I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

73.2 The Witch’s Love Potion (7)

“N, no… only the basic materials.”

“—and yet you still managed to bring the potion to this stage.”

Roze is impressed. The most important method—which is applying magic—is probably not written in the book.

Lulu has splendidly created the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ without depending on a Master’s guidance, nor a detailed recipe, or instructions.

Roze can feel her great potential.

If Lulu chooses to live as a witch, she would surely become an amazing witch, one that Roze won’t be able to compare to.

The royal family has a rare lineage to begin with.

At that time, the best people of the kingdoms were probably in line. There must have been no witch with such excellent blood like back then.

“Did the book also entail about the proper method on how to consume the love potion?”

“No, most of the books about witches in the royal castle are about the witches themselves.”

That means Lulu doesn’t even know how to properly use her potion.

The cause behind the six aristocrats falling is probably because Lulu’s potion is real.

They’re the same symptoms as Harij’s when he was carried to her dwelling due to the failure of magic.

They’re symptoms of poisoning caused by not ingesting the potion along with the body fluid of the user.

The magic that has no place to go is trapped inside the body. The symptoms will eventually disappear along with the magic.

“If you announce to the people that the Princess is a witch, she’ll never be found guilty.”

—because witches are different from people.

As such, they aren’t bound by the laws of people since they come from a different world altogether.

Witches aren’t protected by the law of people. At the same time, they don’t have any obligation to abide by the people’s law.

It’s unheard for a princess to be a witch, but if she professed to be a witch, she wouldn’t be punished.

“—that absolutely can’t happen! Even if the witch’s blood is flowing inside Lulu, at the same time, there’s also the King’s! The fact that Lulu is a witch must be kept secret for the future of the kingdom!”

Yashm flatly refuses and scolds Lulu.

“—You have to be punished. You understand that, right?”

Yashm’s voice is becoming low, too. Although, it’s far from the utter dominance he exerted against Roze earlier.

He probably finds it unbearable to use the same treatment towards his beloved little sister.


Lulu accepts her sin and replies with dignity.

After a moment of silence, Lulu murmurs with a small voice—“—but…”

“What is it?”

“I have one request…”


“Just… just don’t tell elder sister Lala about this…”

No one in the surrounding vicinity knows how to react to that—

this girl’s priority is a mess.


From Lulu’s eyes, tears overflow. It’s as if her wires have been cut. Although she has managed to remain standing upright until now, she crouches—her face distorts as she begins to cry.

It seems that no matter how hard she tries to stop, she can’t control her emotions.

“My, my elder sister showed the potion to me as a sign of trust, but I ended up turning said potion into something disastrous!”

Tears keep flowing from Lulu’s grass green eyes. Lulu studied hard because she admires the witches and is eager to be like them.

No matter how much someone works hard for something, sometimes, there are just things they can’t get.

No matter how hard someone tries, there are some who are just not talented enough.

As if two miracles had merged into one, not only is Lulu a witch, she was also born into a royal family. Therefore, she can’t pursue her aspiration to become a witch.

The closest thing Lulu can get to her dream is to turn it into her hobby, and she did it with all her heart—because it’s a future she can’t wish for.

Roze, who is still holding the ‘Witch’s Love Potion’ in her hand, stares at Lulu.

“Is it alright if I call you ‘Lulu-sama’?”

“…i, it’s fine, no, in fact, please call me ‘Luu’—!”

“Understood, then, Luu.”

Even though she’s in that kind of predicament due to magic, Lulu’s admiration for Roze hasn’t changed.

Roze nods firmly while eyeing Lulu.

“Even though I once refused—I’ve decided, I’ll take you as my disciple.”


“Although I’m not sure I’m a worthwhile teacher, I’ll do my best.”

Pekori—Roze bows down.

Lulu seems to be dazzled, as she keeps staring at Roze’s flowing, light crimson, hair.

The tears that now gleam at the corners of Lulu’s eyes are no longer caused only by sadness.

“Wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on right there—I never agreed to this! I won’t allow Lulu to be a witch!”

“I’ve heard of your judgment. Now, it’s my turn as a witch to give my own judgement.”

Lulu hugs her shoulders to protect herself from Yashm while screaming, “Hyaaa—!”

Roze finds it somewhat amusing.

That should be it.

It’s the first time Roze sees a witch whom wasn’t her grandmother—in other words, a distant relative.

Said witch is talented—above all, ambitious, but also sheltered.

Roze has never felt quite like that before—she wants to protect that talent.


“Use honorifics.”



“Being honest with you, for a while now, I’ve been planning to drop a nest of bees on you—but I’ve changed my mind. Be grateful.”

Roze is a witch. It’s a witch obligation to guide immature witches.

Yashm widens his eyes as he stares at Roze.

Roze closes her eyes from the sight of Harij raising his eyebrows as she hugs her disciple’s head.

She is not used to that kind of thing. Helping people isn’t something she usually does.

However, the sister of the disciple Roze has just newly appointed has married off to a distant kingdom.

Even though Roze still can’t call Bilaura her friend, she just thought it would be nice to not burden her acquaintance with sadness.

“Just this time, okay.”


Yashm’s voice is becoming low, too. Although, it’s far from the utter dominance he exerted against Roze earlier.

He probably finds it unbearable to use the same treatment towards his beloved little sister.

And here I thought I couldn’t hate this narrowminded fucker more than I already am. GOSH JUST DROP THAT NEST OF BEE ROZE, IF YOU WONT, I’LL DO IT MYSELF, I’LL GLADLY BUY A TANK OF PIRANHAS, EVEN.

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