Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

7. Introduction to the Kingdom’s Ruin

  • Prince Claude’s POV

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Vercaim, where Prince Claude currently resided…

“Leticia, finally, it’s only the two of us… I am glad…”

“I am also glad…”

Inside his room, Claude exchanged whispers of love with his lover, Leticia.

“Today’s work sure was tough… however, I finally finished it and was able to return to my room.”

“Fufufu, Prince Claude, such a hard-worker, you are! That side of you, I love it so much!”

The two sat on the bed and laughed with each other.

Although Prince Claude said something about the work being ‘tough’, he only actually did his job for about 30 minutes before the rest of his duties became his entourage’s duties.

Despite so, Prince Claude wanted to preserve his cool image—especially in front of Leticia.

“Now that Eliane is gone, I am happier.”

Ara, even if she’s your former fiancée, is it alright to say such a thing now?”

“Haha, no problem. In any case, due to this kingdom’s traditions, I was forced to be engaged with Eliane. Now that I know you’re the real saint, it’s only natural for me to annul said engagement.”

“Fufufu, how evil you are… even though it seems that Eliane is in love with you, Claude?”

“Of course she is. To be honest, for me, her love is but a burden…”

Even though Eliane actually didn’t love Claude at all—but Claude was oblivious to that.

“Now, let’s stop talking about Eliane. For the rest of this night, I shall love you.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

After said exchange, their faces drew closer—

—then, a romantic kiss—

“—Your Highness!”

—precisely at that moment.

The door of the room was slammed open with great force, and a knight came in from the corridor.

The romantic atmosphere was dashed in an instant.

“Is it too hard to knock on the door!? What are you thinking!?”

“I, I am sorry, but there’s something I really need to report to Your Highness!”

Really, what is this guy thinking…!

Claude felt resentful—but it was not often a knight would come looking for him like that.

Why don’t I try hearing him out?

“…Then, what is it? If it turns out to be nothing, don’t think you won’t receive any punishment.”

His important moment with Leticia was interrupted… on the receiving end of said punishment wouldn’t only be the knight, but also his family.

The knight saluted, “A dragon has entered the royal city!”

“Huh? Dragon…?”

The word felt unreal and Claude became dumbfounded.

“What are you talking about? There has been no sightings of dragons since forever. In the first place, aren’t dragons of a gentle race that rarely appear in public?”

“Even though that’s how things are supposed to be, I don’t know! For some reason, a dragon has appeared in the royal capital! It’s a certain fact!”

Claude wanted to believe it was a lie, but the knight’s face didn’t seem to be lying.

“Why, why would a dragon…”

Claude was stunned.

There was no reason for a dragon to come.

Speaking of dragons, their strength was incomparable to the strength of other demons.

Depending on the type, it was said that once one rampaged, it would spit fire from its mouth and reduce its vicinity to ashes…

Furthermore, their endurance was said to be excellent, especially their scales which were difficult to even scratch. Not only were they resilient, their injuries would also heal immediately.

One S-class adventurer… no, even if SS-class adventurers formed a party, would they even have a chance for victory?

It was said that only a party formed of more than 10,000 people could defeat one.

“What about Carina, that SS-class adventurer?”

“She went to a distant town due to a request. Even if we summon her now, it will still take a week for her to return to the royal capital.”


He unintentionally clicked his tongue.

A week from now, at that point, it would already be too late…

…the dragon could turn the royal capital into a scorched land at any given time.

“Prince Claude, I am scared!”

Leticia held on to Claude’s arm.

Aah, for her to shiver so much… she must be terrified…

Claude’s love for Leticia grew even more.

“It will be alright—leave it to me.”

Claude patted the head of Leticia.

Then, he turned towards the knight.

“What’s the damage to the royal capital?”

“For now, the dragon is just circling over of the royal capital.”

“Just circling? What is that guy thinking…”

“I also don’t understand. The scene is quite confusing, and we also don’t know what’s the right action to take against a dragon.”

In short—this knight’s useless.

“Y, Your Highness! Give us an order! Only Your Highness can contain this situation!”

The knight begged Claude.

Hmm, it certainly feels good to be told that I am their only hope left…

If the other party wasn’t a dragon, Claude would have taken control of the knights and try to keep things under control.


“What foolish things are you saying!? In terms of battle, I am only a beginner! Just leave it to my Father and the Knight Leader!”

“B, but!”

“I need to go somewhere. Listen, never let the dragon invade the castle, you hear me, right? …Leticia, let’s go.”

Claude shoved the knight aside and pulled Leticia out of the room by her hand.

The reporting knight called out to him, “Your Highness, please wait!”

“Your Highness Claude, where are we going now?”

“The underground shelter.”

It was created for the royal family to escape to in case something happened to the royal capital.

Let’s stay there until everything calms down.

“Fufufu, how wonderful of Your Highness Claude. The underground shelter must be something else!”


Even so, why now? Why would a dragon enter the royal capital now?

Such a thing had ever happened before.

He had completely forgotten Saint Eliane’s words, Claude was deeply confused.

Well, whatever.

He would think about it slowly.

Claude rushed to the underground moat with Leticia.

Such was the beginning of the kingdom’s ruin.


“The underground shelter.”

Lmao, even if I am the densest, dumbest, most naive girl, with the biggest flower field as brain in town, if I heard the Future King saying this as his preliminary action towards crisis, I would legit wake up right there and then and ditch his sorry ass.


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