The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

20.1 After Story: The Orchard of the Night and the Seasonal Flavor

It was snowing a lot.

In the realm of the outsiders, the sky was a faint bluish gray. The pale, falling, snowflakes were akin to sparkling blessings—Dia exhaled in admiration.

It’s such a beautiful day…

…and yet why was she hiding such secrets, to the point it was hurting her chest?

After thinking a little, Dia shook her head, driving away such anxious thoughts.

That was Dia’s new home.

In addition, since her race was different to begin with, it was only natural to be anxious and face as much dissatisfaction as joy.

Someday, somewhere, a fall out might happen, even without her being accountable in causing it. At the very least, she must be prepared for that.

In that room, together with her fiancé, she would often sit on the beautiful chaise lounge, basking in a generous amount of wine-colored afterglow.

Not only documents and work, plates of sweets would also be brought in. While the delicious black tea was brewing, she could converse with him.

Such a gentle time continued until he became too busy.

Noin, the owner of that castle, had been away since last night.

A New Year evening ball for non-humans was being held, one which would be held for many nights—he was attending that ball.

Once the blessings settle a little bit more in Dia’s body, there wouldn’t be any problem with her attending. But as of the present, it would be likely to cause her body harm.

What kind of people does Noin meet? Will he dance with anyone?

With that in mind, Dia felt miserable. Again, their differences were being highlighted. Dia inhaled a sharp and heavy breath.

Dia also realized she was probably being too fixated on the difference between spirits and humans. There was a possibility that Noin was just enjoying his time with his family.

…If Noin gets bored of me, would I still be able to live in this castle? Will Dilvier remain as my guardian?

Alone, she woke up and stared at the beautiful snowing skies.

There was a rich forest around the Noin’s castle. The beautiful forest of trees with white-green leaves could be seen from the window—even if it was covered with snow, the tips of the leaves emitted a pale, blessing, light.

Not only did those flowers bloom amidst the snow, the forest’s abundant blessings and magic also produced a plentiful of forest crystals.

The nectar would transform into a pale flame at night, while fairies would dance with excitement under the sparkling diamond dust.

What a beautiful world this is!

The kingdom Dia formerly lived in was just too isolated. The moment she caught a glimpse of the new world, the surprise and joy she experienced almost felt feverish.

After seeing so many beautiful things, if there came a day where she was denied all of that… would Dia be able to live despite her frustration?

After all, instead of ordinary ones, I’ve obtained so many special things…

The fairies of the incense rose who became Dia’s exclusive maids,

“It’s rare for someone to be truly aware how full of graces their surroundings are—even if that’s the first time they’ve ever stepped a foot on that land.”

Suffice to say, those special things were indeed overkill.

That was why, if she were allowed to eat the finest of treats, and then was suddenly abandoned in the wilderness, there would surely be sorrow and discouragement.

“Why, aren’t you Noin’s beloved child? …Even though you have no fur?”

By chance, Dia was asked so by a woman she passed by in the corridor of the Royal Palace of the King of the Evening Meal. Her eyes became wide immediately—never would she have thought that having fur was the norm!

After moving to the castle of Noin, she had expected that to happen—actually, it had happened several times in the past.

Dia wasn’t only a human being, but also part of Fashitar. She had been pardoned, hence why she was able to live there.

If such a thing became known, there would surely be backlash.

For Dia, who had lived in the royal palace, it was easy to imagine how many complaints and pieces of advice Noin had been secretly given behind the scenes.

But… that thing about having fur…

At a loss, Dia stared at the woman before her, processing what she meant by that.

Standing there was a woman in a wolf-like dress with a beautiful light blue tail. Her blue eyes shone like jewels.

It seemed soft and fluffy, she wanted to stroke it—that aside, if such was the norm, then Dia’s ‘fur’ was certainly too thin.

Certainly, she didn’t have that kind of fur—Dia eyed the woman seriously from top to bottom. In response, the woman lifted her beautiful willow eyebrows in protest.

That was when Shante, the head of the incense rose maids, glared at the woman who displayed such an unscrupulous attitude.

Shante, a rose fairy—considered high-ranking in the botanical lineage—was a bright, beautiful woman.

She was slender and taller than Dia, with feminine limbs and light-blue curly hair. Her wings were light brown. Her beauty was picturesque.

However, most of the humanoid fairies, including Dilvier’s clan, were beautiful enough to be considered a threat.

Looking at Shante’s tightly squeezed waist and ample bosom, Dia felt like she was merely a stuffed toy intended for a child in comparison.

Again, she was reminded of the big difference between humans and non-humans.

“Dia is the official fiancée of the King. I’m a young fairy who has just been derived, but I know Lord Noin himself wills it—for he yearns for Lady Dia. If you want to question the decision of the King of the Evening Meal, then ask him yourself after the ball.”

My, this lowly, human-serving, being dares to speak without being asked. If you understand our differences in rank, then—w, what!?”

“Lady Dia?!”

“…Forgive me, I lost control of myself because her fluffy tail is waggling… Why, your fur is so pretty! How do you care for such a beautiful tail!?”


The wolf lady receded when the human with gleaming eyes suddenly grab a hold of her tail out of nowhere.

However, because Dia was holding her tail, she couldn’t escape, thus she started looking around for help.

Oh no—such a line was obvious from Shante’s face.

The maid had forgotten—her precious Lady, whom had been recovered from the hands of those stupid human beings, had that kind of fascination.

“Lady Dia, I know your love for fur, but the tail of such an evil spirit is a no go. Please let her go.”

“But Shante, this tail gives off such a nice sensation—it’s a first for me! It’s fluffier than my Brother-in-Law’s fur, so please stuff this inside a pillow…”


As Dia clasped the tail and looked up, the lady with light blue fur shook her head.

The wolf lady’s ears were drooping—she might be scared by the evil human being who was about to hunt her tail.

However, said insidious human didn’t consider the situation at all.

Looking around sharply like an assassin, confirming that no one else was in that corridor, she then nodded in affirmation to Shante.

“Shante, there are no witnesses as of the moment, which means—now!”

“You can’t, Milady. Even if there are no witnesses, what shall we do about the rest of the body?”

“Well, nothing is worth more than life, therefore I won’t take that. I aspire to be an environment-friendly lady, therefore I’m just going to take this lovely tail real quick and return to my room.”

Upon hearing that, the wolf lady immediately learned of the two faces possessed by the King’s fiancée and tried to free her tail in a hurry—to no avail.

“As expected, the amount of fur isn’t enough to completely stuff a pillow. Therefore, we will need to add some stuffing.”

“Lady Dia, the moment you became able to say that with a straight face, nothing about you could be considered ‘friendly’ anymore…”

“A, as if I would give you my tail! You’re a wretched human child!”

Fumu. Humans may be evil and greedy at times, but I take it as me being honest with myself.”

“…Wh, someone!!! Anyone—!!!”

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