The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 2]

Chapter One: A Lewd First Night, Repeated (Part II)

That night, I stood beside the bed in a daze.

Q: What is the collective memory of Annelier and Prince Reinhardt?

A: The Wedding Night

Hours had passed since Prince Reinhardt’s arrival that afternoon. Before I could get a grasp of the situation, the plan to ‘relive the wedding night’ to stimulate my memories had already begun.

Even if we do that, I won’t remember anything…!

It’s tough not being able to say so.

To begin with, Prince Reinhardt, didn’t you love the heroine and hate Annelier? You loved the heroine dearly, whereas, for Annelier, you only fulfilled your duties on the night of the wedding. On top of that, because of Annelier, you ended up losing the heroine, didn’t you?

…Don’t you resent me? You do, right? Then, isn’t it better to not have ‘Annelier’ regain her memories?

I understand that we can’t be divorced, but is there any other reason to try and make ‘me’ remember? Is it just because you’ll be troubled if I can’t do my job as the Crown Princess?

If so, you’re better off divorcing me and looking for a more capable person…

While I was still in a daze, preparations were being completed by the maid corps led by Era. After the bath came the full body massage. I was also made to eat while they were at it. They put me in a frilly baby doll nightgown specifically created for wedding nights.

…Which didn’t include underwear.

Those were all the things that I had to go through before finding myself standing next to this bed. Would Prince Reinhardt come? I grew pale at the thought. He seemed sweet on the outside but was a complete sadist in bed. ‘It makes him more realistic,’ they said.

…That’s who he was.

Since it was an otome game, there weren’t any painful BDSM moments, but there was bondage, dancing at an evening ball while wearing a dildo, and anal sex…

If you scored too low on the favorability in his route, Prince Reinhardt would let the other capture targets watch and eventually participate. When I remember Prince Reinhardt from inside the game, my body trembles at the danger.

“Your face is quite pale. Are you alright?”

Before I noticed, he was already inside the room, his voice startling me. Nervously I observed Prince Reinhardt.

Will he back down if I persuade him now?

I felt a dread that indicated everything was too late, but I still had to demand.

“Prince Reinhardt, uhm, I just recovered, so…”

“I’m aware. I won’t be that rough today.”

Huh, today?

Today you say? Does he mean it’s not only today?

“…That’s what I plan, but if you’re going to keep showing that face, I may not be able to control myself.”


What does he mean by ‘that face.’

“You’re really different from Annelier before. Although your face is the same, your facial expressions are different. I haven’t been this intrigued by Annelier before.”

Prince Reinhardt’s ear to ear grin made me want to run away.

This isn’t good.

I should run away.

But wouldn’t it be too rude if I did?

What should I do?

I want to faint right now…!

“Ah, that face… I don’t think you simply lost your memory. I wonder if those intriguing expressions were solely a result of you losing your memories.”

Does he mean a face that makes him want to tease me…!?

Should I be more terrified of a sadist Prince Reinhardt!?

But even if I say so…!

I couldn’t bear it, so I stepped back. But Prince Reinhardt strode forward even more.

He closed the distance between us in no time, yet, he still wasn’t touching me.

“P-Prince Reinhardt, please do you not resent me.”

“Resent? Why?”

“B-but… Isn’t it my fault that you lost the heroine… Miss Mia? Didn’t you love her?”

I was cornered, so I had no choice but to ask. Whatever he wanted to do, I just wanted to buy some time. I needed to keep the conversation going by any means so that I could lure Prince Reinhardt away…!

“Well, Mia was a poor girl.” I didn’t feel any resentment or anger in Prince Reinhardt’s voice while he answered me.

“A girl I cherished encountered a horrible fate. It was cruel to use it as a reason to abandon her. Though, everybody said I should. In order to stop her from becoming a prostitute, I saw no problem in just making her my concubine.”

He isn’t such a bad person…

In fact, he’s better than most.

…If only he wasn’t a sadist (the real deal)…

“I went against their advice and made her my concubine; and because of that, she became arrogant. She even dared to show that side to me. My love for her ran out a long time ago, and it seemed like she didn’t want to take care of herself. As a result, she assumed unreasonably that you took me from her. The last straw was this foolish act that she committed.”

…I feel like Annelier was still involved in all of that.

“To be honest, since it turned out like this, being released from Mia, I actually feel free. She made a lot of noise whenever I failed to visit her for a while.”

I see. It had already turned sour between him and the heroine.

But the heroine is also responsible for this.

She became spoiled with the kindness of Prince Reinhardt for not abandoning her and became arrogant. If she hadn’t forgotten his graciousness, they might still be a lovely couple until now. Though I don’t know how that fit in the relationship between a sadist and masochist…

…I get it. If she’d been arrogant, then she’s not a masochist!

That’s why!

“I won’t resent you just because I had to lose Mia… To begin with; such thinking is called unjustified resentment. Aren’t you relieved?”

I nodded and felt that the end of buying some time was over.

I wasn’t able to lure him away, but I’m relieved knowing he doesn’t resent me.

Suddenly this thing happened, and I was thinking, what if he plans some sort of revenge towards me. 

“Now, take off your clothes, Annelier.”


But, I’m flabbergasted with the next thing Prince Reinhardt said.

“Take it off yourself. Annelier took it off by herself on the first night.”

“No way.”

He said it with a grin and squinted eyes that was comparable to a laughing cat.

“I’m not lying. Perhaps Annelier wanted to seduce me. She intentionally took her sleepwear off indecently in front of me.”



“If we want it to be the same as the first night, then it will have to start with you taking that thing off.”

I looked down at my sleepwear, and hurriedly covered my chest with my hands.

“I- I can’t.”

“Do it, Annelier.”

Prince Reinhardt moved his face close enough that it’s just barely touching my ears.

I’m being ordered by the sweet, faint voice of an absolute ruler. Some chills even ran up my spine.

“Will you disobey my command?”

I can’t defy him.

I realized, only by his voice that I am being ruled.

I untied the ribbon of my sleepwear with trembling hands and awkwardly took it off.

Even though I already took it off, I still tried to cover my chest with my hands. I just can’t seem to push myself in showing him my naked body.

Fufu… There’s no sensuality like what Annelier had from our wedding night. You’re better now. That look of being frightened it’s the best.”

He’s a real sadist…!

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t show any interest in the confident Annelier, but it’s just so embarrassing right now that I can’t take it…!

“Stop covering with yourself.”

I can’t…

I shook my head sideways.

“You won’t listen to me?”


“We can’t go further if you cry here. Because the next thing you’ll have to do is sit on the bed, open your legs, and spread your hole using your hands.”

Wha, what does that mean…

I couldn’t get what he was trying to say, so I tried to imagine it.

“Sit on the bed and open your legs…”

“Yes, then you bend your knees, and hold your thighs to keep your legs open. After that, using your fingers, spread your hole so I can see it well… That day Annelier told me, ‘please have a look deep inside me.’”

“I… I can’t!”

I need to spread it then say, “look deep inside me”… You must be kidding!?

I didn’t know Annelier was a pervert as well…!

“You can do it. Go on.”

It’s scary how Prince Reinhardt seems to be enjoying the situation…

“Th-that’s it… Right…?”


What more is there to do?

“After that, Annelier played with her hole using her fingers and showed me her lewd face and how wet her hole is while panting like a bitch. She told me she had herself ready.”

How perverted was Annelier to put on a masturbation show on their wedding night…

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m not.”

Prince Reinhardt smiled complacently.

“I lost interest when Annelier did that, but right now, it’s not so bad. You seem like you don’t like this as much.”

“That’s right.. I don’t like it…!”

“That’s why it’s not so bad. It’s nauseating when someone does it happily, but when you it’s done unwillingly, it’s not so bad to watch.”

At least hide your sadistic intentions, Prince Reinhardt!

“I can’t do that.”

“You can’t? …Hmmm, then we need to make you get used to it so you’ll be able to do it soon.”


Make me used to it, he says.

Prince Reinhardt scooped me up and threw me on the bed. I tried to get up immediately, but Prince Reinhardt leaned over me before I could get up and pushed me down.

“Wh-what are you?”

“Once you get used to being looked at, you’ll be able to do it, right? So, until you get used to it, I’ll look at you closely. Like this.”

He grabbed my legs and spread them apart.

“Deep down…”


Prince Reinhardt’s finger was spreading my hole open.

Fufu, you said you don’t like it, but you’re getting aroused? You’re already twitching.”


His finger was stroking the inside of my hole when suddenly…


He went for the good spot…!

“Your honey is spilling, and this thing here is getting big. Your body remains nasty, huh.”

My mind had gone blank when he started rubbing my throbbing clit…

“Once you get used to it, you should try touching yourself. You’ll feel better. Here, touch it.”


Prince Reinhardt grabbed and pulled my hand and forcibly made me touch myself.

He held my finger and forcibly rubbed it on my clit…

“Does it feel good touching yourself? You’re getting even more wet.”

“Ah, ah, ah…!”

Fufu, it’s a nice view. Now put your finger inside, like this…”


He completely and forcibly inserted my finger inside.

“Put it in and out… Stirring your insides… Look for your G-spot.”


Prince Reinhardt held my hand while it rubbed within me… He forcibly moved my fingers in and out… 

He was intently staring as it happened…

“NOOO! Please stop! Ah, ahhh!”

I’m reacting to it… No.. this is so embarrassing…!

“Don’t look…”

“You’re so adorable, it’s like… You’re not even Annelier.”

My body was so hot that I started to cry…

“I’m gonna help you find your G-spot today.”

Prince Reinhardt’s fingers forced themselves in and joined in stirring my insides…


He was finally able to find my G-spot, and my body jumped heretically.

This body is too sensitive…!

I’ll cum in no time…!


“This is wonderful..”


I felt Prince Reinhardt’s breath in ear… He abruptly removed my finger, and replaced it with something thick.


It was so sudden that it made my eyes water.

“Are you saying you don’t like this… When you’re feeling it this much…”

His thick length rubbed my insides and stabbed deep to the point that I could feel it poking through the opening of my uterus…

It’s tingling….

“Nooo, I’m gonna cum!”

“You want to be fucked despite disliking it, you are nasty…”


“You liked being raped that much, huh?”

“I-I don’t! AHHH!”

I continuously cummed while being raped, and when I felt something hot pouring inside me, I thought that would be the end, but…

“Do you still want more? You’re still twitching around me.”

I looked at the area where Prince Reinhardt’s length was just at.

“I don’t want any more…”

“You’re spilling my semen… What an erotic view.”

Prince Reinhardt seems to be having fun while wearing a complacent smile.

“Having sex while you’re being forced to, it gave me a pleasure I’ve never had before. I’ve never raped someone, but… Forcing you was unbecoming of a gentleman. But since you’re my queen, then there’s no problem. Not only today, but from now on, I shall keep on raping you.”


“If you don’t like it, then learn to re-perform our wedding night and regain your memory.”

I can’t…

To remember it and revive the wedding night.

When I started crying in despair, he started to rape me once again.