The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

108.1 True History: False Emperor Mayhem (End)

The very next day, Listeard’s little sister was kidnapped.

Hadith did nothing because there was no particular request, and he was also not interested in the culprit. The day after, Listeard was mocked by Hadith.

Listeard didn’t even respond—perhaps he was also mocking himself, or he plain thought it was Hadith’s doing.

Afterwards, he led his own Dragon Knights and rebelled out of nowhere.

It was clear that the kidnapping of his little sister was part of the reason. Did he resent Hadith for abandoning his little sister? Or was that the price for his little sister’s freedom?

Hadith wasn’t interested in either. The consequence for betraying him remained the same.

Vissel asked Hadith to leave it to him, so that was what he did. However, Listeard’s Dragon Knights were well-trained. Moreover, he was riding a red dragon. The appearance of him flying in the sky on the front line must had been mysterious. Their morale was high, so it was hard to shake them off. On the contrary, there were also those who joined him due to his words.

“Do you think Hadith Theos Rave’s way is right?!”

“We’re not going to fight the Dragon Emperor. All we need to do is close his ears and eyes from those who trying to misled him with sweet words. We will reclaim the Dragon Emperor.”

Hadith had no idea what Listeard was saying.

However, many seemed struck by his earnest words, and the scale of the uprising only grew.

Even though those people had seen Georg’s demise, they still turned against Hadith. It seemed that people truly had the penchant for conveniently forgetting.

However, the Duke of Leirzatz had already turned his back towards Listeard. Without any support from the aristocracy, Listeard was gradually cornered by the overwhelming difference in quantity. In the end, the uprising was settled in less than a month and Listeard’s execution was decided.

“Her Highness Elynsia has issued a petition to lessen his sentence.”


What was she saying, now? She was still so kind, so helpless. Vissel nodded with satisfaction to towards Hadith’s blunt reply.

“The moment he turned against you, Listeard was no longer considered a member of the royal family. Being merciful is useless. It’d be a problem if an idiot tried to imitate him.”

“I thought they’d learn from my uncle’s case.”

“People are much stupider than you think, Hadith.”

“To the point they’d wage a battle they know they’d lose?”

Vissel made a slightly embarrassed look at Hadith’s words and changed the topic.

“It’ll be over, soon. You just have to watch from the balcony. Of course, yYou don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.”

“If he has any excuses, I will hear them.”

“He just said that, ‘you’re mistaken.’ That’s the gist of his claim.”

Regardless, Listeard’s red dragon never left the execution site. Rave was concerned, while people were concerned that the red dragon would start rampaging. They were hoping that the emperor would stop Listeard’s execution.

“I’ll witness it until the end. That is also an obligation of the emperor.”

“…I see. Well, thanks to him, the Duke of Leirzatz, who has been causing a fuss for some reason, has become quiet. It’s painful that the option I had prepared for you has been scraped, though…”

Towards his brother’s remark, Hadith raised his face.

I see. No wonder the proceeding has been so smooth.

—the Duke of Leirzatz had lost his insurmountable force the moment he was chalked up as a rebel. On the other hand, the supposedly more powerful Duke of Fairert was forced to withdraw spectacularly after his first move when he attempted to quell Listeard. The duke’s proud military facilities were destroyed. Vissel’s hands, which were backed by the Fairert, had decreased considerably because they were careless. They decided to deploy their forces piece by piece instead of properly mobilizing them.

Those who had turned against Hadith had crushed each other without any of them realizing.

With this, everything should be quieter…

Moving from the dimly-lit corridor to the bright balcony dazzled him for a second.

The sky seen from the balcony where the wind blew was deep blue. Clear skies with no clouds. It was said that the execution would proceed the moment the bell rung. But on such a day, what if it was mistaken for a celebration bell?

The execution site in the open space under the balcony was also surreal. A red dragon stood next to it while the steadfast crowd looked at the execution site with bathed breath. It was as if they were cut out of a picture.

It was quiet.

Perhaps because of the tranquility, the eyes were naturally on his traitorous half-brother.

Listeard had just straighten his posture and climbed on the execution site. He was wearing a ragged prison uniform. He wasn’t even tied up.

Hadith jumped over the balcony and landed in front of him whom was about to be beheaded at the execution table. Vissel, whom noticed it late, couldn’t give a proper warning.

Still, everything was quiet.

No, everyone was actually talking—“Why isn’t he tied?” “What if he were to run away?”

However, neither of those reached the eyes or ears of Hadith.

His half-brother bent his knees and stuck out his neck.

The half-brother who noticed the shadow of Hadith blinked.

Then, he frowned.

“I wonder if you’ve finally come to hear my complaints. How slow.”


Hadith didn’t want to hear anything. Despite that, he didn’t attempt to close his ears. He couldn’t.

Listeard, whom was about to die, had very gentle eyes.

“Did you hear them? The voices of those who are trying to save you.”



–is the sound of my heart slamming to the keyboard.

Fck. It hurts. It reminds me of the scene in The Lonely and Shining Goblin when Kim Shin returned to his emperor, fully knowing that he might lose everything–his family, his life–in the process, just to tell the emperor, who has trust issue, that basically, someone care about you.

Both that scene, and this, destroyed me.

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