I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 38]

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Heroine of a Fool (Part I)

“No matter what, such a disposition is wrong!!”

“Oh, this academy is where upper-class children go to. I don’t need a waiter who acts like that. What’s more, this kind of failure towards me… it’s only natural that he should be dismissed.”

“Oh… you’re that great!?”

“–yes, I am.”

I folded my favorite fan, which had been covering my mouth, and held it against the transfer student who was barking at me, who was wearing a fearless smile.

“Remember well and wake up from your ideals, you mutt of no blood. My name is Hououin Ayaka. I dominate at the top. At this school, I am the law.”

–It’s decided.

I’m cool!?

I seem like an actual Empress, don’t I?

It’s finally here. The heroine, Himeno Saiki.

Finally, it’s time for me to bloom into a poisonous yet splendid evil flower.

…Well, I was wondering if the game would even unfold because the precursors were all too far from the original story. As a result of my relationship with Kaname, Sukeban Macho-san didn’t even call for Himeno-chan. (Well, I don’t think Sukeban Macho-san would have called out anyone anymore even when they come in contact with Kaname.) In the first place, I didn’t get in touch with Himeno-chan at all, so I didn’t even get to make the first move like at the beginning of the game.

However, what a frightening force the game has.

The Empress tried to fire the waiter who accidentally spilled water on her, while the heroine stopped her. That was the event in which the identity of the Empress was revealed. Wow.

…Hmm, after all, I’m destined to be the Empress (LOL, no, of course, I am). It can’t be helped. Now that it’s like this, I have to endure my grumbling stomach and rally. I can’t go against the game correction.

The battle between the Empress and the heroine begins here! Now, I have to turn into a vivid poisonous flower and rise beautifully!

I, Hououin Ayaka, as my name suggests, will fly off like a beautiful phoenix!!

…It would be a lie to say that I am not sad about eventually being expelled from the school, but I have indeed been treated like a fool by everyone thus far. As a result of the game correction, I’m sure everyone will be bewildered by my talent as a flourished Empress.

It would be better for both of us to start over from scratch. I will reign supreme at the top of the school this time.

Come on, let’s play!!

It’s the beginning of a fun otome game. It’s good to have my supposed way of life impressed on everyone’s eyes!

…But why are the ordinary people around me looking at me with grins on their faces?

“Empress-sama (LOL)… You’re dressed up, but it doesn’t look right at all…”

“Oh, that’s meat sauce… Oh, that won’t come off, that stain. Even though the Student Council uniform is white… The Emperor will scold you again.”

…Let me explain the current situation.

As a royal element in our school, those in power, such as the “Student Council” and “Discipline Committee” are given uniforms different from those of ordinary students.

The Student Council’s school uniform focuses on “pure white”. It seems that the white uniform feature of the male characters was an important moe element in the game.

In the original game, Empress-sama had a special status and was dressed in gorgeous custom-made uniforms.

However, in the name of ‘Discipline’, I have been forced to take the position of ‘General Affairs’ that the heroine was supposed to be given later by Kaname. That’s why the whiteness for the Student Council’s uniform is so bright that it’s clearly seen when it’s dirty… It just briefly appeared at the end of last time. Now that I think about it, was it a flag?

The spaghetti with meat sauce, which I had eaten just now, spread out to my chest area from the collar to my white uniform’s ribbon.

–No, I’m going to get in trouble with Kaname!!

In the game, only the edge of Empress-sama’s clothes got covered with water.

However, I forgot about such an event happening, or rather, I was completely caught off guard. I was so surprised by getting splashed that I accidentally turned over the plate of spaghetti I was eating.

In a hurry, I was able to remember the event, immediately threw a dismissal order at the waiter as to what happened in the game, and successfully caught the heroine’s attention. Still, the mess that was made wasn’t restored.

I ended up saying all of those proud and cool lines of Empress-sama with the smell of meat sauce wafting from me. What a tragedy!

…Hey, waiter. You’re not laughing at me, are you?

Who do you think is to blame? I won’t have you fired. The most important thing is that I ended up getting into the event because I got angry with you for approximately the same reason as in the original game.

Kaname will definitely get in the way, and that won’t do at all!

“–That’s strange!”

However, Himeno-chan ignored everyone’s reaction and was still able to say the proper lines as she did in the game.

Well, that’s the heroine for you.

Don’t worry about everyone’s allusions… Or maybe this is also the force of the game. It’s a bit scary thinking about it.

“Thinking that power is everything is wrong! If that is the system here, then I’ll change this school!”

“Oh? What could a commoner like you do?”

I raised an eyebrow and gave a charming smile of mockery.

It’s quite complex, but it’s okay. I must make this expression because I am the Empress. Yeah, sure.

Oh, this is amazing. So far, except for meat sauce, it’s just like the game. Maybe until the end…

“If you go against me, I will do my best to crush you. It would be best if you stopped before you regret it. Do not go against me… Aghhh!!”

The lines, which were supposed to be cool, were interrupted by the sudden impact that hit my head, and a pleasant spangling sound echoed throughout the dining room.

…Wow, what an amazing sound.

And contrary to the sound, it didn’t hurt at all. It was just from the shock.

…It was truly a custom-made product that achieves the maximum effect with minimal damage to itself. Where on Earth, and how much money was spent to get something like that?

…Well, let’s stop escaping from reality soon.

“…Hmmm, you got your uniform dirty. How many does that make? Ah? This? It’s a custom-made item.”

When I turned around, Kaname, with a demon’s appearance, was there with a giant Harisen in one hand.

…No! I want to run away!