The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 6]

Chapter Six: The Trapped Former Villainess is Being Trained (Part II)

It’s time for the night party.

I waddled to the party at the time of admission.

With tears in my eyes, I entered the venue as Prince Reinhardt’s consort and walked to the royal seat.

The thing between my legs rubbed my insides with every step that I took…

Since I was still under medical treatment, I was exempt from dancing. It was absolutely impossible to dance with this in!

“Erm… Ah…”

At the moment I sat down, a small voice escaped from my lips…

Prince Reinhardt, who sat next to me, gently held my hand.

Even if I was treated tenderly here…

If I didn’t have to wear such a nasty chastity belt in the first place, It wouldn’t be so hard!

Generally speaking, even if I knew I couldn’t trust him; it wouldn’t mean that I could go away from Prince Reinhardt.

I was still alone and didn’t know where or who I’d end up being with!

I would be more afraid if Prince Reinhardt left me.

So desperately, I held his hand back.

When I glanced at him, he looked back with a gentle expression, seemed to be intoxicated, which made me feel as if I misunderstood him.

No, no. I wouldn’t misunderstand him.

For Prince Reinhardt, I was just a training target worth torturing, a partner for a political marriage.

He couldn’t get divorced from Annelier because of the political marriage, so even if he knew that I was not Annelier but was actually a different person, he had to re-educate and keep me beside him.

I wondered if my training alleviated his anxiety…

As Prince Reinhardt said before, besides training, our nights will not be light games, but tough. Maybe I could have a grace period for a while if I was pregnant?

Oh, I’m not pregnant yet.

Even if I’d been impregnated on the first day, it might be a little later before I could find out.

I had died from poisoning once, so there really hasn’t been anything strange even if everything went wrong.

Lately, it’s been too intense every night… But on the contrary, if it could be adjusted even a little and for me… How about…

No! I don’t want to be fucked! 

However, if he actually isn’t a sadist, then I can’t help but think that it was a waste that I had put up with all these hard nights for nothing.

When the training suddenly started, I felt it was forceful and fierce, but…

It felt good despite the waves of shame.

It was a shame that I came as soon as I was told all those embarrassing things. I realized that it was nasty, which made me so ashamed… It was too embarrassing and made me too uncomfortable and pained.

Yeah! No one would be happy to be forced unreasonably!

Not everyone would have accepted this as easily!

I admit that Annelier’s body is licentious and eroge, but I believe that it wasn’t because I didn’t like the body, but because Prince Reinhardt is kind albeit sadistic.

He blamed me until I cried, and when I did start crying, he would be kind and spoil me afterward…

He was a sadist, but would also be kind to me, which made me confused.

Ah, uh… If so, it would seem like I was liked by Prince Reinhardt, wouldn’t it?

Was it because something strange was inserted inside me that my thoughts are now going strange?

First, I have to get through the party now. 

Since it was my first evening party without knowing anything and being inexperienced, I wasn’t allowed to walk around on my own. If someone were to greet me, they would do so from the other side. It was the only fortune during this unhappiness.

Prince Reinhardt held my hand… He wouldn’t let me go anywhere alone, and would answer any follow-up questions for me.

At the evening party, not one person told me, “Nice to meet you.”. 

Since no one was meeting me for the first time, Prince Reinhardt said that I didn’t need to say hello and speak.

The information that Annelier had lost her memory was still kept hidden.

Under such circumstances, even though I felt it was unreasonable for me to appear at this party, I couldn’t slack off and still had to do the minimum things… Otherwise it would worsen Annelier’s position. 

If I did nothing and left the party as is, I’d be branded useless and they’d recommend that Prince Reinhardt should divorce me, then he’d have to marry someone new… What?

Isn’t that better for me?

Well, there’s no use in concealing the truth…

The news I had lost my memory would eventually leak and spread around.

On the contrary, in anticipation of this secret being leaked and spread around, with the tacit understanding, it seemed that he had already intended to keep its exposure to a minimum degree so that I could show some face, “Because of what happened to me, my body is weakened and under medical treatment.”

I was ordered to say, “Thank you for your concern.” if I needed to answer someone who was showing their concerns and sympathies for me. 

It did work on most people.

The last boss, however, would not be so simple to deal with.

“Thank you for the welcome party today, Prince Reinhardt… And Annelier, it has been a long time since we met.”

“It’s really good to see that you are well, Barnabash.”

In retrospect, the conversation with Prince Barnabash of Balzal began with a familiar and a friendly mood, but only his words were friendly… The air was tense from the beginning.

“You seem to be quite tense, Annelier.”

So sudden…!


“You are well-informed, Barnabash.”

Before I could say, “Thank you for your concern,” Prince Reinhardt answered, covering my words with his.

Well, Prince Barnabash had just come to the country.

If he heard the news after he came here, it would show that he was well-informed, but if he had known that before coming, it would mean that he had been looking into the country.

I felt the cold sweat drip down my spine.

I have never been in such a confrontation before…

“I was taken care of by her while studying abroad, so I was concerned about many things. I feel sorry for you, Reinhardt.”

“It was a bad epidemic, fortunately, it didn’t spread. It doesn’t move, but Annelier hasn’t recovered completely. Barnabash, I think you also need to pay attention to epidemics.”

Well, ostensibly, I simply fell down, which may be because I had caught some kind of sickness from the epidemic. After all…

It would be a huge scandal if the Crown Princess was poisoned.

I hoped he could have at least let me know about it first, that kind of thing… I was really surprised.

Oh, but maybe it was really “ostensible.”

The people who had said their sympathies never said these kinds of words to me, neither to Prince Reinhardt.

Barnabash probably knew everything.

Even if he knew, he would still masquerade… Sure enough, I can’t negotiate. 

…By the way, Prince Reinhardt.

Why did he start stroking my hand ever since Barnabash came?

Stroking, stroking…

Was there anything strange that happened between them?

…When my hands were stroked gently, I felt myself getting thrilled…

It felt weird…

“It’s a pity what happened to that Mia.”

Well, if I was affected by the epidemic, then maybe that meant the heroine was also affected.

It was announced that she died of illness, but in fact… She also…

“The important thing is that Annelier was saved, and you need not say too much.”

“I can see how in harmony you two are.” Barnabash said, with his sight set on our entwined hands.

Well, his stroking showed that we got on well with each other.

“I am a little surprised you’re getting along well after you got married.”

“She is my wife; of course, we are getting along well.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll try to emulate you when I get married, Reinhardt. But… Annelier, you feel like a different person than the one I knew when I was studying abroad.”


I felt like I could hear the sound of my heart all of a sudden…

When I involuntarily turned my eyes away, glancing at Barnabash, he was squinting and looking at me.

Somehow, I had a feeling of being suspected…

“Maybe it’s your misconception. She’s currently sick and weaker than before.”

Despite my nervousness, Prince Reinhardt replied confidently, while smiling at me.

“Really? Annelier.”

“Y… yes.”

I nodded along.

“Well, I also want to talk calmly and slowly with Annelier. Could you invite me to a cup of tea before I go home?”


Oh, no!

I couldn’t say anything, so Prince Reinhardt was the one who answered.

“Barnabash, Annelier hasn’t fully recovered yet. We also have to make arrangements to be able to hold a tea ceremony, so we may not be able to do that in the meantime.”

I wondered if that would end the talk with Barnabash, but the enemy was too strong; the battle with the last boss was not over yet.

“Well… Then, could you dance with me tonight, if only one song?”

Uhm, impossible…

I have already learned how to waltz, but I don’t think I could show it in public yet. Above all…

I couldn’t dance with something like this inserted in me…!

In that moment, the hand stroking my hand moved casually to my thighs…


I felt a shock run through me and I trembled. I was grasping for any possible reason to decline.

I care more about the thing in my body!

In front of Barnabash…

However, Prince Reinhardt’s hand made a casual and unscrupulous movement again.

My legs are going to give!

“Oh, Annelier. Are you tired…? You look pale.”

Prince Reinhardt!

This hateful man!

“Sorry, Barnabash, will it be okay for you two to dance next time? I want to let Annelier take a rest. I don’t want her to overdo it.”

But I’m glad that he was able to refuse the dance…

“Okay. That’s a pity. But I understand that Reinhardt wants to take good care of Annelier, so let’s not overdo it. Maybe some other time, then.”

“Annelier, let’s rest in the antechamber. Excuse us, Barnabash.”

Prince Reinhardt stood up and escorted me away from the situation.

Finally… It ended…