I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 36]

Chapter Thirty-Six: A Stupid Student Council (Part VII)

“Aina-chan is so… sullen.”

“Why? Of course, it’s natural to worry!”

…No. I think it’s sullen enough to imagine something suspicious happening just because a man and a woman in high school work together in the same room after school. Aren’t you reading too many erotic novels?

Although Aina-chan was embarrassed with a bright red face, he cleared his throat and pulled on his silver-framed glasses, apparently calming down a bit. (Oh, I didn’t tell you, but Aina-chan is a spectacled character. He looks like a stupid boy when he has his glasses off, and his face appears sloppier… The motion of the game’s conversation scene is limited, but if you think about it calmly, it’s full of details!)

“…Because you guys are… Dating, aren’t you? Then, my worries are only natural…”

“What? Kaname dating me? No way.”

Oh, Aina-chan, you even misunderstood that kind of thing. Well, Kaname and I, we’re close friends, so it can’t be helped.

It’s sweet. Sweet, Aina-chan.

“It’s important… The relationship between a man and a woman is a firm bond that’s not so fragile as to be broken at any time!”

Because I’m his owner! Kaname is my dog!

It’s definitely a much stronger bond than a couple’s! …At least for now. Himeno-chan hasn’t come yet. Yeah.


Why are you so quiet, Kaname?

Aina-chan also looks like she’s dumbfounded.

“…That’s right. Because you guys are getting married… Hmm”

“…Don’t say anything to her, Sainohara. She’s the only one who didn’t hear anything.”

“…You’re lying! It was published quite extensively. Any student in the school knows!”

“…This is the result of the Hououin head’s doing. It seems that the two families have reached an agreement, and they intend to fill in the rest from the outside. It was announced post-consent.”

“…So the President doesn’t agree?”


“…Ah yes, I understand… Moreso, why did the President agree?”

“Oh my gosh… It can’t be helped. We’ve been together for a long time. I can’t imagine a future where I’m not next to her anymore.”

“…I used to have a lot of complexes against the President, but for the first time, I feel a little closer to you.”

“…Is that right.”

Kaname and Aina-chan were whispering, but aren’t they the only ones getting along with each other?

I’m a little lonely.

Hey, Kaname, don’t worry about Aina-chan, worry about me!

Sadly, my passion for Kaname is like a solo sumo tournament!

“I understand. I’ll believe in the President, I will also take my work home with me. I don’t want to be bothered by a certain someone who doesn’t know what to do.”

Oh, why did Aina-chan agree with the current trend?

Perhaps, did you tell Aina-chan about the depth of your bond with me?

…Nufufu. Then you should have said it in a voice that I could’ve heard. Oh, my dog is so shy.

“–But! I’m going to check unannounced regularly so that it doesn’t develop into an unlikely situation, so please keep that in mind!”

…I mean, yeah!

For that reason, the after-school work in the Student Council room was basically done by Kaname and me.

At the end of the class, the other three students come to the Student Council room to submit their take-home work, receive an indication about the work from Kaname, and then take back new ones. It seems that it was more efficient than doing it together after school, and the people around us highly acknowledge the new system… Well, it’s a skill that can only be done if you have the ability to distribute work.

Bushi Niki, who is concentrating on club activities, does not come to the Student Council room other than when he does just that. Still, as I declared, Aina-chan comes to check without in without notice, and Yandere-san also goes to the Student Council room at that time.

…But actually, I’m really looking forward to this time.

“–I hope you aren’t doing anything strange!”

“Yay! It’s Aina-chan! What’s today’s snack?”

“I told you not to call me Aina-chan… Today’s snacks are cookies from Ondine, a popular store that just opened the other day!”

“I don’t understand why Aina-chan, who is a man, beats me with his female instincts, but wow! Everything he brings is delicious. Ah, Aina-chan, please make me some tea.”

“…I just brought the jar, and why should I always make tea?”

“Because Aina-chan’s black tea is so delicious! I thought Mr. Takai’s tea was the best in the world, but it’s losing to Aina-chan’s.”

“Hmm… Well, my way of making tea is similar to how they make it in England. It’s really easy to spoil the Earl Grey that I brought the other day, so I’ll just brew it myself.”

“Oh, Vice-President. Make mine, too.”

“…Kaido. You come to the Student Council room every time I come. What happened to your dates with girls?”

“Because the Vice President’s tea tastes better than the tea I get when I go to the cafes with a girl, and Ayaka is more beautiful than any girl who would go out with me.”

“Oh, you’re in really good shape… Oh, as for cookies, please leave what you want to give to Okawa tomorrow. The other day when he was reporting, he saw an empty can, and he looked sad.”

“…To be honest, I was surprised that Okawa liked sweets.”

“It’s more surprising to me that the President is eating more than I expected.”

“…It’s the result of eating with someone who likes sweets.”

“…Ah, I see.”

Aina-chan is either cold or just foolish… Is he a tsundere?

People say he’s frugal, but it’s a plus/minus with the cookies and tea’s deliciousness! Aina-chan is so wonderful!