I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 39]

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Heroine of a Fool (Part II)

“Why are you here!? You said you couldn’t have lunch with me because you were with the school director today!”

“I made sure to finish everything quickly. If you’re left alone, it won’t be a good thing… As I expected, you got your uniform dirty, and what was the line that you just said? You’re making unnecessary remarks to the new students. Do you really want to be expelled from school? Ha?”

“…Oh, Kaname, you’re mad? Is it because of the meat sauce on my white uniform or about what I said?”

“It’s definitely both!! You idiot!!”

Oh, please stop it. Stop hitting me on the head with the Harisen during the conversation.

It doesn’t hurt. It’s more like having my scalp massaged. It feels good, but the abdominal muscles of the people around us who had been laughing since a while ago are about to collapse!

“Wait a minute!! It’s a misunderstanding about the meat sauce on my uniform! Please don’t assume that this is my fault. It was inevitable…”

“Shut up!! The result is still the result. In the first place, I don’t think you’ve taken any measures to prevent yourself from getting dirty. Now that I know that it’s no use just to keep on telling you what to do, I’ll take other measures… Behold, this is the custom-made yodarekake that I had them prepare along with my Harisen. Be sure to use it every time you eat.”

“A yodarekake…!? No, no, a normal napkin would do! I’m already 17 years old!?”

“I’ve told you about it countless times, but I guess it’s because you don’t have a napkin around your neck that you always got your uniform dirty!! Who do you think applied for it every time!!”

Someone, please help me.

Because of my childhood friend, I was coerced to be looked at as a baby in public.

It’s decorated with lace and has a beautifully elegant design, but a yodarekake is a yodarekake.

But please, someone, in my stead, please explain that the current situation was really forced majeure!! No matter what I said, Kaname wouldn’t listen!!

…The waiter there, explain that it wasn’t my fault this instant!! Don’t tremble while you’re holding your stomach!!

Hey, Kaname, don’t try to hang that thing around my neck!? I really don’t want to…!!

Uh… Kaname, before I knew it, you grew up to have such a perverted habit? I’m despondent as your owner.

…If this is the result of my bad discipline skills, I should just be content with accepting the slapstick… No, I still don’t want that! Please go back to the usual cute and normal dog that you were! These weird dog attributes that you’re developing… No, thank you!!

“…Come on.”

It was the heroine who kept silent throughout the argument that broke through the chaotic situation.

“–Don’t be silly!!”

When the heroine shouted those words angrily, Kaname and I stopped fighting and turned to her.

“The director hasn’t asked me to reform this school no matter how long I waited, so I had to ask him myself if I could come to this school. Why is the Empress like this?”

“…this person, too.”

Kaname nodded because we both knew by heart.

Words that ordinary people couldn’t have understood.

Apparently, Himeno Saiki is also a reincarnate. It’s just as expected, but I can’t believe it’s being revealed here.

…The reason the director didn’t ask her. It’s because we don’t need it- the reformation of the school in its current situation.

“Hey, you!!”


I was glared at while also having an index finger pointed at me. Without thinking, my back straightened up.

I was scared. The heroine’s eyes were stinging.

“You haven’t dried or combed your hair properly!!”

“How did you find out!?”

I was amazed by the unexpected situation.

It’s not just Kaname, but I can’t believe that even the heroine whom I just met in such a short time already noticed… As expected, the heroine has a keen eye for observation.

“Anybody can tell!! Ahoge! And your shirt! It’s not fitted and is sticking out right at the edges!”

“Wow, I didn’t notice…”

“And the fan!! What’s with leaving the store tag on it? Are you that stupid?”

“No, it’s troublesome to take it off… You’re observing a lot.”

As if exhausted by my words, the heroine sank on the table.

“…Why is the Empress such an idiot… What am I here for?”

Ugh… It’s kind of heartbreaking.

The sad voice that she muttered in a drooping tone stimulated my guilty conscience.

After all, if you are reincarnated as the heroine of an otome game, the first reaction is to be excited. You’re looking forward to having the end of the game that would make you happy.

However, we don’t need the academy to be reformed, which is a prerequisite for the otome game… There isn’t any caste system either. Even if I were to be kicked out, it would take less effort to do that compared to the original.

I’m sorry about that.

However, my guilt was blown away by the words of Himeno-chan.

“I came to this school to experience the ending of the ‘Empress’ Punishment…!”


“Bad End 1,” also known as the “Empress’ Punishment End,” is an ending for when the heroine fails to capture the game’s main target.

The heroine, who failed to expel the Empress from the academy, is forced to crawl around the school on all fours with a dog collar around her neck.

At the end, which was also called the SM End, she was trampled down by the Empress’ red heels in the public circle.

I wanted to experience it…

“I wanted to be treated like a dog by the Empress while being looked down upon with curiosity by everyone around me!! I wanted to be trampled on with those beautiful legs!!”

…Pervert!! She’s a Do-Me!!


Translator’s Note:

A Do-Me queen is a submissive person in the BDSM scene who is more intent on receiving attention and pleasure than giving it. You learn something you everyday, huh?