The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

19.3 The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Blessing of Comfort Food

“Since Lord Jillreid’s wife, Fid, has possessed a human being, she no longer has her fairy abilities, yes?”

“Indeed. She seems eager to throw away her vessel, but it appears that she favors her ‘current’ family. Therefore, while her ‘parents’ are still alive, she will pretend to be their daughter.”

Within Jillreid’s voice, the love he harbored for her couldn’t be suppressed. Dia glanced at the beautiful woman on the receiving end of his line of sight, whom was exchanging greetings with Dilvier.

That woman bore the characteristics of Fashitar’s people—fluffy silver hair, and lovely light blue eyes. Although her appearance was beautiful, she was really terrifying when angry.

“…Dia, I—”

“I don’t think I will accept any apologies from you, Lord Jillreid. That night, I was ready to crush all of you, even if you weren’t guilty. Therefore, Lord Jillreid, think of it like this, please—it’s fortunate that you’re able to escape from the horrible human catastrophe. Your wife succeeded in protecting you.”

Jillreid’s spouse, Fid, told Dia that Jillreid felt ashamed for not only he could still join the Land of the Dead, he would also die earlier than Dia.

I’m troubled… at that time, Lord Jillreid was but a mere ten-year-old…

Fid also told Dia that when she was adopted into the royal palace, the trace of Noin’s magic was there. Therefore, she acted in secret and kept Jillreid away from Dia.

It was because during that time, the Spirit King was still uncertain over whether he would save or kill Dia, thus, she didn’t want Jillreid to get entangled with Dia’s circumstances.

Because, without considering the circumstances of the Gilasfi, the royal family of Fashitar violated the contract of the Night King. If it was to be known to Jillreid that those actions actually yielded consequences, he might have tried to ruin Dia’s final stage. Not to mention, it would also be dangerous to him. Dia thought it was plausible and agreed.

…and I still call him ‘Lord Jillreid’ out of habit… I have to get used to calling him without the title…

“By the way, I’ve always been wondering, if the King of the Night didn’t actually show up and the two of you had never met, how would you have exacted your revenge?”

“I also don’t know. There’s the possibility that I’d have been killed by the guards first. Iit’s not like I could have handled a horse well enough to escape from there.”

“I agree. Your horse-riding technique is certainly quite strange. I don’t know how you can still manage to fall when the horse is already saddled.”

…Gunuu. In that case, I tried collecting the nectar of the snow daffodils they had been given me so I could throw it into the castle’s well. I used to evaporate the poisoned water by directing the sunlight towards it with the help of a reading glass. Then, I would gather the remaining impurities in a small vial.

“…That’s just inefficient.”

“…Indeed. Halfway, I gave up. I thought I had created a vial of poison, but when I tested it on the flower pot in the balcony, I actually helped improve the plant’s variety—as a result, a white rose bloomed… and there I was expecting some kind of poisonous plant to grow…”

“…I see, that’s why there was a white rose bush…”

“Other than that… if the surrounding forest was actually burned, it might welcome the Spirit of Death into the kingdom…”

As she lifted her face, she noticed Noin approaching her, noticing the two of them.

Dia smiled profoundly at the appearance of the King of the Night she held dear.

…I don’t know what happened to the others.

Dia wasn’t interested in how was her former fiancé, the King and his wife, or the Prime Minister and the general were doing.

The moment the outsiders arrived at the ball, Dia’s revenge had reached its completion.

It was up to Noin to take care of the rest, Jillreid also didn’t say anything about the aftermath.

However, she was surprised when she learned that the real king of Fashitar was already dead.

The reason why Ricardo took charge of the purging of the Gilasfi was because he was in the position closest to being the king of Fashitar at that time.

The king Dia was familiar with was actually the cousin of the deceased, true, king. It seemed that the current king and the queen agreed to keep it a secret between them for thirteen years. They were partners—both in name and reality.

When the former king passed away, he became the substitute king—the royal palace must’ve had its reasons. However, it remained like that—for both the parliament and the princes to keep acknowledging the cousin of the former king as the new king… I wonder if that made Ricardo feel unworthy of being king until the very end…

The actual king died three days before the purge of the Gilasfi. The cause and reason why he had died remained a mystery to the public.

However, Dia sometimes thought that the death of the actual king—her uncle—may had been the very first purge.

But that doesn’t matter to me anymore…

Noin asked if Dia wanted to know the truth about the death of the former king, and also what happened to Ricardo afterwards, but Dia was preoccupied with preparing her trip to Weim which was scheduled on the very next day. So, she shook her head.

A desert oasis on a meteor shower night. A mysterious island’s hot spring amidst the sea.

A train from a station which appeared in the shadow of a cathedral, one that led to the other side of the world.

Dia could go anywhere she wanted.

Noin was there. Other people, who were also precious to her, were also there.

No matter where she was, she wouldn’t be lonely.

Despite so, every time she stopped and reflected upon herself, the Dia of that night was still there. Smiling at her, vowing to take revenge.

Thus, Dia whispered quietly to her former self;

“…As of now, I’m truly content, therefore, it’s alright.”

“What? Why are you suddenly talking to yourself?”


“Geez. If you can somehow still manage to eat after this evening’s ball, I will bake you a strawberry tart.”

“My! What a lovely fiancé you are, Noin! Therefore, I must hold on to you and never let go!”

When Dia uttered so, the King of the Night Kingdom gently reached out and embraced his fiancée—he smiled fleetingly and gracefully.

“Now that you’ve said it, I’ll add a blessing to my promise.”


“Well, who knows, this might be a blessing that’ll end up transforming into a curse in the future.”

Despite his distant eyes, he leaned down and dropped a gentle kiss on Dia’s lips.

The sensation was akin to a restful night—

—just like the sparkle of that wonderful night she had at the dreamy ball of her childhood, Dia felt content.

“…My stomach is full.”

Only Noin knew the meaning of such words.

They were the words she would use when she was extremely happy—the words she first uttered when she gently touched her favorite rose necklace.

***T/N: It seems that every time Dia makes her characteristic sounds (‘Muguu, Gurururu’) Noin is pavlov-ed into cooking her a delicious meal… Basically, good job Dia!!

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