I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

73.1 The Witch’s Love Potion (7)

“What happened, exactly?”

Lulu asks while staring curiously at her brother.

Her voice is too innocent, Yashm’s mouth falls. However, a moment after, Yashm stares resolutely at Lulu and says as if determined;

“Lulu—because of the potions you made, six people became ill.”

“N, no way…! That’s a lie…!”

Lulu exhales. Her once at peak of happiness expression after meeting the witch is clouded with darkness in an instant.

“Fortunately, everyone seems to be recovering. No aftereffects have been seen so far.”

“I, I’m glad… but, I never meant to harm anyone, that’s not the reason I…”

An old woman standing behind Lulu pats the princess on the back.

Lulu’s voice grows faint as she becomes overwhelmed by the seriousness of the matter.


Yashm stands up with knitted eyebrows. His lips form a straight line.

Then, he stands in front of Roze. His expression is painful.

“I apologize for my past uncouthness… but, how did this happen? It’s but a fake potion that a child imitated, so why…”

Responding to Yashm’s grievance, Roze takes a look at the vial with the potion.

“You’re right. Strange, isn’t it?”

She lifts the vial and holds it near the window so that light can shine through it.

Under the sunlight, nothing seems amiss about the vial.

Therefore, it’s all because of the vial’s contents.

This “Witch’s Love Potion (Fake)” …was overdone.

“This potion—was made using magic.”

Although the “love potion (fake)” inside the vial fails to fulfil its purpose, it’s truly a ‘Witch’s Secret Potion’. It isn’t just colored water that imitates the smell and color of the actual potion.

Yashm, who still looks defeated, slowly raises his face at Roze’s words.

Roze approaches Lulu, who’s still being supported by her grandmother.

She grabs Lulu’s cheek, and pulls it violently to the right and left.

Lulu’s light, grass green, eyes shine brightly.

“What are you—”


Roze fixes her stare upon Lulu and declares firmly.

“You are a witch.”

For a moment, silence descends upon them.

It’s Yashm who raises his voice first.

“What are you saying, Witch!? Have you gone mad—”

“Please don’t shout.”

“Lulu is a witch!? What a baseless thing to say—”

“She tried to imitate the witch’s secret potion and ended up making something close to the real thing—is the only conclusion I can come to.”

It’s hard to believe, but Roze is convinced it’s the truth—

—Princess Lulu is a witch.

When Roze smelled the vial of the fake love potion, she was surprised to discover that it was genuine.

The rough creation carries the same scent as the love potion Roze had given to Bilaura.

Bilaura wasn’t the only person in the world who possessed the ‘Witch’s secret potion’ who decided to secretly reveal it to other people. The number is only a handful, yes, but that’s just how it is. It isn’t all that strange of an occurance.

“Is the Princess’ royal bloodline legitimate?”

“There’s a limit to rudeness!”

“If you don’t want the insight of the witch, you should’ve said so from the start. I’ll politely stay quiet.”

Only Roze knows about the witches. If they want to know the truth about Lulu, that kind of question needs to be answered.

“—Lulu and I have the same mother. Although until she was two-years-old she stayed with my aunt, she definitely shares my blood.”

“Then, it must’ve been an ancestor. I can’t say how long ago, but it seems that the blood of a witch has mixed with the bloodline of the king or queen of Marjan—Princess, did your book perhaps have a detailed explanation as to how to mix this potion?”

***T/N: A moment of silence as we clap for the asshole prince, guys. By badmouthing witches, he had just insulted not only his precious sister, but also his entire family, his ancestor–and most of all, himself.

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