Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

36. The White Boss Crow/Scratches on the Smartphone

Time rewinds back to before the 3, Sefiku, Toy, and Melt attacked Kousuke’s house.

Ka— ka— ka—, kakakakaka~ ♪
In the skies above Sapporo, a white crow hums(?) to itself as it flies.

This crow’s name is Shiro. He is a shikigami created by Kosuke and is a bird type shikigami.

Ka— ka.”
Shiro caws out as if to say, “Maybe I’ll try heading to the mountains today.”

When Kosuke is on his way to school, and when Kuro is keeping watch of the house, Shiro’s daily routine is to stroll across the sky and observe the city.


During such a time, he comes across a scene that interests him. Hidden in an alley, a crow is wrapped up in a vinyl cord in a garbage zone. Furthermore, a pair of detestable men are throwing garbage at it.

““Ka— ka—!!”

On top of the surrounding buildings, crows who worry about their companion but aren’t able to help threaten the men.


Shiro tries to convince himself that the situation he stumbled across is also a provenience of nature. However, that he too is a crow is also something he considers. As such, he he doesn’t take his eyes off the scene.

“You’re always, always, rummaging through our trash~, oraa!”
“If you want garbage so much, then here! Take it!”

The men are drunk and equally out of it. The trash thrown hits the crow’s wing and blood appears.


Shiro thinks. If he acts conspicuously, then the desire of his master to [live a peaceful life] might be ruined.

However— — —

Uwo, whad is this? A white crow?”

— — —Leaving things as they are is something he absolutely cannot do.


The shockwave emitted by Shiro’s caw blows the men at least 2 meters back.

“Mo- monster, it’s a monster crow!”
“Like I said, why are you picking on crows for!? I wanted nothing to do with this! Help me!”

The light shock awakens the men from their intoxication and they desperately run away.


Shiro disregards the escaping men and rushes up to the persecuted crow. Then, with a weakened [Flying Slash], he cuts the cord.

The rescued crow is confused but expresses its gratitude.

Shiro, cawing something along the lines of, “And that settles that,” flies off. He no longer has a reason to remain there.


The crows perched on the surrounding buildings are at the highest altitude they can reach. The figure of the white crow easily flying far higher than that captivates them, and they caw out in admiration.

In the world of crows, “boss” and “leader” are not positions that exist. However, instincts such as being fascinated by someone strong and desiring a safe place do exist.

There is a crow who is merely curious.
There is a crow who yearns for someone strong.
There is a crow who desires the safety a strong one can provide

For such crows to gather around Shiro is inevitable.

Shio sees the flock that joins him whenever he strolls across the sky and mummers.

“How did something like this happen…”

—Diamond of Courage—

Ugee, lost again.”

I’m playing a puzzle game on my smartphone, but I can’t clear it no matter what I try. This round is a bit hard.

Master, are you stumped?
Near, probably worried, speaks to me.


“Near, can you clear this round?”
Leave it to me.

As those words are spoken, the image on the screen begins to move on its own. The stage I was unable to clear is being captured before my very eyes.


Then, as if the recording of a pro puzzle clearer is being played on fast forward, the display continues and it is scored.

[State clear~! High score achievement: 999,999,999 points~!]

A number that can’t even be seen on a capture website appears.

“Near…… congratulations.”
Please call me anytime when you are troubled.”

Yeah, for starters, I wonder if I should have actually let Near help with the game?  This seems to have been noticed by the game’s management.

“By the way, Near.  The scratches on your screen, were they always this small?”

The cracks on my phone’s screen that came from my fight with the [Toy] ability holder, Silk Hat, remained even after Near was created. But, when Near was clearing the game, I noticed that those cracks were clearly smaller.

Most likely, electrical currents have an effect on my body. The molecular bonds between atomsbroken from the cracks are being rejoined by them.
Eh, you mean, they’re naturally fixing themselves?”
“Yes. I have the impression that the missing pieces are being supplemented by dust particles collected from the air.”

Although I don’t really understand the theory, but does this mean he’ll heal on his own? Near is incredible.

More importantly, Master, isn’t it getting to be time?”
Ah, you’re right!”

Dangerous, dangerous, I had forgotten. I have plans to go shopping with everyone in my group today.

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