The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 3]

Chapter Three: The Former Villainess is Bound

“You mustn’t look away.”

There were a few lamps placed on the nightstand that’s brighter than last night. Some new ones were also suspended on a canopy. It seems like it’s safe since it’s a magic lamp that doesn’t use fire…

I don’t need that kind of reassurance…

Amidst the brightness that’s comparable to daytime, I’m once again being looked at by Prince Reinhardt. But this time I was looking back at him as well. He told me not to avert my eyes; Prince Reinhardt held my jaw in place.


A mirror was placed in front of us. It was a full body mirror. And on it I saw a silky silver-haired woman tied up with a kimono-like waist strap in a silk cloth being hugged from the back by a beautiful man with soft dark blonde hair like honey.

Obviously, the woman was me, and the man was Prince Reinhardt.

To do a masturbation show, I need to spread my legs and show it to him. I need to get rid of my shyness and get used to looking at myself… Tonight Prince Reinhardt developed that goal.

He strengthened the light in the room and brought the mirror in. If I could just obediently make a fool of myself in front of the mirror, then it might even end here .I was able to do it yesterday, so I hope I could just do it right today too..

But last night there wasn’t a mirror!

The situation is getting worse…

And when I appealed to him that I couldn’t do it, he tied me up… He tied my legs with it spread wide open in M-shape. He also restricted the movement of my arms so that I couldn’t resist. 

‘I tied you up because you couldn’t do it yourself,’ he says.

What kind of logic is that…!

A string was readied; this was planned.

He intended to do this from the very beginning.

I’m relieved it’s not a rope as it would have hurt much more if it were.

He may be a sadist, but he’s a gentleman for not hurting his partners, and that’s a relief…

But still, he forcibly spread my legs, so it hurts a bit.

Prince Reinhardt, who’s supposed to be a gentleman, might have just awakened to the joys of hurting girls. That thought scared me a bit…

Prince Reinhardt raped me until dawn came; that’s why I couldn’t wake up until it was late in the afternoon. And when I did, I wasn’t able to move.

Prince Reinhardt in the game was known for his stubbornness and hobby for word abuse and pleasure abuse; there weren’t many scenes that depicted Prince Reinhardt as anything outside of those things.

It seems that the joy he got by violently raping a girl who disliked it selfishly awakened the earnest and gentleman Prince Reinhardt yesterday…

I was the one who awakened him… He said these things were new to him… What if he started to try forcibly doing it with other random girls? The thought made my blood run cold as soon as I woke up. I thought that  I should at least take responsibility and remain as Prince Reinhardt’s toy so long as I can so that there won’t be another victim. On the other hand, It’s impossible to obey every command Prince Reinhardt tells me. The despair made it harder to wake up…

I’m relieved I’m still his toy even now.

Still, I can’t do a masturbation show. When I got bewildered, he easily stopped me from resisting by tying me up.

“Look, you’re already overflowing this much…”

My hole that was spread by Prince Reinhardt hasn’t been touched much, but a lot of my juices were spilling already…

Perhaps it’s because she’s an R-18 otome game character that her body is erotic.

But in the game, a villainness’s lone erotic scene was only the gangbang scene at the hideout of bandits!

Moreover, there was also the reuse of the heroine’s bad ending; the character was just replaced.

An erotic setting like this wasn’t needed…

“Do not close your eyes. Look closely at your nasty appearance.”

I’m getting wet just being tied up…

I can’t stand the fact that Prince Reinhardt didn’t have to lie.

“Those who don’t obey me deserve to be punished, or did you want it this much that you’re intentionally not listening?”

I shook my head sideways, and gathered my courage to open my eyes slowly.

In the mirror, there was a girl tied in an obscene way with a handsome man hugging her girl from behind.

Prince Reinhardt’s fingers spread the hole further as if showing it off.

It was so embarrassing that I couldn’t look at myself directly…!

“―As I thought you wanna get punished.”


He grabbed my tied up legs and lifted me up.

The tip of his length rested on my entrance, where I felt him remove his finger.

Until just now, it was constantly hitting my ass and insisting on Prince Reinhardt’s lust. 

I knew what he was about to do, even if I didn’t look at it. 

“If you don’t look closely, you’ll regret it. If I let go of my hand, what do you think will happen?”

Prince Reinhardt seems to have worked out more than I expected. He lifted me very easily with just the strength of his arms.

My butt was still in the air but my opening was already eating up his tip…

“Ah… Nooo!”

If he lets go, then I’ll fall!

I’ll fall due to my own weight and…

It will go deeper with an impact that I’d have never experienced before reincarnating. It would be more intense and harder than yesterday’s numerous rape plays by his hard pistonings. The thought made me freeze.

Prince Reinhardt’s length was long and thick; it already barely fit inside me.

If I’m not mistaken, his length reaches the tip of Annelier’s arm.

If Annelier’s body wasn’t erotic, he might’ve already broken me last night when he used that irregular weapon to rape me.

My fear won, and I opened my eyes.

“Please… S-stop it!”

I squirmed and looked back at Prince Reinhardt.

“No, I’m gonna break…”

Without meaning it, I begged for forgiveness.

“Ple.. Please…”

The face of Prince Reinhardt that looked back at me was smiling sweetly in contrast to my panicked state.

He gave me a sweet and gentle kiss that was out of place given the whole situation.

As our lips separated, he whispered in a sweet voice…



He gave me no time to feel despair, as he let go of me… I’m falling…!


A scream jumped out from the back of my throat causing my neck to bend due to the shock.

My hole was pried open by Prince Reinhardt’s thick length. He rubbed my inner folds hardly as if to find pleasure even if he knew it wasn’t a good spot. The impact was enough to prode on the opening of my uterus…!

I’m about to break, but all I can feel is pleasure, I feel like I can cum at any moment…!

I was on the verge of crying.. And while I looked pathetic, my hole was tightening around his length as if I was enjoying it…

“AH! AH,! AH…”

My senses couldn’t catch up with Annelier’s erotic body…

“Does it feel that good for you to tighten up like this? It doesn’t look like this can serve as punishment, now does it?”

He lifted me again…

I’m gonna break physically and emotionally…!

“NO! NO! Nooo!”

“Then, look properly.”

“I will! I will! I’ll look!!”

He didn’t let go of me when I screamed those words…

But it still wouldn’t end…

“Good… Tomorrow, can you spread it and do it by yourself?”

“Ye.. Yes, I will…”

“…Now, look at your hole as it eats up my thing.”

I nod while trembling; obeying what he said. I looked at my hole as it ate up Prince Reinhardt’s length.

Prince Reinhardt continuously lifted and lowered my body, making his length go in and out.

“Hiiih! Ah! Ahhhha!”

“Since you’re so lewd, I’ll cum just inside…”

“I’m cumming…!”

I’m gonna cum again!

Just when I thought that his movements were becoming shallow and fast, he suddenly hit deep in one fell swoop…

“Ahhhh! Eeeek!!”

I squirted and it went as far as the mirror…

What should I do…

I carelessly promised another masturbation show…