Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

5. Healed some Injured People

As I rode the carriage headed towards Lynchgiham in the neighboring kingdom…


Suddenly, the coachman shouted.

“What happened?”

“No… it seems that a carriage has stopped in the middle of the road?”

“Maybe they’re just taking a break?”

“…Doesn’t look like it.”

I peered outside the window… certainly, as the coachman said, there was a carriage in front of us.

Although it was merely my intuition, I felt like it was a serious thing.

You’ve come.

At such times, my intuition was usually correct.

Who could it be?

“Let’s talk to them.”

“If it’s alright with Miss… we might get ourselves into some kind of problem, instead…”

“I am alright with it. It’s not like I am in a rush. Let’s resume our journey to Lynchgiham afterwards.”

“I see, if you say so.”

After I convinced the coachman, we went to the carriage which had apparently halted its course.

…Around the carriage, injured people could be seen.

“What a tragedy…!”

I quickly get off my own carriage and called to one of them.

“What happened to you!?”

“Ugh… are you, a traveler?”

A sturdy-looking bearded man stared at me.

“A demon attacked… we managed to escape, but as you can see…”

“A demon…”

The kingdom I used to live in, Vercaim, was peaceful. Therefore, I had almost forgotten that there were monsters outside the city.

There existed not a single demon in my kingdom, because I had been putting up barriers until now.

“I am sorry, but do you have any potions? Name the price, I can pay…”

Before the man could say anything else, I stopped him by raising my hand.

“There’s no need for a potion. …Not like I have any on me, anyway.”

“…No, need?”

“Excuse my right hand for a moment.”

I put my hand on his wound.

His wound was bleeding—it looked grievous.


After my chant, a gentle light appeared, centering around the wound.

It enveloped the wound, and by the time the light vanished, the wound had completely healed.

“W, wha! That’s, healing magic!?”

He looked very surprised.

“Miss, you’re a healer?!”

“Hmm… something like that?”

In my kingdom, I was called a saint.

…but of course, I didn’t say that. I want to avoid unnecessary confusion.

I also didn’t think I should waste time in that kind of situation.

“I will explain later. There are many who’re still injured. I shall heal them immediately.”

“I, I understand!”

The injured people lined up in front of me.

“Le, let’s start the treatment from those who’re seriously injured…”

“There’s no need for that.”

Once again, I raised my hand.

“I’ll heal them all in one go—Wide Heal.

A healing light poured from above the injured people.

The wounds of the injured closed before my very eyes—everyone recovered in no time.

“That’s why I said there’s no need.”

There was no need to prioritize the seriously injured—because I could heal them all at once.

Fufu—indeed, I am skilled like that.

“W, we’re saved! You’re indeed a saint!”

S, saint, you said!

The man I had healed first held my hands and said so.


Did I get found out just like that?

***T/N: Here I am expecting your old school ‘Mega Heal’ or ‘Group Heal’ but

-no one:

-literally not a single soul:

-Elaine: WIDE HEAL!!!

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