragon packing!”

Ooops? The story kept going on as I’m glaring at brother, right?

Dadra looks at me as if calling for help.

I thought Dragons were supposed to be at the top of the food chain. Never mind.

Goodbye, Dadra.

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I completely disregarded my brother’s request, and was already too busy seeing the Dadra off.

Hey, hey. No bullying.

I knew it. The Heavenly Eye Dragon was descending upon us.

He appeared softly in the usual appearance of a boy with straw-colored hair.

I want to thank you for taking care of the Evil Dragon, although I don’t know how you did it.

But in normal times, I’m just saying! I just wanted you to say you were coming!

At the appearance of the Heavenly Eye Dragon, Sara-chan glared, Solan likewise looked ready for battle… And? What about Lady Irene?

I found her, hidingBehind a treeThat was quick.

No, but Heavenly Eye Dragon, and the Dadra… I was wondering what it was this time, but the world shook.

“…Ria… I… I… I can’t…”


My brother collapsed while still holding me on his back.

My older brother fell to the ground. I also fell along with him…


Hey, at least put me down!


Two people staring.

While one was hiding.

Brother collapsing down.

And then there was me, who had unwillingly fallen on top of him.

A smiling boy and a Dragon that was trying to hide his tiny body, faced us.

…What is this situation?

I want to raise my upper body for now, but I mustn’t forget, I’m still unwell.

I can’t get up!

Dude, somebody! Hello, kind person!?

My wishes were in vain as everyone was still wary of the Heavenly Eye Dragon.

And you were so heroic just a second ago! I cried a bit…

You don’t have to threaten me so much. I won’t do anything, you scaleless ones.

That’s right, Sara-chan. Can you please stop increasing the number of shadow people with you?

And Solan… Let’s stop deploying a lot of magic circles, okay?

…Shall we let Lady Irene come out from behind the tree first?

Even in such a tense atmosphere, the mediocre boy’s face still had an extraordinary air around him. The Heavenly Eye Dragon smiled at me.

Nevertheless, you’re looking unusual, scaleless child.

“This was deep. Why…”

I felt breathless, but I was graceful enough to reply. I’m so graceful.

…I felt a little uncomfortable, but it was just all in my mind. That’s right.

However, Heavenly Eye Dragon…

This can’t be helped because I can’t get up on my own right now…

Should I just get over it and sleep here as is!?

…No, I can’t escape from reality, okay?

“…So, what do you say your purpose is?”

Sara-chan asked, still glaring, in a tense voice.

If you smiled more softly, the Heavenly Eye Dragon would surely respond.

“Since it was necessary…”

That said, the Heavenly Eye Dragon stroked the Dadra.

…Huh? Do you mean to me? Huh? That… Dadra?

No, it’s not necessary by any stretch of the imagination. No matter what you think, it was not required. Please, it’s not needed.

Hmm? Wait…? So, what does that mean?


A cloud of dirt smoke covered the area in front of me.

And the back I’ve recently relied on, ahhh!


Ah, the scaleless one from that time?”

You are slashing at the Heavenly Eye Dragon… Are you going to be okay? Knight Commander!

The Knight Commander’s sword was stopped with only one arm, how amazing! Heavenly Eye Dragon!

And… Ah! Our garden! I’m so sorry, old man Tom!



The Knight Commander slashed at the Heavenly Eye Dragon, despite the misery of our garden.

Heavenly Eye Dragon just took it happily.

Ah, my brother! If you don’t run away, you’re going to get caught up in this…!

No answer. He’s fainted already.

Oh no, it looked like an extraverted human and an actual extraverted human were running up into the air and colliding.

I couldn’t see it at all, but that’s how it sounded to me.

Solan had set up a barrier around us, so it seemed like we were safe for the time being.

…By the way, could you help poor me up?

“This is! A battle between men over a maiden, a fight between man to man!”

I heard a terrible delusion next to me… When did you come from behind the tree, Lady Irene?

And I’ll remember that nonsense later, okay?

Well then.”


Yes, while the Heavenly Eye Dragon told us refreshingly, he left while fighting the silent Knight Commander from beginning to end.


Huh? What about the Dadra?

When I looked up, I saw the light brown Dragon, who seemed to be in good spirits, even though the Heavenly Eye Dragon had left him behind.



Ahhh! Wait a minute! Heavenly Eye Dragon!

Even if I asked, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see the Heavenly Eye Dragon anymore…

You must be kidding!?

That Dragon left him behind!