The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 5]

Chapter Five: The Trapped Former Villainess is Being Trained

Anal and a chastity belt… Everything unfolds here…

“Ah… Don’t… Ah…”

The sloshing sounds of my love juices were perpetually embarrassing.

I heard it almost every day, but I still felt shame nonetheless.

Maybe it was because I heard it coming from myself, or because the fingers made me make that noise… 


So embarrassing… but it felt good at the same time!

Today’s situation and my appearance were both embarrassing.

As I changed my clothes to a corset with a matching underwear, Prince Reinhardt came, kicked the maids out of the room, and ordered me to grab the back of the chaise lounge while sticking my butt out…

It was too sudden…

I resumed changing, trying to resist him for the time being.

However, when he asked, “Can’t you follow my command?”

…I immediately surrendered.

I had no way to resist him because the differences between the original crowned princess and me were overlooked by him.

Reluctantly… I stuck my knees in the chaise lounge and stuck out my butt.

I knew he would look at it when he asked me to dress like this… but in this manner?

Prince Reinhardt rolled up my slip dress and lowered the drawers, spreading my ass… He drenched his fingers wet with sesame oil before inserting them both in my back and front hole without hesitation.

The holes that swallowed his fingers loosened in the blink of an eye, and I could feel that his fingers were stuck tightly.

I was overflowing with vaginal fluids, and as if that wasn’t enough Prince Reinhardt used his fingers to flip and knead at my wet clitoris.

“Ah… Ah…Ah…”

I couldn’t stop panting.

I felt an absurd amount of Sesame oil being poured on me…

One, then anotherThree fingers were in either hole…

I’m cumming…!

“Ah… Ah…”

I bent over more as my orgasm reached its max…

“Hmmm, it became faster to achieve orgasm.”

While adjusting my turbulent breath, I couldn’t stand hearing Prince Reinhardt’s calming words.

It was a shame that I’ve become so obscene.

“Well, it should be in by now.”

Ah… What?

Although I was exhausted, I managed to look back. Prince Reinhardt took out something suspicious from the box he brought when he came in earlier.

“This is…”

“A chastity belt.”

The chastity belt… It was something with two big… And in the shape of male genitalia?

While I was stunned, Prince Reinhardt tried to put it in me!

“Wa… Wait! I can’t walk if such a thing is inside me…”

I’m going to have to attend the evening party like this, won’t I?!

“If you don’t wear it, you’re not allowed to go out. We have to go to the evening party… And you’re absent-minded, if I don’t put a lid in your hole, you’re likely to be taken into someplace dark and be fucked by other men in no time.”

“That’s too…”

“Any retorts aren’t allowed.”

To get away from the man, I had to fill up my hole, I whispered and felt that my hole’s inner part, which should be closed, became hot.

“Maybe… Is this because… Today… My ass…”

My butt was developed this past week… It was just being spread by Prince Reinhardt’s fingers just now.

Prince Reinhardt snorted at my chopped up words.

“Of course.”

“…Erm… Isn’t it already too strange that you developed my ass…? And even going as far as to put a chastity belt on me…!”

“What’s wrong? You were going crazy with your ass last night.”


I was so ashamed that I couldn’t even speak anymore.

My virgin ass’ cheeks were struck by Prince Reinhardt yesterday…

Actually… I have no idea if Annelier’s ass was a virgin, I feel like it was…

Or at least that’s how I’d like to think so.

It was different from the real deal… His thick and hot length entering me felt too far from the expanding feeling of a convex dildo… It was so painful that I felt like crying…

Prince Reinhardt was so pleased that he stroked and kissed my hair, praising me for doing my best. He was kinder than usual… I felt a little happy…

I shouldn’t rejoice with a crying face!

I didn’t understand… Why was I so happy when Prince Reinhardt praised me?

Is it because I’ve been trained to?

It seems that my ass had become used to this kind of treatment…

I felt absolutely terrible about it…

After everything settled, Prince Reinhardt raped my ass… I became crazy for it.

“Relax and exhale. I know it’s tough, but you’re working this hard, Anna.”

“Ha… Ah…”

I managed to exhale… And at the very moment I lost my strength, a large double-headed dildo was thrusted into my butt and vagina at the same time.

It entered, drenched, and was pushed in as they were…

The finger which played with my clit continued to torment me. It made my love juices flow so much that it felt as if I was peeing. My ass was infused with plenty of lubricant perfume-oil that aided in the invasion of the dildo.

Two at the same time…

My butt and abdomen were pressed tight… It was painful…


Was it because of my intestinal walls?

It continuously hit and rubbed…

It made me feel so good.

“Hmm… Ah… Ah…”

The dildo was up to the root, and the leather belt that was meant to hold it was attached to both my legs and waist.

Click. It’s now locked.

“Do you like the chastity belt?”

I desperately shook my head to his words that were whispered in my ears.

I am not a masochist…!

But, even when I was scared of the dildo being inserted…

…I still felt it.

Have I become a masochist because of the sadistic prince’s training?


We attended the evening party. It had been a month since I awoke in Annelier’s body, and in all that time, I had never been to the official palace yet.

I had participated in an empress’s tea party several times, but I felt like it was just to make me get used to it. I informally came, said my greetings, then left.

Only a short time has passed since I started training as a princess… I’ve just been grinding the spear just before a battle, so I had no actual confidence to appear in public.

Being trained by Prince Reinhardt almost every night rendered me so exhausted that I couldn’t get up early, so I could only take afternoon classes!

In those days, I was saved from various things with the reason, “The Crown Princess is undergoing medical treatment,” however, I couldn’t skip the evening party because I had to give a ‘survival report’ vis-à-vis Annelier.

This country was fairly large, and there were other larger ones, too… But currently, the prince was to visit this one.

This event was for exchanging some kind of treaty that was decided in the past. The visit couldn’t be changed even at such a restless time.

One of the visiting kingdoms’ Prince Barnabash of Balzal, had previously studied abroad in this country…

In fact, he was one of the capture targets of the otome game that developed in the prominent academy in this country.

As the future Crown Princess, Annelier seemed to have had a social relationship with him. 

Since he was a capture target, he also seemed to have dated the heroine who doesn’t exist now. 

The heroine entered Prince Reinhardt’s route, so it seems like their relationship ended in a good friendship…

After returning to his country, perhaps it wasn’t announced officially, but apparently he spoke with Annelier in private… Its purpose? I don’t know.

Today I’ll meet the prince in person!

At my first evening party, no less!

What kind of torture is this!

While I’m wearing a chastity belt…

Prince Reinhardt, he is too sadistic.

Even though I took a bath earlier… I was played with so nastily… I want to retake one…

At twilight, Prince Reinhardt stood up.

He fixed the position of my underwear that had been rolled up lightly, asking the maids to come in the room.

“Get her dressed and do her makeup again.”

I know the maids knew what we were doing. Even though they couldn’t see the strange thing that was inside me, they should have been able to see the leather chastity belt. However, the maid-servant team, led by Era, didn’t change their expressions at all. 

What a professional team.

As it was in the beginning, the maids resumed in dressing me up.