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35. Shiro’s Imouto

Within the command room of the special ability organization, [Divine’s] headquarters, Menace, the general manager of the organization, is having a meeting with Flare and Fon. Those 3 head all the departments of the organization.

“Menace-sama, maintenance on the Brave series has been completed. I will capture [Union]…”
“Fon, you can stop already. Included with Yuuki Kousuke, contact with [Union], [Bestowal], and [Cold and Heat] are prohibited.”

Fon is shocked by Menace’s words. Even if [Bestowal] and [Cold and Heat] are given up, the special ability [Union] is an essential existence for achieving the organization’s goal.

“Wh- why is that? If we use the special ability [Union] on the [Divine Powers] we collected over these long years, we’d be able to reach god!?”

They are one step away from [reaching the path of god]. Fon, unable to give up while that is right before his eyes, disagrees with Menace’s decision.

“Fon, you are being discourteous towards Menace-sama. Restrain yourself.”
“Bu- but…”
“…I was out of line, Menace-sama.”

Flare reprimands Fon.

“It’s alright. This opinion is valid. However, this issue has revealed how dangerous of an existence Yuuki Kousuke and those of his household are. We’re better off not being involving ourselves with them any more than this.”

Menace continues explaining to keep from giving Fon an evasive answer.

“Fon, do you recall the incident that made us aware of Yuuki Kousuke’s existence?”
“Dius was detained for being an atrocious villain while Yuuki Kousuke was featured in the media as a super high school student who apprehended him. There is no way I would forget.”

That was a famous case within the organization. Judging from the testimonies of the police officers and reporters involved with it, a special ability or a technique for altering memories was implemented in order to enact fraud on a massive scale.

Umu, that. I have observed a number of the reporters and policemen involved at the time and have concluded there is a high probability that [Event Rewrite] was applied on them.”
“Is- is that true!?”

Fon is shocked by Menace’s words.

“It is true. I observed them, but there is no sign of their altered memories recovering. That means, they are not being influenced by the world’s corrective power.”
“Such a… if that were true— — —”
“— — —umu. Someone near Yuuki Kousuke is able to alter memories due to possessing either [The Special Ability of God] or [A God Technique].”

Fon, upon hearing Menace’s explanation, has disbelief float across his face as he follows up on the explanation.

“That is to say, his backer who performed the [memory alteration] is a special ability holder or a practitioner who reached the level of God.”
Umu, that seems to be the case.”

Fon, comprehending Menace’s explanation, is at a loss for words.

If such is the case, then the organization’s long years and numerous endeavors for the still unattained goal of [reaching god] has already been achieved by someone else.

“This still hasn’t been confirmed. The possibility remains that a phenomenon similar to [Event Rewrite] was reproduced by combining various special abilities or techniques.”
“Even if that is the case, with that much war potential, simply going near Yuuki Kousuke is dangerous.”

Fon supplements Menace’s explanation.

“That isn’t everything. The agents who’ve infiltrated all the organizations within Hokkaido have been arrested one after another with this timing. Continuing further operations would also be difficult in of themselves.”
“Th- that happened?”
Umu. It is more than likely that someone proficient at manipulating information is also present.”
“Not just physical combat, but there’s even someone who can perform information warfare…”

Fon, upon hearing that much, recognizes just how much the existence he is dealing with is.

“Fon, have you understood Menace-sama’s considerations?”
“I understand. I apologize for my shallow thinking.”

Menace and Flare nod at seeing that Fon is convinced.

“Well then, we shall halt interference with Yuuki Kosuke and his surroundings. Are we in agreement?”

Fon and Flare approve of Menace’s decision.

“Well, shall we too return to our duties?”
Within the conference room, once Menace has left, Flare stands up with that question in hand.

“Fon, is something the matter?”

Flare, upon not receiving a reply, calls out to him with doubt on her face.

“No, never mind. Let’s return to our duties.”
“…Yes, of course.”

Flare, while thinking he’s acting strange, also leaves the room without pursuing the issue.

“Become god… I could, become god.”

At that time, no one notices the ambition taking hold within Fon.

—Diamond of Heart—

“Hey, want some apple juice?”

Shiro gives a spirited response. I wonder, did he regain his confidence after beating the hell out of that special ability organization? What a relief, what a relief.

“Right, leafy green vegetable juice for Kuro.”
Nuoo! What for?”

What do you mean, what for!? It’s your punishment, your punishment. Even though this was all for my peace of mind, this is my punishment. Although saying, “I just happened to have helped by chance!” isn’t a lie, that’s just an excuse to avoid talking about the details. How far will he go to trouble me…?

“Vegetable juice…”

Well, they originally attacked the special ability organization for my sake. I am grateful for that.

Mu? This is unexpectedly good. It is delicious.”

That is because I properly adjusted the flavor with apples and bananas. Its murky color may look nasty, but the taste should be good.

“Right, come to think of it, I had forgotten. Just recently, a letter arrived.”

Kuro, with a mouth colored a murky green, presents an envelope to me. I wonder what this is? The internet bill?

“It looks like an ordinary letter. [Hello1, th—is is Yui! As thanks for your help, I made this is for yo—u!] What?”

Yui? I get the feeling I heard that name somewhere. Well, I suppose it’s fine.
At any rate, what hideous handwriting. It isn’t just terrible, the whole thing being written in hiragana makes it hard to read.

Hm? There’s something else inside.”

I take them out and discover copies of a personal family register and a resident’s card with the name, “Yuuki Rin” on them.

“Yuuki Rin?”

Are these, by chance, Rin’s family register and resident’s card!? Not just that, my parents are listed as her actual parents. Her birthday… Doesn’t this say she’s my sister!?

“Wh- what is this?”

The class representative’s father would have the authority to carry out something like this, but he shouldn’t know who I am. When it comes down to it, this was most likely done by someone else.

“Who in the world…?”
Fumu, this may have been sent by the benefactors of those 3.”
“Of those 3? You mean Shizuka-san and the others?”
“That is correct. Their benefactors seem capable of doing anything. I was told they are far away at the moment, but even if we are talking about them, would they really be able to make a family register and such?”
“Actually, it might be possible with a special ability.”

Did they use some sort of special ability, discover that I was somehow or another wondering about how to get Rin a family register and residence card, and thus forge them? If I take the line, [As thanks for your help,] to mean how Shizuka-san and the others were saved, then it makes sense.

“That sure is a convenient ability.”
“I do not believe it compares to House Head’s.”


“Either way, Rin is my imouto? She came after Shiro, so I feel like she should be his imouto though.”

At my murmur, Shiro gives a single, soft, caw.

“If it is put like that, then would that not make House Head the parent of Shiro, Rin, and Near?”
“That’s… quite the mess.”

However, now that it’s been said, that’s how it is. I’m still a 1st year in high school, but I became a parent before I realized it.”

“For now, should I accept this?”

I head to the shelf serving as the telephone stand and open the drawer for important documents. Inside, I place the copy of Rin’s family register and her residence card.

“Shouldn’t we think a bit more about the people who sent this?”
“There is no problem. Even if we were to ponder about them, I do not believe there is much more we would be able to uncover.”

The poor handwriting in the letter may have been intentional in order to hide the writer’s true penmanship. If that’s the case, then they probably don’t want me to know their identities.

“To begin with, I have no intention of doing anything even if I were to learn who they are. Rather, I’m honestly grateful to them for making Rin’s family register.”

Although, this is going to take a great deal of explaining to my parents…

“I mean, if I really feel like I have to know, I suppose I could ask Shizuka-san and the others.”
“That certainly is an option.”

Kuro, too, agrees with me.

“More importantly, there’s something else I should be thinking about.”
“Something you should be thinking about?”

Not just Kuro, but Shiro, Rin, and Near all tilt their heads upon hearing my remark. It can’t be helped, I’ll tell them.

“It’s that, what clothes should I buy for the [recreation accommodation]!”

Their eyes all say, “Is that so…?”

For now, I quietly select the clothes I’ll buy on next Saturday’s shopping trip.

—Captain Diamond—

Shiro’s thoughts.

Kousuke’s casual remark, “She came after Shiro, so I feel like she should be his imouto though,” strangely remains lodged in his heart.


He tilts his head upon being assailed by the curious feeling that he is forgetting something. Yet despite how hard he thinks, he can’t remember. All that comes to mind are feelings of irritation, as if he were searching for someone.

“I’m back—”

It is then that Kousuke’s voice fills the house as he returns from shopping.


The moment Shiro hears his voice, his irritation vanishes, and he sets out with spirit to greet his master.

T/N: Alright, this is the last chapter of the arc and following will be the updated character sheet. Or, that is what the author said in the A/N. Another pair of short stories will be following, this time as their own chapter before the character sheet.

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  1. This is spelled こんにち“わ” in the letter.