I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 33]

Chapter Thirty-Three: A Stupid Student Council (Part IV)

In response to what I said, the Vice-President’s eyebrows were clearly wrinkled.

…Well, I’m sure I’m used to seeing beautiful, sullen faces, but if you’re a Vice-President with neutral features, it’s even more powerful. He looks like a snowman.

“…Don’t call me by my first name. Well, you are a fool, after all. This is the Student Council room, so it’s only natural that I come here after school. It’s my first day in office.”

Oh, come to think of it, there was a scenario where my character didn’t like the Vice-President’s name. I completely forgot about it because he doesn’t have a neutral double personality moe attribute. I realized that I’d played the Vice-President’s route more times than necessary.

Aina-chan is cute. He’s not like Gorimacho, contrary to his name. It looks pretty good on him.


“Vice-President, you’re only meeting me for the first time, but you’re already calling me a fool. What happened with the cat skin that you always put on?”

It’s strange… I think the Vice Chairman’s route was the royal road where the heroine pointed out, “Isn’t it painful to fake a smile?” and he’ll answer with, “I can’t believe you’ve seen through my acting… I like you.”

If I go into the vice-chairman’s route now, I could say, “Oh my gosh… I’ve taken the heroine’s position of being General Affairs ♪” …No, I don’t want to go into the Vice-President’s route.

The Vice-President snorted at my words.

“It’s a waste of effort to act in front of someone stupid who has a keen intuition like you. In the first place, I want to feel and be free after school.”

“…You know, Aina-chan. Aren’t you talking too much? You’ve never talked to me before.”

“So, don’t call me by my first name…! What’s more, why are you using ‘-chan’?”

Of course, it’s on purpose! It’s supposed to be a way of harassment.

“It’s bad to call people stupid.”

“Students in the school probably know that you are stupid. What about it?”

“Then, all the school students also know that Aina-chan’s name is like a girl’s. What about it?”

“Come to think of it… This why I hate fools!”

…It seems that I wasn’t able to touch Aina-chan’s heartstrings because I was stupid. Ah. That’s a blessing. …But, well.

Aina-chan is pretty stupid, huh?

Even now, he’s upset just because I teased him a little, and I really don’t think he’ll be able to see through the performances I put up.

Even Sukeban Macho-san complained, “Sainohara, who was chosen as the Vice-President, has a lot of appearances on the outside, but he’s said to be quite black-hearted and impulsive… I’m worried if he can handle it well.” It’s pretty obvious.

“…Ayaka, don’t make fun of Sainohara too much.”


And there, with Kaname being on the sidelines until now, grabbed me by the neck.

Hey, I got a fragile neck! Let go right now!

I’m not a cat, so please stop grabbing it!

“Sainohara, too… She may be a bad choice as General Affairs for you, but if you have a grudge because of it, resent the school regulations that gave the President the right to make decisions.”

“I’m reluctant… I don’t think I can work if it’s with this person.”

“I will take responsibility for disciplining her. I appointed her for the Hououin family to make her memorize the work procedures from now on. It’s totally due to my personal feelings. I hope this won’t bother you.”

“…Then, that’s fine.”

“That’s why I was appointed…”

…I thought you appointed me because you’d be lonely when you don’t have time to spend with me. After all, you are not my dog, but the Hououin family’s dog.

Come on… Return my secret excitement…! Kaname!

“Since the Vice-President has finally settled down, Hayabusa Kaido, also known as Chara Man, the Treasurer, Hayashun is here. I welcome the Empress (LOL) because she’s cute.”

The person who jumped into the Student Council Room with a humorous sound effect (humorous to say) and a deliberate pose was Chara Man, who had a unique two-tone haircut of pink and black hair.

…Wow. I didn’t feel like it because it’s a game, but it’s amazing to see it close by. It looks like this because it’s beautiful, but his pierced earrings hurt my eyes.

He looked into my face with drooping eyes (with dimples shaped like tears) and a smile… Close! You’re too close!

“Wow, I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but looking at you closely like this, the Empress (LOL) is lovely. No matter how disappointing you are inside, it wouldn’t matter because you’re so beautiful. Rather, you’re in the middle of my strike zone? Hey, what are you doing on the holidays? It would be best if you went on a date with me next time. I know a really stylish café that looks good on SNS. Do you like pancakes?”

…Oh, oh, you’re saying pick-up lines from the very beginning? Plus, it’s so vivid that you can fold it over. I feel a sense of him being a pick-up artist around Pancake Cafes.

Really, Chara Man as Treasurer… Who voted for him to be a Student Council Member?