The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 10.1 Witness’ Statement: Patrick Wardington

  • The perspective of the boy regarding the two main characters’ climax at the end of the story. It is connected to the previous story.

“—Riol Glen of the Research of Written Magic department! You Rat, who keeps clinging to my future princess, Sharina Clydea! I challenge you to a duel!”

Just like a fire being doused by water, the large hall quieted down instantly.

Looking far ahead, at the stage, Patrick was astounded.

He was truly doubting his ears. What is the prince saying…? Who does he mean by—

“—Riol Glen…? You mean that fallen noble?”

“So, that girl and His Highness Leonardo…! The rumor was true!?”

“Uwa… to dare lay his fingers on His Highness’ favorite… that guy’s over.”

But, but that’s just weird—

—but, when Patrick tried to utter that, his mouth refused to say anything.

The gossiping grew louder and louder. It was more than obvious that by stating his opponent’s name, the crown prince was issuing a duel.


Riol Glen had a lover—that much was certain. Patrick had witnessed them.

A girl who made fulfilling sandwiches for him every day; whose voice was akin to a bell. That girl, who would gaze at Riol’s profile, full of joy.

“…You’re lying.”

There, there must be someone else who knows the truth—what about that girl?

With that in mind, Patrick looked around and became even more amazed.

“—stay strong, Sharina.”

Under Patrick’s gaze was the sight of Riol Glen supporting the strawberry blonde girl whom was tumbling.

Was that really the girl Leonardo referred to as his future princess?

Then, the very next moment—

“—answer me, you bastard! Get your filthy hands off her!”

Leonardo’s angry voice echoed, and part of the floor seemed to glow—probably due to the wind magic Leonardo had cast. He wanted to blow Riol away.

“That’s dangerous—!”

It was a well-known fact that Riol, the scholarship student, was unable to use magic. It was also ironic because he enrolled in a magic academy. If his small body were to be blown away by such magic, he wouldn’t even be able to conjure up a defense using passive magic…

“Guh! You eyesore of a Rat, playing dirty as always!”


Patrick’s worry was unfounded. The magic circle, which should be gleaming, vanished after a few seconds.

Did the magic come to an end, or did Riol do something? He couldn’t see well due to the crowd.

“Well, the duel will decide everything! No matter how many dirty tricks are up your sleeve, you won’t succeed!”

In any case, Patrick stroked his chest—he was glad it ended with nothing happening. But his relief was short-lived.

Riol was miraculously safe at that moment, but what about during the duel?

Patrick had to stop that. He must tell everyone that the prince was mistaken. But, even when he thought so, his mouth refuse to move. His throat felt dry, he couldn’t speak.

What would happen if he dares point out the mistake of their future king in front of the entire student body…?


The conversation steadily proceeded. Leonardo declared that he would bring out a national treasure and crush Riol Glen. All the students shall be the witnesses.

“‘The Scales of Judgment’? No way!”

“To go to such an extent, His Highness is serious… but, does His Highness the King agree to this?”

“No way, so the scales exist…”

Not only the students, the teachers also started raising their voices. The situation grew even more uncontrollable.

“This ends my announcement. Everyone should return to their respective classrooms immediately.”

The culprit who had dropped the entire hall into a whirl of confusion, gracefully swung his jacket and descended from the stage with a cool face.

Patrick could neither do nor say anything to stop him.


If only there were more witnesses… I know they are there!

The backyard was a little secluded, but there was no doubt someone else must had seen their intimacy, either on the way there or during their lunch breaks.

Just like me, they probably didn’t say anything because they are afraid of inciting the Prince’s wrath…

“Is that girl, Sharina, really the lover of His Highness? It’s just… I’ve never seen them together, or more like…”

“Maybe they hide it to prevent rumors? He even declared a duel—His Highness is very serious. Even if that girl isn’t his lover, yet, she’s probably on the way to—as if any girl could say a no to a prince!”

“B, but what if she has another person she likes…?”

The day of the duel. In the auditorium, which also served as the arena, Patrick tried to talk to a classmate.

“What do you mean she likes someone other than His Highness? That’s just funny! Bold of you to assume His Highness’ love is one-sided!”

“B, but, there’s a possibility…”

Haa? Oi, oi…”

Patrick’s words fell on deaf ears.

“What are you suggesting? You dare cast speculation on the royal family? What if someone hears us? Don’t get me involved!”

“…I am sorry, just forget it.”

The school’s favorite, the Prince who was the object of longing for the ladies all over the kingdom, had an unrequited love towards a Countess—

—who would believe such a story?

Not even Patrick would—if he hadn’t witnessed that scene in the courtyard.

“…Sorry, Riol Glen…”

Because of a crime he was innocent of, a boy would be crushed.

Their difference in power was overwhelming. Riol had no chance of winning—not even a chance of staying safe.

—and the only thing Patrick could do was see. Patrick clenched a fist against his knee.

***T/N: Yeah, savor each second, Patrick, cuz it’s gunna git gud. That mofo gonna get owned, HARD. 

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