The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

74. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (22)

“…Haven’t I told you to steer clear of my way, Listeard?”

At midnight, they managed to make their way into the capital without Hadith being noticed. Jill brought him to the Dragon Knights’ office immediately to see Elynsia. Listeard was the one who answered.

“Now that I’ve found him, I can’t help it.”

“So, you managed to find him, good job.”

“Even you doubted this girl right, Older Sis? It doesn’t matter if the Dragon Emperor married a little girl, because she would still be considered the Dragon Princess. Otherwise, I don’t have any other idea why the red dragons consider this girl as their peer.”

Staring at Jill, who stood beside Hadith, for a moment, Elynsia’s expression tightened.

“I pretended I didn’t know—and, the bottom line is, it seems that Hadith himself is unwilling?”

Because Hadith and Listeard kept yelling to each other, Jill was barely able to talk to Hadith on the way there. Now that he had been found, Hadith was persuaded by Jill and the others. For the time being, he agreed to merely talk, and still acted pouty—just like a child.

“Your Majesty.”

Only after Jill had pulled the hem of his clothes did Hadith begin to talk.

“…Besides, it’s not like I can do anything. Older Sister Elynsia can command the Dragon Knights, but your backing, the Duke of Noitral, doesn’t support me. The same can be said for Listeard. I can’t stand the possibility of being stabbed in the back.”

Listeard growled with a bitter look while Elynsia showed a bitter smile.

“Whatever, it’s not like there’s much we can do until summer. At the very least, you should wait until my magical power has recovered.”

“So it’s true, your magical power has been sealed…”

“Indeed, so if you’re trying to get rid of me, now is the perfect chance?”

Hadith raised the corners of his lips as he stared at both Listeard and Elynsia.

“…However, there’s also a good chance that my Uncle will self-destruct before then.”

“What do you mean?”

Elynsia, who had been listening entire time, replied. Hadith glanced up, his eyes were slanted.

“…To slander the true heavenly sword, it’s an unforgiveable act. That’s all I am going to say.”

“Can you elaborate more?”

“I’m not that benevolent of a person. All in all, everything will be solved even if I leave it alone—I am going home.”

“Your Majesty, no.”

“As a man, I have sworn to kneel before my wife, but I’m not willing to give up this issue. It’s no use trying to persuade me, just like what you did in Veilburg.”

Hadith, who said coldly, turned his heels—however, he immediately lost his posture because Jill had kicked him down, and then stepped on his back.

“Your Majesty, you sometimes avoid saying what’s truly on your mind—can you tell me your honest thought?”

“Sometimes, isn’t the way you treat me just plain wrong!?”

“Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not thinking of raising troops with the support of Your Majesty. I merely think that it would be better if you have a proper chat with your brother and sister.”

While lying on the floor, Hadith blinked. With her leg off his back, Jill crossed her arms.

“His Majesty Listeard looked for His Majesty using his own two feet, he didn’t even bother to bring any soldiers—he’s that worried.”

“…He is… worried about me?” “Oi, don’t say something unpleasant like that! I just can’t let this continue, is all…”

“Your Majesty Listeard, too! You were so eager to find Hadith, so don’t make excuses now! You’re merely overcomplicating things!”

Jill turned around and Listeard shut his mouth.

“Also, please speak in a kinder tone to His Majesty.”


“You frightened His Majesty! Look at him, he is wary! Think of it like this; you’re talking to a boy around the same age as me! First of all, please tell him that you’re worried about him!”

Listeard kept glancing alternately between Jill and Hadith. While his eyebrows were furrowing greatly, he finally reached out to Hadith.

“…For now, stand up.”

Hadith didn’t move, and only stared at the hand Listeard had extended towards him. Listeard continued, tightening his expression.

“—well, you see… I know you would be fine, but now seeing you in person, it’s good that you’re well.”


“…Say something.”

“It’s unbelievable, so you can talk to me like a normal person…”


“—Your sister is still in the castle at the Imperial Capital, right? That’s why you shouldn’t overdo it. Thank you.”

In the end, Hadith stood up, without taking the hand of Listeard.

Listeard blinked hollowly, staring at his hand which was rejected.

“Older Sister Elynsia, too. Thank you for taking care of Jill.”

“What are you thanking me for? As a Dragon Knight apprentice, Jill is a promising person. I will also pretend our meeting never happened.”

“Older Sister!”

“You too, Listeard. Hadith has a point. But I have to agree with Listeard, I’m glad you are well—…I don’t know why you’re wearing an apron, though.”

Listeard was trying to say something, and when the apron was mentioned, his expression turned comical. Bringing Hadith there had already been hard enough, therefore they didn’t even think about changing his garments.

“It’s all thanks to you, therefore I offer my gratitude to you, Jill.”

“Oh, oh yeah! Now that I think about it, I remember! Is it true you married this little girl!?”

To the yelling Listeard, Hadith showed a troublesome look.

“A while ago, didn’t you acknowledge Jill as the Dragon Princess?”

“That’s beside the point! You, what have you done, making a girl this little your marriage partner!? Jill, were you threatened into marrying him!? He hasn’t done anything weird to you, right!?”

“Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty Listeard, but I am alright. I also decided to marry His Majesty out of my own accord. Don’t worry, Your Majesty Elynsia, it’s my duty as a wife to protect His Majesty.”

She kept a firm posture and explained. Listening to her, Listeard immediately showed an indescribable face while Elynsia repeatedly blinked while nodding awkwardly.

“I, I see… Hadith, your face has turned strange, are you okay?”

“I, I, I’m used to hearing those kinds of words from her! I have been accustomed to those words…!”

“Here, water, drink it.”

“Alright, alright, Your Majesty, come here—I will take good care of you.”

“…By the way, who are those two?”

Seeing Zeke and Camila sitting not too far away on a sofa, Listeard asked.

“Those two are my subordinates. I heard that they’re also called the Dragon Knights.”

“I see… no wonder that Zeke guy warned me this afternoon…”

“Now, our talk is over. It’s late into the night. Everyone should go wherever they need to go.”

After everything, Elynsia ended up dodging the issue. She was hard to be persuaded because she already had her own analysis of the situation, and also her own set of principles.

Listeard was trying to say something, but it seemed that he was at loss for words.

However, wasn’t it not because they decided to stick to their own beliefs and were unable to reach a middle ground that such a miserable ‘future’ happened? Yes, the future which would happen six years later.

Hadith, who had regained his composure, stood up and reached to Jill.

“It’s as my Older Sister has said—let’s go home, Jill. Jill…?”

She had to resort to harsher method, it seemed—

—Jill stepped forward without taking Hadith’s hand.

“I will be straightforward—Your Majesty Elynsia, Your Majesty Listeard—please lend His Majesty your strength.”


Hadith, who said coldly, turned his heels—however, he immediately lost his posture because Jill had kicked him down, and then stepped on his back.

“Your Majesty, you sometimes avoid saying what’s truly on your mind—can you tell me your honest thought?”

“Sometimes, isn’t the way you treat me just plain wrong!?”

N, …nothing to see here, Folks. Just a slight Domestic Violence in an otherwise already controversial, underage, marriage, is all, hahahaha, hahahaha, haha… *clutch throbbing forehead.

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