I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 40]

Chapter Forty: The Heroine of a Fool (Part III)

I immediately hid behind Kaname and trembled. Apparently, the heroine was from a terrifying race.

I really don’t want to get involved very much.

“No… But even if the contents are stupid, if the specs are like Empress-sama’s, depending on the training, and if it’s by my skill, I’m sure you’ll become the ideal Empress-sama.”

“Hi, Himeno-chan, I think it would be better for you to be around the Vice-President than me!”

I decided to sell Aina-chan to Himeno-chan, who was talking to herself to my horror. Being trained as an S is no joke… For a moment, I even wondered if I should push Kaname too, but I rejected that thought.

I mean, Kaname can’t be happy with this kind of heroine… Or rather, I’m not too fond of the fact that Kaname would be made to have to laugh and oppress Himeno-chan. I still find it better to have him be beside me.

“His peaceful and gentle philanthropic reputation is an act! In reality, he’s a split personality, black-glasses-wearing person! He’s the perfect person for Himeno-chan.”

…Well, he’s a stupid tsundere, though!

However, Himeno-chan, who only knows Aina-chan through the otome game, does not know that actual situation. In the game, he just had a double-faced personality. (The motion is not really… It’s a game, so it can’t be helped because there aren’t many patterns, so please interpret it conveniently.)

Aina-chan… I will never forget your precious sacrifice! Now, let free your hidden Do-S and be happy. If it were you, you’d laugh so hard and have enough vigor to whip her!

…Oh, but even if you become a Do-S, I hope you don’t forget to bring me snacks. For the next one, I want to eat macaroons with raspberries.

However, even though I desperately recommended the Vice-President, Himeno-chan laughed with her nose held high.

“I want to be oppressed by the Queen. I’m not calling a man.”

Apparently, she was more perverted than I had imagined.

…Aina-chan, you have a neutral feminine face, so I don’t know!

I’m sure that the SM Queen fashion look will look good on you. Only your breasts, if you can manage something that’ll produce milk.

“…When I think about it carefully, I’ve been burning to train a fool to be a Queen of Do-S… the thought of success would tickle any M’s heart. While I’m enrolled at school, I’ll train you to be my ideal queen.”

I am Empress (LOL), not Empress-sama. I’m not a queen.

Stop licking your lips as if you were looking and aiming at prey. Please don’t come near me.



“I’ll leave the rest to you!”

“What!? …Ayaka, hey, wait for me!”

I won’t wait! I need to run thirty-six meters to escape!

By forcing Kaname to switch places with me, I could get away from that pervert and the consequences of getting my uniform dirty. I got rid of two birds with one stone! I’m smart! …Oh! Someone caught my clothes!

“…What do you get by calling someone a split-personality with a loud voice?”

…When I looked back, I saw Aina-chan angry and with his lips pulled.

“…Was Aina-chan there?”

“I was there! I was watching a skit that I didn’t really understand! Why did I have to be involved in that?”

“No, because, you know, I think it’s the perfect role for Aina-chan who wanted to become a Do-S. Himeno-chan is cute. So, it’ll be good.”

“Who said what, and when did I ever say I wanted to be a Do-S? No matter how cute her face is, I’ll only feel sorry for someone with such a perversion!”

“Hey, Vice-President-sama, calm down. The skin that you always wear is peeling off. Don’t let the known gentle philanthropists yell in public.”

“Did that just come from the person who shouted I had a split personality in public? …That’s enough already. It’s too late. It’s ridiculous to try and cover things up. In fact, there are no students here who look surprised even as I’m speaking like this.”

“Oh, Aina-chan. Character development declaration? I think it’s good. Actually, I like Aina-chan’s realness better than his outward appearance. From now on, show all your tsundere attributes. You’ll probably become more popular. Maybe.”

“Tsunde… Who’s a tsundere? …I’m already angry. I bought Angel Heart macaroons as a snack today, but I won’t give any to you.”

“What!? Well… Maybe there’s raspberry…?”

“Yes. Of course. It’s the most popular flavor.”

“Aina-chan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I apologize, I’ll reflect on myself, so let me eat macaroons!”

“I don’t know.”


…And after all that, I was caught by Kaname and squeezed dry.

I managed to persuade him to forgive me, but only for the spilling. It seems like I’ll have no veto if I get dirty again… Uh…

And, for some reason, the Tsundere Aina-chan gave me a raspberry macaroon. He said, “I’ve bought enough food for the people here, so I have no choice but to do it!” …Aina-chan’s kindness pierces my heart. I’m sorry, Aina-chan. In my attempt to sell you to a pervert.

The pervert disappeared before I knew it.

I have a terrible feeling.

“–You’re quite slow in the morning. No, starting today, you must go to bed early and get up earlier. That’s why your appearance is always so messy.”

“…Why is Himeno-chan waiting in front of my dorm room?”


Translator’s Note:

A Do-S acts in a similar manner to that of a sadistic dominatrix and princess, such as whipping at her submissives and expecting them to follow her orders to the letter.