I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 34]

Chapter Thirty-Four: A Stupid Student Council (Part V)

I always tried to escape from reality with a cool head, but sometimes I just get caught up in a cold sweat.

Hayabusa Kaido… He’s crazy. A perilous person… Well, how should I deal with this?

His over-friendly, charitable Chara Man persona is a fake… The reality is that he is a dangerous Yandere character that makes Aina-chan, who has a split personality, adorable…!

The Hayabusa Kaido route is a special route where the divergence is determined by interacting with other characters in the early days. When I played normally, he just looks flirtatious, but inside he’s spoiled and lonely, and in the end, he’ll cry and say to the heroine, “I don’t need another girl anymore… They’re not you. I feel lonely without you, and I’ll die.” Personally, I’m a bad guy, but it’s all right because it’s harmless. Some fans call him ‘Rabbit Hayabusa’ because of that exact line.’

…The problem is that the Yandere route is called the “Black Rabbit”.

Basically, “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden” is a three-choice system that raises and lowers the favorability based on how you choose. Still, to get into this route, you should never choose the right answer… Normally you’d have to choose the option with the highest preference… That is to say, that if you choose the most “wrong answer” or the “clearly disliked” options, then you won’t be appointed as the General Affairs of the Student Council, and you won’t even be able to meet most of the capture targets in the first place. That’s why it’s a relatively difficult specification to choose the “middle” option every time. And the first thing that awaits you after overcoming all of the bad choices is the “Black Rabbit”.

“If you are here, I don’t need anything else.”

“If there’s someone in the way, I’ll erase them all.”

…Well, so far, it’s just scary for the heroine, so that’s good for me. No, I actually feel sorry for the heroine.

The problem is…

“I’m trying to get rid of you, Empress-sama… Aren’t you always in the way?”

…This, this line…!

And in the case of the Black Rabbit Route, the ‘Empress’ School Expulsion Event’ is held in a place completely unknown to the heroine, even if the heroine asks about the fate of the Empress.

“Empress? …Who is that? I have no idea who that is.”

Then it ends with a smile...

–Oh, my God, he’s going to kill me!

Well, it’s awkward. The heroine doesn’t always choose the Treasurer’s route, and even if she did, he’s hawked if he doesn’t use the Yandere route, but if she sees Hayabusa Kaido, she might still get involved…! The thought of that is scary, so terrifying.

…Oh, but when I was chosen as General Affairs, did the Yandere Route disappear? Well, I don’t intend to kick the heroine out like the Empress? No, but the game might force me to… Also, in terms of the Royal Road Development, Himeno-chan intentionally calls the Black Rabbit to cool down while he was aiming for the reverse harem…! (Oh, but she won’t have the reverse harem now, and it there were, the Empress’ expulsion would succeed, but that’s only if we followed the precedents of the original otome game and if no one would cause the final love event, right…? Well, the chances are decent enough because of the multiple capture targets. It can be said that it’s a reverse harem because she’s highly favored, but… Well?)

“Are you okay? You haven’t moved for a while. Is this the first time you’ve been approached like this? So cute–”

…Oh my gosh! Don’t breathe from such a close distance!

Somehow, I feel like I can feel the cold air that’s unique to Yandere being transmitted to me!

I don’t think I’ll ever be the target of this Yandere because I’m already confident in my necessary preferences (because I’m Kanade’s master!), but I’m still scared of scary things!

“–I’m sorry, Kaido, but she always cleans her room on the weekends. Don’t make fun of this fool like that, and just have fun with someone else.”

Here comes my savior!

God, Buddha! That’s a relief…

“What? Cleaning?”

“Ah… Until now, that task has been left to the maid, but whenever I take my eyes off her for a while, she’ll get it dirty right away. That’s why I go to her room every week and supervise the cleaning.”

“Wait a minute, Mr. President! You’re revealing that you go to the Empress (LOL) ’s room every week but isn’t the girls’ dorms prohibited for men! Also, shouldn’t there be a housekeeping system intact? Empress (LOL), why are you cleaning yourself? It’s not like the Hououin family to be stingy!”

“…I got permission from both the school and the Hououin family, so it’s okay. If she doesn’t know how to clean up, no matter how much money she may have, she’ll be in trouble in the future. It’s not it’s easy to find reliable maids.”

…Well, I’ve always been bad at cleaning despite being a commoner and an adult. Ehehe.

On the other hand, my essential cleaning power is poor. There’s the Housewife level where they use sodium bicarbonate as a cleaning agent. I really wonder how they figured that out… I want to believe that what I lack is because my mother-in-law didn’t bully me like Cinderella. Well, it’s basically supervising (but isn’t it more of keeping watch so that I don’t skip?), so I’m the last one to do it.

Thanks to Kaname, I’ve become very good at cleaning… It’s important to have the habit of cleaning up without getting yourself dirty in the process.