The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 5.1 Discarding Angelica (Part 2)

“—but that’s just…! His face and status are all that matter to you…!”

A patio boasting a variation of tropical, seasonal, flowers…

Cranbellica sat at the round table in the gazebo, but couldn’t afford to admire the beautiful flowers.

“What you said is true. I’ve only ever immersed myself in fishing books, therefore, I only know his appearance and the fact that he’s this kingdom’s first prince…”

On the other side of the table, the girl whom was the target of Cranbellica’s anger only tilted her head.

Strawberry blonde locks rolls gracefully, in proportion to her big, cherry-brown eyes.

“Oh, I know his name, too! Prince Lemonado Furesh Scarse Flutaria—”

“—are you kidding me!?”

Cranbellica’s beloved person’s name was uttered heartlessly and without respect, as if his title didn’t matter.

Cranbellica was triggered with even more anger as she glanced at the girl sitting in front of her… the fourth princess of the neighboring kingdom, Raspberryna Macarolun Stroberyl.


“Huh… for some reason, Raspberryna resembles Sharina, like, a lot. Especially the Sharina before she met Riol-kun…”

Angelica murmured as she laid on the bed and flipped through the pages of the novel. What she had in hand was a book she used to love—‘Dokidoki! The Prince is a Bully! ~The Tomboy Noble Lady Cranbellica’s Bittersweet Love Story~’

A new rival appeared before Cranbellica and Lemonado, which was implied in the previous book, and was now being explored in the book she was currently reading.

Raspberryna, the fourth princess of the neighboring kingdom, Stroberyl, was invited by a high-ranking official of Flutaria who deemed Cranbellica an unworthy partner to stand alongside Lemonado.

Until now, there were many ladies who flocked to the position, status, and the appearance of Lemonado, but Raspberryna was somewhat different—quoting her;

“Matchmaking, is that kind of thing, right? I thought just knowing the name and the status of the person is aplenty, already, since it’s already expected for our statuses to match each other’s.”

Such were the words Raspberryna uttered to Cranbellica when Cranbellica ranted about how hard it was for Lemonado to be flocked by women who could only see the superficial side of him— and not, per say, himself.

However, marriage between nobles in the truest sense was indeed so— all that mattered was identity and appearance.

Identification was to determine whether or not they would be worthy, or at least balance with each other. Faces and names were to distinguish them from others. Things other than that were just beside the point, and considered irrelevant to political marriages unless were very valuable information.

In fact, Angelica recalled such a line from her best friend, Sharina, from when they were both young and talking about fated love—

“—my ideal marriage partner? I’d like a person with a unique, distinguishable, face, at least. It would be troublesome if I couldn’t tell my husband apart from his relatives at a family gathering…”

Some people might not believe this, but before Shari met with Riol, romance had never been in her mind.

“Hmm… rather than not interested, it would be more accurate to say that Shari just didn’t know what romance was…”

That was why, Raspberryna, who resembled her best friend’s former self, was quite a formidable rival.

No matter how much Lemonado displayed his favor towards Cranbellica and showered her with affection, Raspberryna wasn’t in the least affected.

She didn’t cry like most women, nor would she run away, or dabble in wrongdoing-borderline-crime just to eliminate Cranbellica from Lemonado’s side.

As a matter of fact, Raspberryna herself was quietly surrendering to the marriage that the two kingdoms were trying to advance.

Raspberryna was alright with a loveless marriage. If Prince Lemonado and Cranbellica claimed to love each other, then they could get married too since polygamy was common in the royal family.

“Then… what happened next, I forgot…”

When Angelica first read that novel, she was completely awestruck by Raspberryna’s utter indifference towards love and marriage.

Ambiguously recalling such things, Angelica turned to the next page.


“There’s only one fateful red string! Do you not know how painful it is to see someone you love marry someone else!?”

“In my kingdom, the royal family practices polygamy… in fact, my mother is a concubine, but none of us ever thought it was miserable…”

That discussion had happened too many times. A cold wind blew between the two as they faced each other in the gazebo within the courtyard.

It did not matter how much Cranbellica appealed to Raspberryna, for the other couldn’t understand the love between two people.

“You don’t even love Prince Lemonado—!! You can’t make him happy—!!”

“For he is a king, I shall do my best to respect and support him. On the other hand, I can just leave the role to love him as a man to you…”

“Are you stupid!?”

Cranbellica struck the table, and the tea inside both their cups, which were of the same color as Raspberryna’s eyes, shook.

“You—! You never truly loved anyone before, that’s why you can easily say that—!”


Why Cranbellica was fuming, Raspberry couldn’t understand why—her tea-colored eyes told that.

After all, the princess who didn’t understand the matter of love surely didn’t know how bad it was to tear a pair of lovers apart.

“That’s right, I don’t really understand what you mean by loving someone. However, the reason I accepted this betrothal is because it’s convenient for me.”

Raspberryna didn’t have any ill intentions. She probably also wasn’t an evil person.

However, it was a different story altogether because it’s Prince Lemonado they were talking about.

“My three older sisters married each of the three Grand Dukes in my kingdom, so, I have to be married off to another kingdom to maintain the relationship between kingdoms. Despite so, my kingdom is small, and I’m the fourth princess, born from a concubine, as such, no one wanted me.”

Marrying only because it was convenient—from the start, it had never been about love.

“Quit joking around…”

“I am not joking—”

“I said quit joking around—!! Only for your own convenience, what do you take Prince Lemonado’s future for—!?”

Again, the tea swayed.


“Umm, Raspberryna certainly can’t read the mood, but I really can’t sympathize with Cranbellica anymore, considering that Lemonado is That.

In the past, she was moved by each of Cranbellica’s dialogues, but now, as she carefully considered everyone’s circumstance in the story, she was no longer impressed.

Raspberryna sure was strong. Unlike those previous women who fell in love with Lemonado and harassed Cranbellica, Raspberryna had substance.

Not only that, Raspberryna never actually fell in love with the prince. She also had no intention of going on the offensive, therefore, she was basically untouchable as a rival.

On the other hand, the previous exchange between Raspberryna and Cranbellica she had just read quite resembled her own discussion with Sharina and her sister, Lumi, about the ideal romantic situation…

“If it’s me, I want an evil person to kidnap me, or a demon to attack me, so that the prince would appear on a white horse and save me~ then, we will return to the castle while riding the same horse together~”

“Eeeh~? Lumi, you’re being too unrealistic. There’s nothing better than bumping into him on the first day of school near the gate, then arguing. Afterwards, it turns out that we’re in the same class~!”

“Lumi, there’s no way a man could outrun a demon using a white horse, and Ange, if you bump into someone, first and foremost, you should be apologizing.”

It was a conversation carried inside a carriage on the way back from a romantic play.

Angelica could converse about the plot with Lumi, but until the end, Sharina just couldn’t grasp their excitement.

As such, Angelica was curious as to whether or not Sharina actually enjoyed the play.

Well, because her best friend was that kind of person, by that point, Angelica had already become accustomed to the fact that Sharina was more interested in discussing calculative steps to actually slay the demon rather than playing out fateful encounters with Prince Leonardo, which many ladies yearned for.

“Shari, as I thought, you’re not interested, right? Do you find it boring?”

“No, not really, I had my share of joy when I saw the two of you looking happy.”

Before, Angelica wondered why Shari was still willing to be her close friend even though she wasn’t the least bit interested in Angelica’s hobby.

Today, looking back at said conversation made Angelica realize that Sharina was just a really good girl.

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“I said quit joking around—!! Only for your own convenience, what do you take Prince Lemonado’s future for—!?”


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