I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 35]

Chapter Thirty-Five: A Stupid Student Council (Part VI)

“Well, that’s why you should play with someone on the weekend.”

He pulled his arm apart and whispered in a low voice that only I could hear.

“…Don’t be scared. Stupid. I won’t let him touch you. In either sense.”

Wow! –My dog is super handsome!

Oh my gosh, he’s good at housekeeping. He’s all-powerful, competent, and loyal to his master. How cool he is!? I love him now!

“Hehehe… Thank you, Kaname-san.”

“…Don’t smile like that because of something like this. You’re such a fool.”

…Well, that’s too much!

Takemiya told the heroine in the game, “I… like your smile… I feel a warmth spreading in my heart whenever I see it.” …It’s a delicate line that clearly certifies someone as a dog character…!

Give me more ‘dere’. Shake your tail!

“…Ah, I was shown off to.”

While shrugging his shoulders, Hayabusa Kaido immediately withdrew.

…Oh, that was unexpectedly easy. I thought he’d be more persistent.

“Then, the next long vacation! Let’s go to a cafe together. It’s a promise!”

…I don’t want to promise anything! But you wink at me like that… I’ll just close my eyes… I don’t care.

“…If the schedule is right.”

Anyway, let’s talk about it safely. I don’t want to be killed by Yandere. Let’s aim for a good impression so that we can manage to stay out of the worst-case scenario, where he ends up saying, “Empress (LOL) is not a bad girl, so if you break your arm and leave school, I’ll forgive you.” …No, I don’t want to break my arm either. Still, that’s better than being killed.

…And why do you look a little displeased, Kaname?

“…Well, are you all done talking? Then I’d like to talk about future Student Council activities.”

Hmm! How long have you been there? Taiga Okawa, the Secretary with the Samurai lineage!

There was no sign of his presence at all!

“Oh, sorry, Okawa. Including the fact that I decided on who will manage General Affairs without permission.”

“If that’s the case, I don’t mind. The Hououin is known to be excellent in many ways. When I get busy with club activities, I won’t be able to concentrate on Student Council activities, so I’m grateful that you’ve chosen such talented people.”

…And, as in the game, he’s such a good guy! Okawa-san.

His facial expression doesn’t change much, but he’s mature and kind.

He’s very different from Aina-chan! (Oh, I’m saying his name.)

“…Okawa, how can you be so optimistic in front of this stupid woman? It’s hard to understand.”

“But Sainohara, you’ve been studying abroad for three years and are still enrolled in the Global Department. Haven’t you confirmed the capabilities of the Hououin family with your own eyes? …No, you don’t have to worry about it. You must recognize the Ryudoji’s ability, too.”


Oh, Aina-chan quieted down! Special Sports Advancement Department… No, he is the epitome of an older brother of Oudou Academy! The so-called Bushi Niki!

That’s right. Taiga Okawa is both literary and military. A wise man who can see the truth with his own eyes, without being swayed by rumors. He’s a stoic samurai who never gets angry, even though his kendo skills are at the national level! …And he secretly likes sweets, but he’s embarrassed that he doesn’t look good eating them with his masculine face, so he keeps it a secret! Kuuu… So wonderful!

…Actually, Bushi Niki is the second most recommended character after Takemiya. I’m vulnerable to manly characters. (In short, I’m fine with going with his route.)

However, Bushi Niki is more orthodox and entertaining than Takemiya… It was so perfect that I had the impression that it was a little hard to get close to, so Takemiya’s was still the best. It’s nice to see it him person. He’s really cool. I want to call him ‘Aniki’.

I was frustrated by Aina-chan and the hidden Yandere route… but if I was with Bushi Niki, I guess being a member was not bad either. I really want us to be close and be his younger sister… I can’t believe it. I’m becoming increasingly distant from becoming the Empress.

…But as a member of the same Student Council, rather than becoming friends…

“Oh, I thought about it when the members were decided… Okawa, if you don’t mind taking your work home, then you don’t have to come to the Student Council room except when there is a meeting where everyone needs to participate. You also want to take a break from club activities, don’t you?”


“…Thank you for that, but will it be okay? I guess someone has to wait in the Student Council room after school.”

“According to the regulations, there is no problem with them just being one person. I plan to stay in the Student Council room after school if nothing unusual happens, so you don’t have to force yourself to stay because you have club activities… Well, if it’s hard to take your work him, then I’ll think of another way.”

“No, I don’t have any problems with that considering sports promotion and because there are fewer class assignments compared to other departments… The competition is coming soon, so that arrangement will be helpful. Thank you, Ryudoji Kaname.”

…Eh, wait a minute. Hold on. Hold on—my healing.

“Oh, you’re always cheating, Taiga! I want to hang out with girls after school, too.”

“…Then, do you want to take yours home, too?” 


“On the other hand, if you stayed, then I will strictly deal with your work every day. I’ll never let you go, so don’t think of skipping, especially if you make a mistake.”

“…eh, aren’t you trusting me too much compared to Taiga? I can see, and I do what I do… Honestly, I can’t concentrate when there are around, so maybe I can take mine home. The student council room is too formal.”

…Ah, the Yandere is gone too. Lucky.

“…Wait a minute! If you’re gone, then I’ll have to work with these two alone!”

“…Then, Sainohara, do you want to take yours home, too? I’ll disseminate it out as a system for this term’s Student Council so that you won’t be mistaken as skipping.”

…Ah, there was a possibility that they would be recalled because people might think of it as skipping. It’s amazing how considerate Kaname is being.

…Huh? Why is Aina-chan’s face turning red?

“…Wow, then I’d like to take it home!”

“…What’s the matter?”

“Oh, you aren’t planning on doing anything suspicious in the sacred Student Council room, are you…!?”

…It this okay or too suspicious? …No, it’s just a bit awkward?