The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

19.2 The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Blessing of Comfort Food

So Dia thought, as she threw away her guilt—even those who knew nothing weren’t spared from the disaster…

As a selfish person, she couldn’t empathize with the lives and tragedies of the people whose faces she didn’t even know.

The monster which had been removed from that circle could never return to that side.

…Is this, the revolution of Fashitar?

She closed the book she had read a while ago, and thought of the new and revised history of the system that would take root.

Knowing the nature of the contract that Noin had signed at the time of the founding of the kingdom, Dia intended to cherish that book, just like how she treasured the picture book of the King of the Night during her early age.

Concerning the education of the nation in the future, the royal family and the aristocrats who were once involved in the purging of the Gilasfi were entrusted with duties—such was the consensus between the demon of the trading company, Noin, the Spirit of the Death, and Colhem.

Of course, the testimony of the humans themselves didn’t matter in the slightest. From what was left of the incense roses and the daffodils in the mansion of Gilasfi, fairies were formed. Said fairies revealed the names of the people directly involved with the purging.

For the first time in her life, Dia learned that the fairies born from those pretty-looking plants were vengeful.

The daffodils’ fairies in particular, wouldn’t forgive those who who had hurt them for the remainder of their lives. Because of such temperament, the identification of the perpetrators was completed in no time.

The people responsible were then branded as sinners through the use of a magical stamp. On the back of their hands, the symbol of a sinner was engraved. Their behavior would then be monitored by magic, disabling them from making careless remarks.

It was said that the brand would throb when touched.

Everyday, they would be reminded of those they had killed with their own hands.

They would continue to suffer the pain and fear of that night.

“It can be said that they’re safe as long as they don’t go against the promise. However, those with chipped souls can’t go to the Land of the Dead. They won’t legitimately be considered as dead. After their deaths, they will be handed to Tshien as slaves. It’ll be a lot more excruciating than merely being cursed or killed by magic—for Tshien is a very obsessive spirit.”

“…But, if they can somehow gain the favor of an outsider, they can escape the circle of penance, right?”

When asked so by Dia, Dilvier nodded with a frosty smile.

According to that fairy, the period of which he was supposed to serve as a servant for Dia had ended, but since Dia was the fiancée of his Lord, it seemed that he would continue providing his loyalty to Dia.

At the same time, he was also her guardian. Albeit mysterious, the sense of family was there. By that point, their bond was so strong, they were like two good friends who loved to go shopping together.

“However, only a limited number of outsiders visit that land. Many will have the lingering feeling that rather than trying to gain favor with them, those people are only acting to save themselves.” Said Dilvier.

“That’s right. There’s also the fact that choosing someone from that land is the equivalent of bringing disaster to one’s self. Taking away someone from that kingdom is the same as snatching away Tshien’s prey. Tshien is truly the most obsessive amongst the Spirit of Death.” Said Noin.

“…I think we shouldn’t glorify that part of him…” Said Dia.

Hearing the name of Tshien, Dia recalled the same Spirit of Death who often came to play recently. Suffice to say, she was overwhelmed.

Amongst the outsiders, someone who was close to the end like him was also known as the Child of the End—

—and those of the genealogy of the end tended to prefer the child of the end in particular.

Tshien, who had recently broken up with a twilight fairy due to a slight misunderstanding, had become completely enamored with Dia. He especially loved how she ruthlessly drove the royal family to its ruin during that ball.

If they went somewhere without giving letters or gifts to Tshien, said spirit would cry and run amok. Not just Dia, but also Noin had his hands full with him.

Even though Noin’s stature was higher than his, in terms of lineage, it seemed that Spirit of Death was of the highest rank. Therefore, it was necessary to bargain with him if they wanted to drive him back.

Just yesterday, when Dia was having tea with Dilvier’s sisters, before she knew it, Tshien was already there, staring obsessively at her from outside of the window. Dilvier’s mother got so angry, she sprinkled him with water to drive him away.

Noin immediately rushed to her, but she couldn’t help but be scared—she felt as if he was always nearby, unbeknownst to her.

…After that, I was asked by Noin if I wanted to reclaim the mansion of Gilasfi, but I said no.

Because none of her loved ones were there anymore.

Even so, she did visit the place once, but the place was no longer the same as the one in her memory—therefore, she wanted it no longer.

But, Dia brought with her fairies derived from the incense rose of that mansion.

Even if in the end she didn’t get to live in the mansion she was born and raised in, it didn’t at all feel weird to her. She also wasn’t lonely, because the fairies were there.

The maids also seemed very happy because their precious lady had returned.

“Jillreid’s annual visit… is it tomorrow?”

“Yes. Last year, the evening ball was set two months from now. However, at this year’s harvest, it seems that the demons of the pumpkin were angered, therefore, a ritual to appease them needs to be held. He is the crucial part of that, hence why I advanced the ball to tomorrow.”

“But please don’t bully him again, okay? Because apparently, he was ready to die for my sister.”


Because Jillreid was still part of the Royal Family of Fashitar, if he did something careless, there would be no mercy from Noin. Despite so, according to Dilvier, in worst case scenario, Tshien would be there to protect Jillreid. Therefore, as of the present, it was merely a precaution from Noin.

Immediately after the Kingdom of the Night took control of Fashitar, the fairy spouse introduced by Jillreid secretly taught Dia about her supposed cousin.

Jillreid reciprocated the feelings of Dia’s older sister.

Hearing the tragic incident which had befallen the Gilasfi, he immediately visited the mansion of Gilasfi where post-treatment was being carried out. Even though at that time he was still young, he immediately grasped that it was a royal purge.

Thus, Jillreid’s heart—still ridden with naivety, soft, but also filled with love for Dia’s sister—was crushed by despair.

Afterwards, it seemed that Jillreid stumbled into the lake near the mansion of the Gilasfi—there, he attempted to die.

The fairy, who was the spouse of Jillreid, was a high-ranking fairy.

That was why, as a high-ranking being, after reporting properly to Noin, she was able to ‘claim’ Jillreid.

True to her nature as a fairy, her methods …were terrible. She caught a young lady and subsequently put her in a container of some kind. Then, she slipped into the young lady’s family and basically replaced their daughter.

Only her husband, Jillreid, and the outsiders, were aware of the truth.

Even so, even if it was built on despair and suffering, there could still be happiness in their relationship.

There seemed to have been some twists and turns, but the two ended up wanting to get married with each other. As of the present, Jillreid loved his spouse more than anyone else.

Jillreid’s spouse never taught him what the Spirit King, Noin, wouldn’t allow him to know. Despite so, she had told Jillreid that Joel was possessed by the Spirit of the Night.

“That explains Lord Jillreid’s discomfort when he was in the presence of Joel.”

“…That’s just weird.”

“I want you to stop being depressed.”

After that night, it felt like Dia and Jillreid were getting closer.

The two were immersed in a long chat after a long night at the evening ball.

“The outsiders sure are unique beings… no matter how much I inquired, my wife wouldn’t tell me the cause of the forest’s change. It was only later when I learned that we had breached our contract with the King of the Night and that bad things were creeping in from outside of the forest. She told me that if I died because of that, she would follow suit.”

In the forest Jillreid was investigating, a terrifying monster called ‘Ice Tree Curse’ had appeared.

Due to the magic pollution caused by Noin and the execution of Fashitar, the creatures began to invade.

If Fashitar still remained in the hands of humans after the appearance of such creatures, the kingdom would surely collapse.

It was Tshien’s subjects who eliminated the creature.

She didn’t know the basis for Tshien’s actions, but it seemed that he had also taken quite a liking to Jillreid, whom was also considered the ‘Child of the End’, just like Dia.

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