Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

22. A Favor Received is to be Returned (4)

Towards his outrageous claim, Tistye frowned.

Gaizel also revealed a look of discomfort and showed a bitter expression towards Luxen. However, Luxen didn’t at all recognize what he had done as a bad thing.

“—do you realize what you’re saying?”

“Of course! I am Lord Dilph’s right hand!”

With his collar being seized by Gaizel, Luxen still showed a brilliant, icy, stare.

“Your predecessor, the late Emperor, he was truly an exemplary ruler, that Lord Dilph… with his overwhelming violence, he ransacked and seized many kingdoms—and each time, each time, we grew as a nation—!!! The reason why Verscia has come this far, it’s all thanks to His Majesty Dilph’s might and also the war—!!!”

“You, are you truly saying this now…?”

“Absolutely! His Majesty Dilph was serious—he intended to reign over this entire continent, but he died amidst seeing his will through…!!”

Despair bled into the corners of Luxen’s eyes, taking the form of tears. Their beautiful glow, akin to clear water, reflected the madness and delusions of the past.

“Therefore, it is my obligation to turn this kingdom into the strongest kingdom in the world, in order to fulfil His Majesty Dilph’s will! To do so, we need to claim Yenzie and all the other kingdoms! We must put them under our control!”

Luxen’s heartbreaking scream signaled the end of the stage.

The other vassals surrounding them were afraid of losing their own position, as such, they dared not say anything. Van, who stood next to TIistye, was also in the state of dismay after the royal invasion.

In the end, it was Gaizel who ended the silence.

“—do you ever wonder how much life will be lost because of that?”

Then Gaizel roughly released Luxen.

Suddenly losing his support, Luxen lost his balance and fell down on the carpet. While gazing down at him, Gaizel announced in a calm but dignified voice.

“I refuse to be the same emperor as my Father.”

“…N, no way…”

“I also refuse to carry out any meaningless aggression and invade other territories.”

“How, how could you say that…”

“If you want to laugh at me because of how foolish I sound as an emperor, then laugh! I’ve put up with it so far, but I’ve had enough!”

Gaizel looked up and stared at the cowering men.

“The late emperor, Dilph, is dead! I will protect this kingdom using my own ways. Anyone who dislikes it should banish themselves from this kingdom!”

The people who were just watching over the course of the event started trembling. Gaizel didn’t even spare a glance at Luxen, whom was still lying down. He went towards the entrance of the meeting room.

“We don’t have time! Any of you who want to follow me, do so!”

Gaizel went back to the battlefield without ever looking back. Van hurriedly chased after his back.

On the other hands, the lords left behind seemed to experience confusion.

“…N, now what should we do?”

“…M, maybe we should help His Majesty…”


It looked like they were watching each other, waiting for anyone to move first. After seeing that, Tistye quietly asked them.

If Gaizel’s words were akin to simmering magma, Tistye’s words were akin to a clear, icy, lake.

“…In truth, haven’t all of you decided already?”

“Your Majesty, the Empress…”

“I shall go too, well then, excuse me.”

Similarly, the princes silently watched Tistye’s retreating back. Then, a young duke stood up and jumped into the corridor. Watching, another one, and two more aristocrats, albeit confused, made their way to their Emperor.

Most of the aristocrats disappeared from the meeting room. All that was left was Luxen, who lost the energy to get up, and could only kneel.

The captains of each unit welcomed the three who returned to the battlefield.

It was located on a half-damaged tower. Below, many Verscian soldiers were running. When she moved her gaze a little, the Yenzie army was wading around the castle wall. The number was about twice as large as their own soldiers. Gaizel briefly asked one of the captains.

“The situation?”

“It’s a lot better than before, but the number of soldiers here are overwhelmingly insufficient.”

“There are many injured… it’s unclear whether or not they can endure until the reinforcements arrive…”

“If only the former knight commander were here…”

Seeing the frustrated captains, Gaizel lifted his brow slightly.

“Reinforcements won’t come. We can only do something to manage.”

“Wha—!? What do you mean by that—!?”

However, before Gaizel could explain, an explosion was heard near the gate. It appeared that Yenzie had resorted to their last weapon. Despite knowing the apparent lack of time, Gaizel thrusted his sword into the ground and yelled loudly at the knights.

“—Listen! I am the Eighth Emperor of Verscia, Gaizel Verscia! From now on, your lives shall be entrusted to me!”

Hearing his voice, all the soldiers in the castle looked up at Gaizel. Some didn’t know Gaizel had returned, and some were surprised the emperor whom was branded as a rebel was standing there.

However, the appearance of Gaizel, as he stood with his black cloak fluttering and held his blade that had slayed countless enemies—it was truly befitting of the war god incarnate who possessed both admirable courage and nobility.

The eyes peeking through the gaps between his black hair were of dim sapphire color; the same color as the gem of God. Truly, a glorious blue color.

From the back of his eyes, strong emotions—which could be anger or determination—emanated. The knights and the soldiers of Verscia were in an awe over both his beauty and power.

“If we fall here, the next victims shall be your families. If you want to protect your loved ones, then you must absolutely stand tall! Do you hear me!?”


A short but powerful response echoed within the castle walls. After seeing the shift in the soldiers’ faces, Gaizel told Van who stood behind him.

“Bring Tistye to the chapel.”


“Huh!? Your Majesty—but I…”

“Absolutely not. Hide there until my return.”

However, as Tistye stood still, Gaizel took her hand. He then kissed her fingertips—at the same time, the voice of Gaizel’s heart resounded.

[“I love you. I will definitely come back to you, alive.”]

“Your Majesty…”

“It’s dangerous here. Quickly, go!”

Van pulled her hand and rushed her. Tistye ran away, leaving Gaizel behind. She felt that until the very last second, Gaizel tried to keep a hold of her—hence why she felt the tip of her hair being pulled. Gaizel then turned towards the captains and went to the battlefield.


“—Listen! I am the Eighth Emperor of Verscia, Gaizel Verscia! From now on, your lives shall be entrusted to me!”

“If we fall here, the next victims shall be your families. If you want to protect your loved ones, then you must absolutely stand tall! Do you hear me!?”

…I came in expecting for a fluff to turn me mushy but instead I CAME OUT A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! //INSTANTLY SPROUT MUSTACHE//

Seriously though, every words, legit every words Gaizel said, it’s for the people. Even his war ultimatum is basically him being concerned about other’s life. The lives of the people–be it of his own kingdom or the other kingdoms–are what mattered the most for Gaizel, and for that, he’s the best Emperor in my heart–truly the man of the people.

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