Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

6. Thank You Very Much

He, he said saint—did I get found out!?

That was what I thought, but as I listened to the conversation, I realized that wasn’t the case.

“Sorry, I got excited and said something weird…”

The man I had healed first apologized.

Apparently, he didn’t mean that I was the literal saint, but I was akin to one to him… or so he said.

“You don’t have to apologize… but to compare me to the Saint, that’s a terrifying thing to say… please just refer to me as Eliane.”

“Lady Eliane, you’re truly a savior—thank you.”

Y, you don’t have to add ‘lady’, though!? Well, whatever…

To the travelers whom had calmed down since then, I asked about their circumstances.

Apparently, they had had gone to a nearby town on business from Lynchgiham. Then, on their way back, a demon attacked.

The name of that demon was ‘Behemoth’.

I heard that it was so strong, it could only be defeated by a party formed by of strong adventurers.

Even so, it seemed that those people had put up a good fight—despite so, their opponent was still the Behemoth.

Since they had no chance of winning, they escaped all the way until reaching that place.

“But, why would you go to a nearby city with such a large number of people?”

I asked.


The man wavered.

By the way, the sturdy-looking uncle’s name was Adolf. Apparently, he was tasked as an escort for that trip.

“…I am sorry, I can’t really answer that question.”

“I see.”

“I am sorry for the uncouth answer, even though you’re my benefactor…”

“I don’t mind. I am not a child, I can see that you have your own circumstances.”

I see, an influential aristocrat is probably journeying with them on this trip…

They said they had something to do in the nearby city.

I couldn’t really conclude if it was merely an exchange between aristocrats or a business arrangement.

Those who didn’t reveal their identity were often nobles.

Not to mention, those people were wearing clothes of high-grade material.

But I didn’t bother asking about it.

Because it would be of no use—after all, I was in such a place.

I should just be relieved because they were safe.

“Let me offer my gratitude, too.”

While I was pondering about such a thing, a man alighted from the carriage.

Is he of the same age as me?

When he saw the man, Adolf called out.

“Lord Nigel!? How about your injury!? Are you alright!?”

The man whose name was called… Nigel, smiled gently.

“Yes, I am fine. Thanks to her healing magic, my body was refreshed anew.”

He said, confidently.


‘Nigel’? Where had I heard such a name…?

“By the way, surely, you mentioned your name is ‘Eliane’.”


“Thank you very much. You’re my benefactor. If you’d like, I want you to come to my house—I want to thank you.”


Due to Nigel’s suggestion, I uttered a dumb sound.

What should I do…

It seemed that they were about to return to Lynchgiham.

Either way, I was also heading towards Lynchgiham—therefore, his proposal was very attractive.


“I, it’s not a big deal… there’s no need for you to thank me…”

“What are you talking about? It’s against my principle if I don’t thank you after you’ve used such grand healing magic… think of it as a medical expense—how does that sound?”


He said that it was a grand healing magic, even though in my kingdom, everyone disliked it.

Moreover, none of the people around me—including Prince Claude, ever thanked me…

Perhaps because of that, I wasn’t really used to Nigel’s ‘thank you’.

He persisted.

“…That Behemoth should still be lurking around here… I don’t know your circumstances, but wouldn’t it be too dangerous to travel with only a single coachman?”

Nigel said again.

Certainly, the fact that the Behemoth was still lurking around was scary…

…but I had barrier magic.

With that magic, monsters wouldn’t approach me. That was why I traveled with almost no one.

“If the Behemoth comes again, we will do our best to protect you. If we were to get hurt, I would like for you to lend us your healing magic again. It’s a win-win situation—will you agree to this?”

Well, if he was willing to go that far…

Even though I would be alright, I was worried about the fates of Nigel and the others…

If I were there, I could protect them using a barrier—the Behemoth wouldn’t even come close.

“I understand. Then, for a little bit, I shall burden you.”

I bowed.

Nigel then held my hands, “Really!? That’s great! Because I would prefer for us to not part here.”

His face inched closer.

…Um, this person is good-looking, alright.

His golden hair gleamed like a jewel. Even though there was distance between us, the scent of roses wafted.

“Eh, y, yes…”

I was confused, I accidentally blurted so.

When I was with Prince Claude, I never experienced such feelings—I wondered what was happening to me.

“Now let’s head to Lynchgiham. No one can guarantee that the Behemoth won’t attack again, so be on your guard.”

“T, that, about that, I think we will be fine!”

“…? Why do you think so?”

“J, just my intuition!”


Nigel tilted his head.

Afterwards, we arrived at Lynchgiham without any danger.

***T/N: Hmm, the femmc displayed a deduction skill, a skill heroine usually didn’t have… good, good.

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