The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 4]

Chapter Four: The Former Villainess Cannot Escape the Prince

It was the promised night.

Tonight, as usual, I’m being tied up.

At the bridal night of Annelier and Prince Reinhardt, she wasn’t tied, right?

…She wasn’t tied up… Right?

Come to think of it, since I don’t remember anything, there’s a possibility that he can just tell me anything and I won’t be able to refute it.

…Whatever he tells me later on, I won’t know if it’s the truth.

…I’ll just have to trust Prince Reinhardt’s earnestness…

Do… Don’t let me regret trusting him, please.

For the time being, the reason why I’m tied is, as I thought… I couldn’t do a masturbation show.

Tonight, I’m not just being tied up for nothing; there’s a “meaning” why I’m in this situation.

My legs are tied up in a way that it’s more widely spread than yesterday, ‘so you can’t rub myself’, he says, don’t you think that’s absurd?

He tied my arms together, so that I couldn’t touch myself.

Just because I couldn’t do a masturbation show… It’s ridiculous that he had to tie me up just so I wouldn’t be able to relieve myself.

It seems that this is my punishment for not doing the masturbation show.

If I could just pull it off just once, then there won’t have to be a second time.

He also put a strong pill inside me, and just like yesterday, I’m tied with a silk cloth string…

The pill and string were prepared beforehand; this was planned.

He intended on doing this again from the beginning…!



My body is hot.

That part feels itchy.

I want to scratch it.

I want him to put something in… Anything…!



A sweet, ticklish breathy voice came from my side, making a cold shiver run down my spine.

“I can’t hold it..”

“Hold what?”

Prince Reinhardt was dressed in a gown; gracefully laying beside me.

He’s close enough to touch me, but he won’t even touch me… Not even a bit.

Even when I looked away and closed my eyes, the heat and his presence were enough to make his existence known.

But he’s just there.

He doesn’t have any plans to help me…

“Please put it in…”

I sensed that what I said made Prince Reinhardt laugh.


I knew it. I knew, so why did I still ask for it…

I’m so stupid!

It was so embarrassing thinking that I asked for it.

It’s hard enough to not mind being embarrassed about it.

But it was so hard..

It’s hot.

I want to be free…

“I won’t put it in, but…”


Prince Reinhardt’s finger ran along the strings that were tied to my legs.

Just from that, a sharp chill ran up my spine that made my eyes open wide…!

That surely was the pleasure I wanted, but I don’t feel free

Not even for a bit…

It only increased my hunger and tears started to pour from my eyes.

“If you’re gonna put on a show, then I’ll untie it.”

That’s right, this kind of play is for that purpose…

To put me into a corner until I can’t endure it.

The pain… I can’t stand the pain and humiliation of playing with myself in front of Prince Reinhardt… It’s making my scales waver.

“Ohhh… Your crying face… It’s the best.”

A sweet whisper tickled my ear, and my body jumped.

I’m about to cum just by his whispers…!

“I decided not to touch you, but whenever you cry like that, I can’t help but give in to my temptations.”

I looked at him; expecting that he was finally going to touch me..

“…I want to make you cry even more, but…”

We stared at each other with eyes filled with hot desire.

As he felt lust in seeing me cry… My eyes begged, and once again, tears poured out.

Prince Reinhardt wouldn’t touch me… Just to make me cry.

I should… I should do it by myself.

If I do it, will Prince Reinhardt continue it afterwards…?

“Untie… me…”

“Will you do it?”

I nodded.

“I will…”

So, please untie me…

“You endured it longer than I thought.”


I writhed every time Prince Reinhardt touched my skin as he untied the string.

I came a bit, but it wasn’t not enough.

More, more…

I need him to stir my insides…!

I stretched my hands that had been freed without hesitation and put my fingers inside…

I only remember up to that point.

In the morning, I woke up naked.

“You’re awake.”

Prince Reinhardt stayed last night and gracefully slept with me.

“Do you know me?”

I nodded not knowing why he asked that question.

“I see. I’m glad you didn’t break. It came to a point when you were continuously cumming using your own finger.”


“We need to be careful next time. It seems like the pill had too much effect on you.”

Huh, ‘next time’ he says’…

There’ll be a next time…?

I cried because of that, and I started wiping my eyes.

“Don’t rub it.”

He held down my hands, while Prince Reinhardt went on my top of me. He licked my tears away, making me writhe in embarrassment.

He followed the tears with his tongue, eventually reaching my lips.


He kissed my lips gently, and instinctively I emitted an erotic voice.

When I opened my mouth, the light kiss turned into a deep one.

The wet, soft tongue that invaded my mouth went wild. It made me realize that even my mouth was lewd…

“You were more aggressive last night… It was more aggressive than the Annelier on our bridal night.”


It’s because of the pills!

That wasn’t my usual self…

“Still, it wasn’t a revival of the bridal night because we had to use the pills… There’s no reason to be shy anymore, so tonight, for sure, can you do it?”


“Do you need the pills again?”

“I’ll do it..!”

I can’t!

I just don’t want the pills anymore!

“Spare me! Not the pills!”

Prince Reinhardt laughed at my panicked state.

“Your face when you’re about to cry is really adorable.”

As he said that, he held me down and spread my legs.

“Since I couldn’t put it in last night, accompany me now.”


He moved forward with his hips, and Prince Reinhardt went inside easily…!

“AH! AH–!”

The stimulus I wanted so badly last night was echoing inside me now.

“Ahhh…! Ha! Ahhh! No! I’m cumming!”

Perhaps the pill’s effect was still there, or that my lewdness increased… As soon as Prince Reinhardt entered me, I came…


I came. I really came…

“You really are…”

I’m really what…?

I’m not sure if I didn’t hear it or he simply didn’t say anything.

He just thrusted deep until my  stomach felt disturbed… Before I knew it Prince Reinhardt was already letting it out inside me.

And without being able to wake up properly… Night already came.

Four days have passed since we first started reliving our wedding night.

Ten days since I woke up in Annelier’s body.

Only ten days have passed, but I feel like it’s been longer…

These four days have been too dark, so…

“You’re finally going to show it to me today, huh?”


I reached out for the ribbons of my nightdress, but my hands stopped there.

You swayed me yesterday…

Can’t you consider that?

“If you need the pill, just tell me.”

I shook my head sideways in haste.

A pill… Absolutely not…!

If I were to use the pill again, I would rather… I daringly untied the ribbons of my nightwear, and took it off.

 I covered my breasts and my private area, looking at Prince Reinhardt intently.

“Get on the bed… Using your fingers, try to spread it yourself.”

If I can’t do it again, he’ll give me a pill…

When I think of the embarrassment and the pain, I think it’s better to spread it now and show it to him.

And just like that, I went numb.

I spread my legs as well as my hole…

“P- Please look,”

“deep down,”

“…please, look deep down…”

Prince Reinhardt came closer, the bed squeaking in his wake.

When he looked at it, my body got hot as if I was about to blow up…

Good. You know what to do next without being told, yes?”

I’m shy.

But I gave in because of my fear of the pills.


As I touched my clitoris, he also made me touch my hole.

“Ahhh! Haaa…”

My erotic body became wet with sweat and slimy with my love juices in no time… I was overflowing…

“Mmm! Ahhh! Haaa…!”

I came quickly.

If I cum, then it’s the end, right…?

I looked at Prince Reinhardt as I sought for his signal that it was alright to stop, and unexpectedly, he gently laughed at me in return.

“You did well.”

I was relieved.

I was genuinely happy that he praised me.

“I shall reward you for your hard work.”

A reward?

Before I could ask what it was, Prince Reinhardt inserted his finger in my hole that was still twitching from earlier.


“I’ll make you cum. For a minute, I’ll make you cum continuously, since it seems that you’re fine with doing it. Go on. Pant a lot.”

“Hiiih! No! AH! AHHH!”

Prince Reinhardt’s finger accurately tortured my G-spot, and as I thought, I came in no time…!


My mind suddenly went black…

“Ah! No! Nnnn..! AHHH!”



“Ah! Ha..!”

“Your name?”


“Say your name.”

Name, my name…

“What are you called?”

My name is…

“Ann, A… Anna… Anna…!”

“Anna, wass it?”


“I see. You’re Anna, huh?”

“Ahhh! HAAA!”

I woke up with Prince Reinhardt on the fourth morning of my fifth day here.

“Good morning, Anna.”

I went pale hearing Prince Reinhardt’s morning greeting.

It’s foolish to ask why… But by my name.

I was the one that said it.

I clearly said it…

Last night…

If he asked, then perhaps he already knew, or he strongly doubted me. 

“What is it?”

He kissed me and it felt wrongfully sweet.

“Do you not like being called by your name?”

“Prince Reinhardt… Uh–uhm…”

Prince Reinhardt was smiling.

“If the others knew about it, they might not overlook it. Since someone suspicious possessed the body of the Crown Prince’s princess.” 

Is that right…

I’m suspicious…

“Well then, since there’s no way you can remember… Fufu, reliving the bridal night was useless, huh?”


Since when did he know…!

Since when did he know… and he still made me do useless things…!

“But you still have to retake the education for being the Crowned Princess and remember all of it once again. What will you do?”

…Even if you asked me.

“Starting today, do your best. I will get you a tutor.”

I’m going to study?

Will it be okay if I’m revealed?

“Prince Reinhardt…”

“What is it, Anna?”

“Will it be alright?”

…Prince Reinhardt, I won’t be able to study if you keep holding me like this