Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

62.2 The Night’s Final Errand

Ruiseine comes to my side and feeds me tender meat stew. I, unable to refuse, eat with an, “aahn”.

“Ernea, you traitor!”
Fufufu, Mist-san, please make sure to look after Priscilla-chan.”

A smile elated with success floats across Ruiseine’s face. Mistral, for some reason, glares at me with frustration. Despite that, she can’t move due to having to look after Priscilla-chan.

Just what are these two women up to? With a forced smile, I look forward to the various meat dishes Ruiseine will give me.

Nyaa, this is tasty, nya.”
Hyaa, Nymia-chan, my clothes will get dirty if you put meat there!”

Nymia hopped onto Ruiseine’s lap with some meat and dirtied her shrine maiden garments. Ruiseine, with a ghastly pale face, struggles to remove the stain with a cloth.

“Nymia, I’ll have that meat.”

Nymia, not the slightest bit shy, flies over to Priscilla-chan at her call. She then lands on Mistral’s lap.

Ahh, Nymia, what are you doing?”

This time, Nymia stains Mistral’s clothes.

Yara yare, what a noisy meal.”
From a short distance away, Asher-san makes a wry smile as she watches us eat our meal.

“Such liveliness is good.”
Old Sleigstar, too, gently watches over us.

Old Sleigstar and Asher-san aren’t eating. Do they not need to eat anything?

“Thy’s concern is unnecessary. Continue to eat. We fill ourselves merely by watching thou eat.”
“I already eat some meat.”

Ah, Asher-san is bluffing. She really wants to eat some.

Nyaa, don’t wipe with my tail, nyan.”
Nntto, onii-chan eats too?”

Nymia, having been caught by Mistral, is troubled at Mistral using her long tailed to wipe her clothes.

Priscilla-chan then comes up to me and feeds me.

“Thank you, it was delicious.”
“First time eating something this tasty.”

Priscilla-chan cheeks puff out like a squirrel as she smiles, showing just how happy she is. I place Priscilla-chan on my lap and then eat until I’m so satisfied, I collapse.

Even though Mistral and Ruiseine are here, the meal we have this night is extremely lively.

We eat and eat, but the meat dishes just don’t vanish. Even though my tongue demands that it still wants to eat, my stomach can’t take any more. And so, we finish eating.

Right at the end, Priscilla-chan shares meat with Old Sleigstar and Asher-san. Her action is very cute.

I, now full, lay down.

“Hey, if you lay down immediately after eating, you’ll get fat!”

With Mistral telling me off, I reluctantly get up.

“Cleaning up… tomorrow is perfectly acceptable.”
Ruiseine gives a wry smile to the scattered remains of our meal while sipping hot water. She seems to have given up on her stained shrine maiden’s garment.

“Yeah, I can’t move either. Tomorrow morning, before I leave, we can clean up.” (Mistral)
“I shall help.” (Ruiseine)
“Ah, I’ll help clean up too.” (Ernea)
“I’ll be counting on you.” (Mistral)
Nntto, Nymia will help too.”

Priscilla-chan, what are you nominating Nymia for instead of volunteering yourself?

We all smile at Priscilla-chan slipping in Nymia as a helper in the confusion instead of declaring her own name.

“When my stomach is full, I get sleepy.”

Regardless of whether Priscilla-chan says eat, sleep, or play, she makes us smile.

“You can go to sleep, but only after properly brushing your teeth.”

With those words, Mistral holds Priscilla-chan in her arms and takes her to a nearby swamp. We follow right after her and go together. We all then, except for the Old Sleigstar and Asher-san, brush our teeth.

Then, upon returning to the moss-covered plaza, I notice that the sky is starting to get dark. Ruiseine provides light with her law while Mistral distributes water to everyone. Since this water was gathered by collecting droplets from the spirit tree, it is more than enough to serve as a drink. It’s tastier than even drinks made from squeezed fruit.

“Alright, now then, how about telling me what happened while I wasn’t here?”

At Mistral’s urging, I tell her about my encounters with the Decaying Dragon and dragon tribesmen village along with my newly discovered dragon heart. Ruiseine earnestly listens to me and, along with Mistral, asks me questions.

“My, my, well, well, what an envious personal experience. I too would like to hurry and visit a dragon tribesmen village.”
“I see, it seems like you have resolved the issue with the Decaying Dragon. Thank you.”

Ruiseine and Mistral stare at me with deep emotion once I finish telling them what happened.

I bite down a yawn while saying, “After so many first time experiences, I’m exhausted.” With my stomach full, I’m overcome with drowsiness.

“Once I return to my village, I will report about the Decaying Dragon. Everyone will be overjoyed that one of our problems has been resolved.”
“About that, how will you be describing Ernea-kun? Will it be as, ‘My future husband’?”

Mistral’s face turns red at Ruiseine’s blatant teasing.
“Tha— That’s something I’ll think about later.”
“In that case, saying it will be easier on the day you introduce them to Ernea-kun.”

Mistral, at Ruiseine’s smile and, “Fufufu,” turns away. “Sa— say, it’s late, we should go to sleep. Look, Priscilla is already sleeping.”

Unable to withstand Ruiseine’s pursuit, she stands up in a fluster. Afterwards, she heads towards Priscilla-chan who is sleeping with Nymia on Asher-san’s stomach and lays down beside her.

Whenever Mistral is with me, she gives the impression of being a composed onee-san. But when she is with Ruiseine, she acts more like a girl her age. How incredibly strange. Still, I get the feeling Ruiseine and Mistral get along quite well with each other.

Arere, except, aren’t they showing a girlish attitude towards me? I still have a ways to go…

Somehow or another, it makes me sad.

“Well then, how about we also get to sleep? But sleeping on an ancient dragon’s stomach, this is something not even Risita-kun has experienced.”
“Yeah, that’s true. By the way, since Nymia is also an ancient dragon, we’ve already tasted that precious experience.”
“My, my, well, well, that does seem to be the case.”

As Ruiseine gives a wry smile, we line up before Asher-san’s stomach.

Haa, Mistral is glaring at me. Sc— scary.

I call out to Asher-san as we pass by her face. “Asher-san, excuse our intrusion.” She only looks at us before closing her eyes.

We pass by her forelegs and bury ourselves on her fluffy stomach fur. On my right is Mistral while on my left lays Ruiseine.

“Good night.”

When I say that, both of them look at me at the same time.
“Yes, good night.”

Maybe, I’ll get a kiss on my cheeks!?

My faint hope is betrayed when Ruiseine extinguishes the light and the moss-covered plaza becomes pitch black.

How disappointing. Why couldn’t I get a kiss!? While screaming that out in my heart, I fall asleep.

Afterwards, in the middle of my dream, I wonder if doing it myself would have been manlier.

T/N: Ernea, if you did kiss them yourself, whoever you kiss second will be quite upset.  Also, if Priscilla is awake, she’ll want on too.

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