I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

2. First Go! (2)

On behalf of her father, who kept doing fruitless research, Ally was selling part of their territory. However, compared to that of the Grand Duke’s territory, theirs was only the size of a sparrow’s tears rather than the forehead of a cat.

Her tenth life as Baroness Ally Crunea was hard, in a sense. She had been plowing the fields since she was six-year-old!

Ohohohohohoho~! But for me, this is a transcendental easy mode~! Blisters and sunburn mean nothing when compared to being beheaded~!”

After adjusting the heat of the shank stew in the kitchen, Ally gripped her hoe and went outside.

Anyway, her house was small. After a meager ten steps, she was already treading on farmland.

The income obtained from the Baron’s land was insignificant, and it was difficult to improve the living environment of the peasants as it was.

But Ally had the accumulated knowledge of all her nine previous lives as a Duchess. A portion of the income was turned into an investment which quickly paid off.

It could be said that the sum was quite hefty, since not only could she build new houses for peasants to live, she was also able to create a small hospital and a school.

“Well, I’m now flat-out broke~! But, I’m sure those people will eventually help Jean in return. Therefore, I have to cherish my people~!”

A hospital was needed for Jean, and the school was also important. Since Ally didn’t plan on ever being a bride, she deemed both dowry and having various dresses unnecessary.

Aah~ yes! I can feel the soil~! This is what being alive meaaaans~!”

The people of the territory would always gaze warmly at Ally whenever she plowed the field in boisterous excitement.

“I—! Will—! Live—! Here—! Forever—!”

Fardon, the Royal Capital, was far away from the territory of the Baron Crunea.

She never saw Maximilian, and she didn’t know what he was up to because her current location was too remote to gain any information.

“I did make sure that there’s no Alicia in the Duke of Grants family, though!”

After she managed to trace the information back, Ally said in tearful relief—“—good, there won’t be any Duke’s daughter to be executed anymore.”

Back in her first life, she lived normally until she reached 18 years of age.

Then, everything started to become weird in her second life.

“When I thought I was dead due to the decapitation, I rewound to the age of seven when my engagement was made official. Then, I returned to the age of thirteen, after that, 17-years old—then finally, 18-years-old. It’s as if I can’t escape from that conviction!”

Well, in the end, she did manage to go through those repeated lives.

In her tenth life as Ally Crunea, she started life from birth again. Her memory returned when she was seven years old, when usually, it would return on either her eighth or ninth birthday.

Unlike the idiots of the Duke Grants family, the Crunea family was truly warm.

Her father was Joseph (39), her mother Floria (35), and her little brother, Jean (10).

They may be poor, but they were a good family.

“Ally, Ally—! Where are you—!?”

“Yes, Mother, Ally is here~!”

It was super convenient to have farmland near the house. Ally smiled and waved her hand.

“My, Ally~ you mustn’t forget that you’re still a Baron’s daughter! You should be more modest…!”

“Forgive me, Mother, for I have run out of modesty…”

While thinking back about her previous nine lives as a Duchess, Ally wiped mud off of her face.

“What happened, Mother?”

“Ah, right! There’s something very important I need to discuss with you! I recommended you to be a maid at the royal palace! My, you, becoming a royal palace maid, that’s the most honorable thing that could happen to the daughter of a baron!”


Even within their territory, Ally and her mother always talk (shout) with each other so much that it wasn’t surprising that they came to be regarded as the ‘noisy wife and young lady duo’.

Although this time, there was a difference in the contents of their screams.

Her mother was screaming with joy while Ally was screaming in shock.

“N, n, no way—!!! I’ve decided to never step a foot in the royal capital for the rest of my life, let alone work at the royal palace—!!!”

“But, but, if you become a maid, you can get a lot of money! Ally, all this time, I’ve kept it a secret, but Jean’s illness is actually serious. He won’t be here for long unless he gets an operation at the royal capital.”

“—you’re lyiiing—!!!”

Ally fell down helplessly—fortunately, she landed on the soil she had just cultivated. She got muddy, but she didn’t get hurt.

Editor: Her mother shouted that?? Well, I guess that isn’t a secret anymore.

***T/N: My dear Ally just wanna do life de la “Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town”. Unfortunately, the plot contrivances wouldn’t let her. I’LL PROTECT ALLY DAMMIT.

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