I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 6]

Chapter Six: A Work Invitation (*Date)

“T-thank you very much for your invitation today…”

“Please, Euphemia-jyou. There’s no need to be so nervous.” Reginald-sama said, perhaps because he liked taking care of me and because I was definitely nervous.

If you want me to not be nervous, then don’t invite me to the royal palace in the first place. But I swallowed those words and instead replied with the plain: “Thank you for your concern.”

Rather, there wasn’t any other way I could reply.

“But, Reginald-sama, I’ve heard that you have something to talk to me about…what could it be?” One of his valet’s pulled out a chair and I took a seat. He was smiling, but in some sense, that was extremely scary. His beauty is ridiculously powerful after all. That’s what I thought about as I awaited his answer.

Though, in the first place, the letter I had received from him that night didn’t say anything explicit like: “I have to speak with you about something.” I’d only heard a few days later – from a servant at the royal palace – that he apparently wanted to meet and speak to me as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to write something that important, I thought. Though, in his case, maybe it was intentional. It really seemed like this person could have a black-bellied side.[1]

“That’s right. Actually, you see, I’ll be going to explore some cities – including the royal capital – soon.”


“To decide this year’s venue for the Fairy Festival,” he answered.

Rather, the Fairy Festival has already arrived? Come to think about it…there’s only three months until the event. I’d forgotten about it due to the shock of recalling my previous life…

Even if I do think about it though, I can’t do anything about the game’s events starting.

The game took place when the heroine, Ginger, was fifteen years old. The villainess, Euphemia, is incidentally the same age. I’m fifteen this year, but I had been too late to notice that I was in a game and then distracted by my sudden engagement to Reginald-sama.

Well, in the game, Euphemia used her parent’s authority to make Reginald-sama her fiancée. If she hadn’t forced him, then their engagement wouldn’t have been decided so quickly, but right now…

I need to think about this situation and shake my head several times. Reginald-sama, in the meantime, looked at me warmly. Uh, I hate that gaze.

“I’ve been thinking about the festival quite a bit. It’s the King or Crown Prince’s job to decide the main venue, but it’s always been unavoidably boring. There are a lot of security procedures that go into it, you know.”

Wow, what a straightforward way of speaking. As I thought this, I waited for his continuation. Somehow, I had a bad feeling, but I decided not to dwell on it. Letting certain thoughts go was an important part of being human, after all. Yes, in order to survive, you must take in certain pieces of information and ignore others. Huh, is that wrong?

“Moreover, father can’t go with me this year, so I’d be alone…Are you catching my drift?” Reginald-sama said with his ridiculously kind-looking smile.

I shook my head. I didn’t know. I couldn’t even imagine. I shook my head firmly forcing myself to believe that. But, he continued without any particular concern for this.

…You know, you’re still the hero of an otome game. It’s important for you to understand a maiden’s heart.

“What I mean is, I’d like to go see these cities with you, Euphemia-jyou. I want to get closer to you as your fiancé…and if I’m with you, I doubt I’ll be bored.”

“…Reginald-sama, please at least try to hide your true intentions.”

You could have just stopped after saying you wanted to get closer. I glanced at him, but he had that same smile on his face.

…I hadn’t seen this particular smile in the game either.

Rather, Reginald-sama was a doting character who spoiled the heroine thoroughly. There weren’t any black feathers mixed in with his angelic wings!

“…Wouldn’t it be alright for me to go with my big brother?”

“Why would you go with your big brother? I don’t really want Euphemia-jyou to go with anyone but me.”

Had I been an ordinary aristocratic lady, I would have surely turned red and replied happily in the affirmative. “Huh?!” However, I was an original Euphemia Aiden, who made a name for myself as an ‘eccentric lady’ in social circles. There’s no way I would react like everyone else.

“…Now that I think about it, it seems there are various gourmet dishes in the cities we’ll be visiting. There are a total of three cities nominated this time and each has its own specialty. I’m sure everything will be delicious.”


“Moreover, it’ll be my treat. Don’t worry, I have some pocket money that I’ve made through investments.”


“Several servants from the palace have recommended restaurants to me as well…They all seem delicious.”

“I-I’ll go! Please let me go!”

Why do I feel like I’ve just been played with? Furthermore, how had Reginald-sama become so adept at handling me in just a few weeks.

…Who spilled that Euphemia is crazy about delicious foods? A servant of the Aiden family…no, it couldn’t be. He might have heard through the Queen, because mother has a good relationship with her. It’s also possible that father let it slip.

…There are too many leaks to determine the source.

“Then, I’ll compile a schedule and send it to you later. For now, let’s have some tea.” As Reginald-sama said this, the chamberlains lined the table in front of us with desserts and teas.

…I’ll forgive you just this once!

Thinking this, I reached for a Madeleine.


[1] Someone who is kind and honest on the outside, but has a manipulative streak on the inside.