The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 7]

Chapter Seven: The Trapped Former Villainess is Being Trained (Part III)

I was brought to one of the several break rooms around the hall, which was part of the evening party venue. The moment the door closed, the thread of the dildo broke, and my waist almost gave out.

I clung to Prince Reinhardt, and he hugged me, preventing me from collapsing.

“It was as I said, right?”


While clinging to Prince Reinhardt, I managed to raise my numb and drowsy head to look up at him.

“If I had allowed you to walk freely, you would have been caught by Barnabash.”

Oh… I guess if it hadn’t been for Prince Reinhardt, then I might have been unable to escape from that.

Although even if I were to be forcibly taken out to dance at the evening party’s venue, it wouldn’t be just the two of us. If we talked, I wouldn’t know what kind of grudges towards the heroine he would have said, and I also wouldn’t know any of our secrets that he might’ve divulged. 

Certainly, it might have been dangerous…

But I didn’t think I would have to wear such a lascivious chastity belt for that!

You should have just told me to stay by your side because it’s dangerous!

If you had told me that, then… I wouldn’t leave your side…

“If you had told me that… I would have stayed even without…”

Even if I had courage, my body was too weak to say anything strongly.

“Because you’re foolish. I can’t trust you.”


Prince Reinhardt just told me that I was foolish…

Did he find out that I am not the real Annelier?

Was I foolish because of that?

Because I did everything that he said I should?

Am I foolish?

Isn’t Prince Reinhardt too cunning?

Even so, he didn’t need to ask me to wear the chastity belt, did he?

After all, he is the person who surpassed Barnabash!

“Then, is this enough…? Please remove it…”

“Well… You want me to pull it out?”

An inconclusive stimulus always cornered me, so I tried my best and nodded while bending over, enduring the pain.

Prince Reinhardt’s voice seemed to be restricted, so it might not be allowed. 

As usual, I was in a trance.

The hole through which the dildo penetrated was hot from within. It itched. Although the dildo couldn’t move, it was still hard for me without stimulation.

The pressure inside and the stimulus of rubbing was not enough, which made it feel more painful.

“Hmmm, alright, let’s remove it.”

I was relieved that Prince Reinhardt agreed to my request.

I was guided while waddled to the inner side of the bed.

…Why is there a bed in the antechamber?

I tried to calm down and rest on the bed for a while.

…It seems to be meant for people who were too sick to party…

I tried to think so, but it really didn’t look like that was the case.

It was for a tryst.

This room was built for that

Prince Reinhardt sat on the bed and looked intently at me.

“Lift your dress.”

I felt ashamed just by the thought of lifting the skirt of my dress.

But if I didn’t do as he said, Prince Reinhardt wouldn’t remove my chastity belt.

I knew that… Even though a moment ago it seemed like we were getting along.

I felt so ashamed that my face was getting hot, I had to endure it and lifted my dress in front of Prince Reinhardt.

He had seen my underwear before the evening party, so it’s not a big deal…

I tried to think so, but I couldn’t help but wonder if my appearance was embarrassing… If the sight was too embarrassing.

To remove the chastity belt, even my drawers had to be pulled off.

“Open your legs. I can’t take it out if they’re tightly closed… Or maybe you actually wanted to keep it in?”

I shook my head in a hurry and spread my legs.

“Hold it, too.”

The slip was also lifted with my skirt, and my drawers were pulled off and dropped at my feet.

There, the chastity belt was finally exposed.

When Prince Reinhardt inserted and rotated the key into the keyhole upfront, I felt the latch unlocked and the belt on my stomach loosen.

The dildo was slowly pulled out.. And slowly…

Prince Reinhardt started ridiculing me.

“Oh, the vaginal fluids at the tip of the dildo could be pulled out like a thread, Anna. Your vagina is so lascivious.”

He described it while mocking me. Even though I couldn’t see it, I imagined it and trembled with shame.

When the chastity belt dropped to the floor, and I thought I could finally exhale, Prince Reinhardt grabbed one of my legs and raised it high.


“Show me well― Oh, because your holes were used to being filled,” I was like a dog with one leg raised… I felt a hot shame spread over my body, “Isn’t it unsatisfied because I pulled it out…?”

My face was brought closer to his, and he whispered to my ear… It made me tremble.

He already observed my holes closely. However, I felt more ashamed of it when I heard his words.

As Prince Reinhardt said, the holes in which the dildo was pulled out were opened wide and empty.

“Ahem, you want to be fucked, right?”

I tried my best not to nod.

“Don’t be stubborn. Both of your holes had plenty of aphrodisiac put in them.”


I was stunned by the words I heard.

The reason why my insides were so itchy and hot was because of the aphrodisiac…!

“Ple… please don’t use aphrodisiacs anymore…”

“You hate aphrodisiacs, but your ass has just begun to accept me. I think it will not be so painful with aphrodisiacs.”

It would be nice if you didn’t use my ass!

“You can go back to your room without it… but I don’t have much time because I have to go back to the party, so… I would have to fuck one of your holes here.”


I felt both my holes shaking.

It seemed that they wanted to be fucked by Prince Reinhardt.

“Only one hole. Choose now.”

Only one.

No, even if he said so…

“If you don’t make the decision quickly, someone might come in. You know, the door is unlocked.”


I put my sights on the door.

My raised legs were faced towards the door…

“If the door were to be opened, your holes would absolutely be seen… Are you staying silent because you want to be seen?”

I shook my head violently.

“If so, choose now. Which one do you want me to fuck? Your pussy? The asshole?”

If I didn’t choose quickly, other people might see me…

Which one…

“The… The hole upfront…”

“Say it in a complete sentence.”

“…Please… Fuck my pussy…”

“Alright. You said it well.”

Prince Reinhardt relaxed, and with his one hand, took out his big erect cock, cradled me and let me straddle him.

“Keep your posture and sit down.”


I could feel my hole that was widely opened, it guided his tip… If I sat down now, it would definitely come in.

I swallowed what little dignity I have and sat down slowly.


It was big, thick, long, and hot… It felt good whenever I rubbed it…!

“Ah, ah… Ah, ah… Good!”

“You can move as you like.”

Through all my babbling, I heard his lascivious voice.

It felt too good, and I couldn’t stop…

“Ah! Ahhh! Nice!”

It felt so good…!

“Aha, I feel so much pleasure inside you. I can’t help but… let it out inside.”

Suddenly, Prince Reinhardt thrust his hips up. I felt him pierce my uterus and I almost lost my consciousness…

Prince Reinhardt took me back to the Crown Princess’ room, carrying me horizontally… I couldn’t stand after he was finished with me.

Even if I could stand up, I couldn’t walk at all.

If I opened my legs even a little, his semen would drip down my legs.

Prince Reinhardt was to return to the evening party, but before he went, he whispered in my ear that I should wait in the room.

He also told me to not masturbate by myself, and that I had to wait without my clothes on if I wanted to be fucked again…

The maids took off my dress, bathed me, and helped me wear my nightwear.

I think they knew what had happened while bathing me, but again, nothing was showing on their faces.

While bathing, they poured something into my front hole and back hole without changing their expressions…

Well, even if this is the job of the maids. I never knew that they’d be this calm and desensitized.

Really professional…

On the bed with a canopy, I wondered how to deal with my sleepwear.

Maybe the aphrodisiacs were still working; my ass and vagina were still itchy…

I wanted to have something inserted in it.

I wanted to be fucked violently…

But I couldn’t masturbate by myself and I have to stay naked and wait for Prince Reinhardt.

If I didn’t do as he said, he might not help me calm down.

I feel scared.

What should I do if he got more impatient and bullied me? 

I had to do what Prince Reinhardt said. I thought so as I took off my nightwear.

I wondered what position I wanted to be fucked at… I crawled on all fours, a position where it would be easy to fuck my ass.

It was because of the aphrodisiac…!

I didn’t know how long had passed, but my legs and hands were shaking.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of the door opening. Someone was coming…

“Ah… Your highness…”

“Were you obedient? Anna?”


“Come on, let me have a look.”

Prince Reinhardt grabbed my ass and widened my hole.

“Did something leak in? It seems to be too wet.”


I shook my head to show that I didn’t do anything.

I heard the sound of Prince Reinhardt’s clothes hitting the floor.

“It looks like you’ve been waiting for me obediently, so let’s give you a reward. It seems to be wet through, so let me rape your ass with your vaginal fluids.”


Suddenly he inserted his cock through my vagina, and it went straight to the inner side.

Since my vagina was too wet, it swallowed the cock smoothly even if it inserted abruptly…

However, he pulled out immediately.


My vagina grew empty, and my hips shook.

“Do you want to be fucked here first?”

“Ah… Oh…”

When his tip came into my ass, it stimulated me more…

My asshole was different from the pussy; even if his cock was covered with love fluids, it couldn’t go in smoothly, but he still screwed it in as if it was a vagina.

“Ah… Oh…!”

“It seems like you had an orgasm as I came in.”

“Ah! Ah! I’m cumming… Cumming…!”

“Well, let’s do it as much as you like!”

Slap! Prince Reinhardt’s skin slammed into my butt…


It came again and again…

No… I can’t… I’m becoming strange and crazy…

I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

I didn’t even know if I actually fell asleep or just fainted… 

When I woke up, I was in Prince Reinhardt’s embrace.

I felt hot as I thought of what happened last night.

I moved myself away towards the middle of the bed, subtly and gently.

I thought it might be okay to protest a little…

So even though Prince Reinhardt was sleeping right now.

“I don’t like aphrodisiacs… I don’t want to use it anymore…”

“…Do you hate it that much?”

He said it before opening his eyes, which shocked me.

“…Yes, I… hate it… It made me feel odd…”

“I am controlling the amount, and you’re obedient and cute when you are odd. You’re licentious, but shy and stiff.”


“That’s good, too.”

Prince Reinhardt came and stroked my hair.

…It would be dangerous if I got tricked by that…!

“Don’t be a sourpuss. If you continue staring at me like that, I’ll want to fuck you again with an aphrodisiac.”


That is…

What kind of expression was in my eyes…?

“…You’re totally egging me.”

Prince Reinhardt kissed my cheeks and the corners of my eyes.

“You worked hard last night.”

I was probably wrong in feeling happy just because he complimented me.

However, this weird feeling came up again.

As I thought…

“Have I already… been trained…?”

“You’re wrong.”

I wasn’t muttering for a reply, but Prince Reinhardt answered it immediately. I was surprised and stared at his blue eyes.

“Your training is not over yet.”


“You still have room to grow. Your body is licentious originally, but your soul is much better.”

Wha… What was he saying?

“I thought about disciplining you more severely, but it might be good to enjoy it for a long time. Mysteriously, I wanted to spoil you… So, I decided to discipline you slowly.”

Prince Reinhardt whispered to me sweetly… I was stunned…

“You can rejoice, Anna. You can still aim for heights.”

I don’t want to aim…!

The height of such masochism!

“Again, you look at me like that… Do you want to be fucked? All right, open your legs.”

“No… Nooo…”

Prince Reinhardt…!

Eyes filled with tears and despair are different from being lustful…!