I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 37]

Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Stupid Student Council (Part VIII)

“Hey! Ayaka… You made a mistake again!”

“Oh, where… Oh, that’s true. I’m really sorry. I made another mistake.”

“…Why do you keep on making such mistakes as soon as you get any document when you don’t make the same careless mistakes on a test?”

…Uh, it hurts when I get hit by truths.

“…Well, it’s because I’m completely distracted by the upcoming event.”

Finally, next week. Himeno-chan will be transferring next week…!

Since it’s about to happen, I can’t concentrate on the documents… Oh my gosh!

“…Don’t do that! It hurts!”

“…It’s bad for me if you keep neglecting the Student Council’s work just because you think you’re about have it good.”

“It’s not good! Because, you know, the documents for transfers are actually coming.”

The documents that are scheduled to be added to the “Student List” sent to the Student Council the other day is the one that comes first.

Among them is a photo of Himeno Saiki, smiling as how she looked in the game’s character design.

“Finally, the development of the otome game… And at that moment, will the Empress inside me finally bloom…!”

“I don’t know, stupid. I wonder if the piece of cookie I ate, like the one on your face, will change too. How did you get food scrapes on your forehead?”

“What… Kaname-san. I don’t know where it is, so could you get it for me?”

“Didn’t I tell you to carry a mirror?”

“…When you’re young, it’s better for your skin when you don’t wear make-up. So, if you don’t need make-up, then you don’t need a mirror.”

“…So, is that also why you’ve been keeping toothpaste around your mouth since this morning?”

“Oh, seriously. Either take it off yourself… Or tell me sooner.”

“Take it off yourself!! I thought you might notice it, so I left it alone. I didn’t think you’d want to leave it on until after school, though…”

…While saying that, he took it away. Kaname is seriously a tsundere.

But recently, I think that Kaname is quite brittle. It feels like his calcium intake isn’t enough… Should I prepare milk and dried fish?

Especially whenever I talk about Himeo Saiki. He’s terrible.

“I wish you could be happier… She might be the one you’re destined to be with.”

Because Kaname is the main hero of the otome game, there is a high probability that Himeno will choose him.

Personally, I think it’s natural for the two to stick together on the Royal Route.

“…Sure, the story when you said, ‘This world is built based on a game’ is true. However, even if you subtract that, it will probably be quite different from the original story. Don’t decide a person’s fate on the premise of a mere game.”

“…But that’s just before the game starts. When it does, there will be some kind of coercive force that would come into play.”

“I won’t submit to it. That kind of future.”

…No. Whether you submit to it or not, there are things that you can’t change.

Fate is the only thing I can’t be helped…

“…I will never submit to the fact that you are destined to leave this school.”


“Oh, Kaname. Did you care that I might be expelled from school?”

“Of course! Rather, why don’t you care?”

“No… well, except for the Black Rabbit Route, it’s just a normal school transfer. If you think I could graduate a year and a half earlier… well.”

Of course, it would be sad to say goodbye to Sukeban Macho-san, Takemiya Keisei, and the others in the Student Council, but it will be a welcomed farewell sooner or later.

I’m worried about what the new environment might turn out to be, but there’s nothing that I’m not excited about… It’s a good opportunity to study abroad, like Aina-chan. With my brain and the financial power of the Hououin family, I think I can afford it.

…Rather than that, the problem is who Himeno will stick to.

“Hey… You may not care about Himeno right now, but I’m sure you’ll like her as soon as you meet her… So, I’ll use my previous knowledge to help you! I’ll be the Empress and make her fall in love with you, so can you rely on me?”

I feel bad for the dog character Takemiya, who loves Himeno so much, but the thing that I want to do the most is for her to fall in love with my dog, Kaname.

Kaname has been in such a painful situation until now due to being tied to the game’s settings. So, I believe he has to be happy from now on—much more than any other character.

“Don’t worry about me. Kaname, I would transfer dozens of times if it meant that you’d be happy. If the bottom line is your happiness, then I’ll be happy too!”

The happiness of the dog is the happiness of its owner.

Even if Kaname becomes the dog of someone else, as long as Kaname could finally laugh, then I’ll be happy! Hmm, I’m the role model of what being an owner should be like!

“…Well, don’t think about transferring schools. Stay next to me forever.”


“Don’t decide my happiness on your own, Stupid… Anyway, I’ll definitely stop you from transferring to another school. I’m not bold enough to be happy on the premise of you being a sacrifice.”

Well, that’s right. But I’m just telling you not to worry, so don’t worry… but I see. That’s right. Kaname is kind. How can he not care?

I thought it was a good idea, though… This is the best way I can express my love.

However, if Kaname prefers it to happen another way, we must somehow prevent my expulsion from school, all while achieving a happy ending…!

“…More than that, Ayaka. Your new Student Council uniform has arrived.”

“Oh! Pure white! I was beginning to get embarrassed about wearing my uniform from last time. People around me kept poking fun at it. I’m glad to hear that. Thank you.”

“But I still can’t believe that you were able to defile and destroy it within a month of paying… You really can’t help yourself, huh.”

“Uh… I really regret that I did something very sorry.”

“The next time you get dirty, I’ll mercilessly smack you with this huge Harisen that I had custom-made especially for you.”

“Oh, wait a minute, Kaname. Where on earth did you make a special order for that?”