I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

48. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Hello, everyone! Please excuse me as I greet you from on top of my bed. This is Rururia speaking.

After the fierce battle of the Evil Dragon Summoning Turmoil, I collapsed as if I had fallen apart.

I thought I was confident in my health, but…

Father hurriedly requested someone from the temple to examine me, and a priest came to our house… Because I couldn’t move.

Then, the priest who examined me said, “You’re overworked.”

…Huh? I’m supposed to be a 16-year-old girl… And yet, I’m overworked…

My older brother was present at the diagnosis, so I cast my particular curse of unattractiveness on him.

What a horrible older brother! I hope he stays single for the rest of his life!

“It was crazy while you were gone, Ria.”

That was Sara-chan, who was able to get a job as a diplomat before she knew it.

I’ve heard that His Imperial Highness, and aide Necro have defeated the country that has been funding the Fallen Hero gang.

Wow, how amazing.

“Well, that’s right… Ria. I told you that you shouldn’t drink that supplement in a short period.”

That’s Solan, who has had a huge success in defending the Royal Capital.

He assisted the large-scale barrier team with the Left Field Marshal and succeeded in sealing the magical attributes of the demons, albeit temporarily.

I don’t know what that means, but it sounds incredible.

You’re in the ladies’ quarters, you know? But let’s leave it alone for now.

“Lady Rururia! I made some rice porridge for you!

Lady Irene, who guided the aristocrats as a Duchess, jumped in.

I’ve heard that she and the Right Field Marshal made a great effort on the front line to silence the opposing nobles.

Wow, how amazing.



…Huh? Isn’t everyone too amazing?

Sara-chan’s already working as a diplomat.

Solan seemed to be working as an assistant to the Magic Division Leader.

Lady Irene seemed to be working to succeed the Duke’s family.

What? Huh? Was it that bad that I’m not working at 16 years old?

No, no, setting aside Solan, wasn’t Sara-chan and Lady Irene’s only choice was to get married?

To be honest, I couldn’t think of Sara-chan being married, but Lady Irene was different.

Because, Lady Irene, didn’t you have a lot of potential husband material?

“Here, Lady Rururia! Open your mouth!”

Lady Irene fed me a thick soup-like mixture.

Solan looked at it and at me with envy.

Oh, it’s delicious! Home cooking by Lady Irene!

Hahaha, Solan! How was that! You must be jealous!

Envy me to your heart’s content!

…Ah, whoops, I got carried away.

Before Solan can make a magical runaway, Lady Irene, won’t you please bring that rice porridge here?

“Oh, rice porridge, huh?”

Sara-chan was intrigued by the rice porridge that Lady Irene mentioned.

Her face bore a cold smile as if an Old Evil Dark Dragon saw a thief trying to steal a gold nugget in front of her.

“Ah! Please forgive me!” said Lady Irene as she hid behind…

…That’s right. Suddenly, one of the servants who had come to my house had left a stuffed animal that seemed to have been specially made. It was not cute and had a vicious face that resembled a real bear.

And for some reason, something red was sticking out its mouth and nails…

Yes, something.

The name Grizzly was given to it by Lady Irene.

It seemed to be a kind of bear from another world… By the way, it appeared to be ferocious.

By all means, it’s a stuffed animal that seemed to have a bad reputation with maidens, but Lady Irene appeared to have liked it.

You have a strange taste as always, Lady Irene. She muttered, ‘This is fine like this too…’

Personally, I’d say otherwise!

Why was it like this? It could have been something a little cuter, or prettier!

And, as a matter of course, my brother placed it in my bedroom.

…Hey! Don’t put this kind of thing in my bedroom!

I’m scared! Petrified!

Sometimes, I’ll wake up, and my eyes would meet that thing, and I would scream out loud!

“Hey, Irene? Didn’t I tell you not to use otherworldly terms?”

Sara-chan squinted with the face, as mentioned earlier.

Under her pressure, Lady Irene was in hiding already, but even Solan, who was next to her, turned blue. It’s a total fluke.

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“Yes? Ma’am!?”

Irene placed the bear’s bloody right arm on its forehead, covering its eyes.

Solan, being pulled along, was upset and placed his left hand on his forehead, too.

“…Hey, Irene. What’s ‘Yes, Ma’am‘?”

“It’s what you say to a woman who you should never go against.”

Lady Irene, even if you say it in a tiny voice, Sara-chan can hear you…

I heard a new scream, and while I would think that this was an injured person’s house, it calmed down.

Ah, it definitely feels like I’m back home.

Oh yeah, I was exhausted, but with a foot’s notice, I still reported to His Majesty.

The Knight Commander carried me.

…No, of course, I hesitated to appear in front of such high-class people like that. However, I was sure that I would fall asleep should I be taken down, so I chose the one who gave me a stomachache from the stress. I’m so grateful!

And so, while feeling the subtle gaze of the Prime Minister on me, who had done the hard job of taking the decoy, I heard what happened to the country while the Knight Commander, the Commander of the Magicians, and I were not present.

After all, as the Rat-man said, a horde of strengthened demons had rushed in to Lemaire.

Of course, His Majesty, who was expecting this, had prepared thoroughly and laid out a defensive front in various places, so he could successfully intercept them. That’s His Majesty for you! That’s precisely what I predicted!

It seems that the Dragons came to the reinforcements when the offensive and defensive movements continued, and they were exhausted by the battle.

…When the Commander of the Magicians heard that, he covered his face with his hands, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

However, even with the help of the Dragon, the momentum of the demons did not decline.

When I started thinking about this, it seems that the monster suddenly became weak.
Perhaps when the Heavenly Eye Dragon appeared here and suppressed the evil dragon, the Knight Commander reported.

…I pretended that I didn’t see when the chief priest who heard that stepped on the ground with a smile.

Yeah, it looked like our country was okay!

Case closed! That’s what they call it!

Recalling that time, I felt refreshed and ate the rice porridge.

Anyway, this food made by Lady Irene was delicious!

“Lady Irene, Lady Irene. This was delicious.”

“Huh, really!? I’m glad Lady Rururia was pleased!”

Grizzly turned to face this way.

…I’m scared. I don’t have to reply to him, right? Lady Irene?

“It would be even better if you had soy sauce…”


…No, that’s fine. Can’t you get away from that thing, Lady Irene?

Soy sauce?”

“Yeah, fish sauce was good, but soy sauce is the best!”

Solan turn a questioning look at me and Grizzly, but Irene just continued.

“But there are no soybeans to be found anywhere…”

“What’s that?”

Sara-chan was interested. Perhaps she was intrigued by the word anywhere. Lady Irene, who was over the stuffed animal, responded adequately.

According to Lady Irene, it was possible to have a conversation by blindfolding Grizzly and thinking of Sara-chan’s gentle face.

…Yeah, I won’t say anything anymore.

“It’s a plant, isn’t it? It’s a round seed in a half-moon-shaped pod about the size of…” Using the bear’s claws to indicate its size, “Hmmm, about 5 cm?”

“…Then it might be a grain grown in the Gaya district of the continent.”

“Hmmm, really!? I couldn’t find it when I looked?”

“Oh, it’s for feed. They wouldn’t introduce such a thing to nobles. However, because it’s meant for feeds, I can’t guarantee the taste you’re describing.”

Hearing that, the Grizzly drooped down.

“In that case, I might be able to do something about it. Because my teacher started a new research.”

At those words, Grizzly began to celebrate.

Lady Irene, was that it that made you happy…? Was soy sauce that delicious?


While being satisfied with the meal, I asked the maid, Magna, to lower finished dishes.

“It was delicious. Thank you, Lady Irene.”

“Hehehe. It was no problem.”

Lady Irene was smiling at me while making me that green tea.

Solan wiped my mouth with a handkerchief as if I was dumbfounded.

Sara-chan adjusted the cushions that she set up so that I could eat casually.

Oooh. Oh! That’s because that was all you can do, wasn’t it!?

When she was grinning to herself, Sara-chan looked a little dubious.

…Hmm? What’s wrong?

“…It’s a little loud out there, isn’t it?”

I didn’t hear any noise outside, but wow! There was already a stranger in the corner of the room before anyone noticed!

Sara0chan waved at him, and the stranger disappeared like smoke.

…I feel like you’ve become a true diplomat, Lady Sara-chan.

“…I suppose so. This…”

Said Solan, who stopped in the middle of a sentence…

Finally, I faced Irene, who came out of the shadow of the stuffed animal, and nodded.

…Huh? What’s wrong? Guys? I can’t feel anything…

“Please stay here, Ria.”

“Yes, you’re injured anyway.”

“Yeah! Leave it to us!”

“Oh, okay…”

I’m an utterly sick person who certainly had difficulties getting up. That’s why.

That said, the three of them went out of the bedroom.

I can’t say I cared, but I’m starting to get a little sleepy, probably from eating so much.

Well, I don’t know what it was, but I’ll leave it to you guys. You all can do it.

I was just about to fall asleep when…


“Ri- Ria!”

The door opened vigorously… This is an injured person’s room, you know?

There was my brother, whose face was pale.

I’m gripping my stomach as usual, but what’s the matter?

“I know you’re sick! But!”

My brother approached me with great vigor.

What made him act like this? I’m a little scared because he seemed so eager.

“I can’t do anything anymore! Please help me!”

My brother appealed to the sick while half crying.

Huh? Really…

Just what’s going on?