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34. Douglas is Selfish

When we entered Nigel’s room, Nigel was surprised to see us for some reason.

“T, those are…?”

Without answering Nigel’s question, Douglas quickly laid a pile of books on the table.

“Here, don’t have a delicate woman carry such a heavy thing. Any gentleman would suffer a heart attack if he were to heard of this.”

As Douglas said so, Nigel’s gaze found Abby who stood in front of the door.

“Abby… I remember asking for a document regarding the monsters in the vicinity of Lynchgiham?”

“Y, yes! Regarding monsters, right? Since Nigel said so, I thought you’d also like to investigate the various effects those monster have on the kingdom. With that in mind, I keep piling up more books…”

Abby bowed her head.

Apparently, Nigel was also surprised by her stacking that many books. It seemed that he expected a couple books at most.

“Abby, raise your head.”

When Nigel said so, Abby lifted her face.

“Forgive me, I should’ve known that Abby is that kind of thoughtful person and who wants to aid me. I should’ve realized you’d bring this many—I’m sorry.”

“P, please stop apologizing! For His Highness Nigel to apologize to me… I wouldn’t know what to say!”

Abby was in a fluster.

Hmm… Nigel seemed to be properly reflecting on his action, therefore, there was no need for me to preach.

Anyway, one case solved?

“Also, Douglas, even though you’re a guest, sorry for letting you do this kind of work. Thank you for helping Abby.”

“Don’t sweat it. Besides, the one who wanted to come to your room is Eliane.”


Due to the sudden mention, a strange voice came out of my mouth.

“Eliane is…?”

“D, Douglas, when did I say that!?”

“What? Didn’t you want to meet him?”

“I didn’t say that!?”

Douglas had a look of doing absolutely no wrong.

Kukuku, why is your face bright red, Eliane? Do you have a fever?”


That being said, I turned around and covered my cheeks with my hands.

My cheeks were hot.

“Haha, how lively. You really get along with Douglas.”

Nigel was smiling at us.

When it comes to Nigel, why do I always lose my composure?

I should’ve properly come with an explanation, instead of being provoked by Douglas!

“Eliane, I know Douglas is joking, but I’m glad you have that kind of intention. You can come to my room anytime you like?”

“T, that’s just inconceivable!”

Even though Nigel casually said so, he was still the prince of the kingdom.

Back in my former kingdom, I was the fiancée of Prince Claude, but… he was the exact opposite of Nigel.

The proof was my pounding heart—I had never experienced such a sensation when I was with Claude.

“P, pardon the intrusion! I will excuse myself, Douglas, you too!”

Umu, I agree. Well, pardon the intrusion.”

If we had stayed there any longer, I didn’t know what kind of thing Douglas would say.

I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out of the room.

 ◆ ◆

“What did you mean by that!?”

After leaving Nigel’s room, I confirmed that no one was around and asked Douglas in a strong tone.

“What did I mean by that…? Why are you asking me that? Nigel called my statement a, ‘joke’, but that certainly was not my intention.”

“Which means…?”

“You certainly wanted to see Nigel.”

Douglas concluded.

“W, what on earth makes you think that!?”

“So, you didn’t want to see him?”

“N, no, that’s not what I’m saying, but with the way you worded it, Nigel would misunderstand…”

The conversation became tedious.

While staring at me, Douglas put his hand under his chin, “Hmmm…”

He resumed. “As I thought, Eliane, do you like Nigel?”

He said something extraordinary.

“W, wha-!?”

I immediately tried to deny it.

“You see, I already know. I’m familiar with your thought pattern.”

“Y, you mean, like him as a ‘person’, right? If so, I certainly liked Nigel…”

“Don’t evade the question, of course liking him as a ‘man’.”

Aaah! His eyes are beaming!

Today, I kept losing to Douglas’ pace…

Who would’ve thought he was that kind of person…

“…Where did you obtain that knowledge?”

“From you. You loved to share your favorite romance novels with me through telepathy. That was fun.”

By the way, yes, that happened…

Even though there shouldn’t be any common ground with dragons, I told him about my favorite romance novels…

Why is it so pleasant to tell others about what you like?

“Isn’t it a good thing? Your life up to this point has been unlucky, I think it’s time for you to fall in love once or twice. It’s exactly like your favorite romance novel.”

“Even so, the other party is a prince… while my title as a saint has been stripped…”

“—More importantly…”

Douglas interrupted my words. His grinned in joy.

“I ship the two of you—I will be your cupid of love—no, dragon of love.”

“Huh!? Who asked for such a thing!?”

“Kukuku, well, I’m bored. What’s wrong with having fun?”

I desperately tried to stop Douglas, but he only smiled.

This guy…!

He did it purely out of his own interest!!


Before I knew it, I was sighing.

Even if I forcibly tried to stop him, it felt like things would only get worse…

No matter what I said, that guy would act as he pleased.

Indeed, a dragon was such a selfish being.

“Have it your way, but under one condition—you must never cause any trouble for Nigel! This one is absolute!”

“Of course.”

Seeing Douglas’ dubiously confident expression, I sighed yet again.

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