I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 32]

Chapter Thirty-Two: A Stupid Student Council (Part III)

“Chairman of Students – Ryudoji Kaname”

And, as expected, Kaname-san, who was simply called, is amazing. It’s amazing, but it’s boring because it doesn’t have a twist.

…No, this is where the development should be like, “No way, I just lost the position as the Student Council President…!? Oh, what will happen to the main route of the otome game starting next month!?” Surprisingly, it’s a bit disappointing.

Afterward, the Student Council Members who were told remain, and although it’s fair to say that it was proper if you think about it carefully, everyone decided to be full-fledged members.

…The Student Council President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Clerks, all of whom were selected due to popularity, were all men, weren’t they? It’s bizarre. In this age of gender equality. With half of the student body being females, shouldn’t we have at least one girl? …Well, it’s all for when Kaname later appoints the heroine as “General Affairs” creating a reverse harem, with her being surrounded by the capture targets.

…Come to think of it, it’s unreasonable to nominate some random student for “General Affairs”. I’m the one who ranked 5th in the popularity poll. In the first place, it should not be a popularity voting system but a candidacy system… Well, the opportunities would be endless if I rely upon the opportunistic setting peculiar to otome games.

“–Then, please welcome the new Student Council President.”

Before I realized it, it was already Kaname’s turn.

Oh, Sukeban Macho and others all started putting up video cameras… Where did you get such great equipment? There’s even a TV station-level camera…! (Oh, I have that. I think Kameda-san is the head of a famous TV station… But even if I’m not sure, maybe it’s actually real…!?)

Wait a minute! The lighting that’s illuminating Kaname from the corner is also casually being done by a fan club member! Or rather, I thought it was the election manager who was the moderator. Still, I think it was one of the macho army members who asked Mike respectfully when he thought he was hosting the election…! (Mr. Mainouchi, whose parents run a major electronics store…!)

…Once again, this showed me the horror of Kaname’s fan club…

“…I don’t think it’s necessary to give my name anymore, but it’s Ryudoji Kaname. No matter how you look at it, I’m not happy to accept the position as Student Council President because it will only increase my troubles, but now that I’ve been chosen, I will do my part properly. I don’t know what kind of feelings you had when you voted for me, but I won’t disappoint your expectations. “

It wasn’t exhilarating if you ask me (and his language was foul), but it seems that this was all right in this situation. The girls are all cheering, and the entirety of Sukeban Macho-san’s group is in maiden mode with their cheeks tinted red… Camera, I think it’s better to take a picture of everyone’s reaction than anything else, in many ways.

…Personally, I feel a bit ticked and bothered in the way that I have a stereotype of how the Student Council President’s character should be even in public places like this. Even in public, if you find out that you don’t want to greet me formally, like me, they could get in trouble, so let’s keep it a secret.

–It’s okay. Kaname knows a lot more about TPO than I do! –This was of being stylish is also a performance to liven up students! I know it well, yeah!

“…And now that I’ve been appointed as President of the Student Council, I’m going to use my authority right away.”

…Oh, you haven’t finished your key remarks yet?

When I placed my eyes back on the platform, which had been distracted from my strange embarrassment, I saw Kaname staring at me.

I didn’t want to look away, so I waved casually and said “Yaho” just by the movement of my mouth, then my eyes narrowed.

…Huh? Kaname’s wearing a smile that makes me feel unpleasant. It’s like he’s planning something crazy, at least along those lines. Wait a minute; it might just be my imagination. Tell me it’s just my imagination.

“–I appoint the position of General Affairs, with the authority of being the President… To Hououin Ayaka. Starting today, you are a member of the Student Council.”


“…It’s strange. This situation is bizarre…”

“Oh? Nothing’s wrong. I appointed you as General Affairs in a legitimate manner according to the rules.”

“That’s why it’s strange to do that right after taking office as Student Council President…!”

…No, this guy! I’m not scared at all…!

I held my head in front of Kaname, who was looking down on the documents he was holding.

“The Appointment of the General Affairs of the Student Organization is done by four people. It’s too much even for you. It’s supposed to be a post-appointment position… It’s strange to appoint someone before you even started working…”

…Well, I’m just talking about the story of “tatemae”. Five students are easier to work with than four people, so most student presidents appoint General Affairs within a month to help with the job. If so, then appointing someone from the very beginning should make sense.


“Well… It’s a bit difficult to talk to the Vice-President of the Split Personality, the Accounting Club, or the Samurai-related secretary…”

“Who has a split personality?”


This blizzard-like voice that feels like it could sting, accompanied by a soft but cold gaze…

“Vice-President, Sainohara Aino…! Why are you here…!”