Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

Prologue: The Voice of Your Heart is Leaking Out!

Tistye Lacie was confused.

“What are you doing?”—

[“—I’ve just awoken… why is there such a perfect beauty here? She’s too beautiful…”]

She didn’t mishear it.

The voice came from her husband who would usually glance at her in contempt—Gaizel Verscia.

However, Tistye wasn’t only able to hear the words he spoke, but also the words he thought.

“F-forgive me, Your Majesty…”

“…I told you to call me by my name when we’re at home.”

“T, that’s right, um, Lord Gaizel…”


[“—I would be fine with her not adding the honorific ‘Lord’… but, maybe that would be rushing it. It might also bring some trouble… what a cute voice! Just like the tweeting of a lovely, little, bird!”]

“Um, if you don’t wake up soon, you’ll keep everyone waiting!”

When Tistye hurriedly spout out those lines, Gaizel’s eyebrows rose.

D, did I misspeak?

She received Gaizel’s cold gaze.

“I’ll be returning late again today, you can rest first.”—

[“—damn! I’m so busy these days! It is going to be impossible to have dinner with Tistye! As I thought, I must tie that Randi-guy up!”]

“I, I shall wait for your return, Lord Gaizel!”

“…Have it your way, then—”

[“—she is… kind, too kind… is she an angel, perhaps?”]

Gaizel finally went to work.

Seeing him off, Tistye exhaled a long, deep, sigh.

Her face was bright red—and it likely wasn’t due to a fever.

Only the voice of His Majesty’s heart resounds this clear… I wonder why…

Tistye Lacie—

—she had a mysterious power, which allowed to hear the voice of people’s hearts.

The two of them had an arranged marriage. As usual, it was for political reasons.

Tistye was the youngest princess of Lacie, a tropical kingdom. Her hair was snow-white and her eyes were as blue as the summer skies.

Her skin was clear white. She was very beautiful—however, the majority of Lacie Kingdom’s people had fiery red hair and red pupils, as such, Tistye’s appearance became inconspicuous.

One day, when she was a kid, Tistye casually answered the words that her mother muttered.

Her mother thought it was a coincidence—but, as she repeatedly witnessed Tistye’s mysterious power, her mother eventually started to hate her. Calling her, ‘a cursed daughter’ and such.

Then, the talk of marriage arrived for Tistye, who lived a semi-imprisoned life so as to be hidden from the public eye.

The marriage partner was none other than the emperor of the powerful Northern Kingdom Verscia—Gaizel Verscia.

After the collapse of his predecessor, he became a fierce man who survived the battle of succession involving the entire kingdom with only his armed forces.

Afterwards, the number of battles he led to victory were uncountable.

Called a genius of fighting, he was able to utilize anything from swords to spears, bows, and even fought unarmed.

He acted proudly and was merciless towards his enemies—

—as such, he was also known as, ‘The Emperor of Ice’.

Jet black hair, which was the exact opposite of Tistye, and white skin suitable for a king of the Northern Kingdom… His eyes were blue, just like Tistye’s, however, the blueness of his eyes was deep, like the bottom of a dark sea.

When Tistye first saw those eyes of his, she inevitably felt scared.

‘—they’re offering a hostage? How useless.’

Tistye recalled what he said during the day she came dressed for a wedding.

In fact, Tistye was supposed to become the sixteenth wife of the previous emperor.

However, because the previous emperor had fallen, Gaizel succeeded the throne. For some reason, he was willing to take Tistye as his wife.

According to Gaizel’s words, Tistye was but a sacrificial pawn used as an offering to protect the Kingdom of Lacy.

Verscia, an almighty kingdom that dominated its neighboring kingdoms one after another, had claimed the Kingdom of Lacie.

To show their allegiance and that they had no intention of rebelling, they presented a princess to him.

But the Kingdom of Lacie refused to hand over the fine, most beautiful, princesses that were Tistye’s elder sisters—as such, Tistye was chosen instead.

After recovering from Gaizel’s words, Tistye went to the hall where all the servants were waiting.

The butler approached and read out that day’s schedule.

“Lady Tistye, we have history and language lessons today, and dance lesson in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, I shall return to my chamber and prepare myself.”

She thanked the butler, who bowed politely, then withdrew to her room.

As she walked through the wide corridor, Tistye once again recalled the question—

As I thought, I can’t hear the voice of the others… only His Majesty’s—why?

Tistye’s mysterious power wasn’t really available at all time.

When she was small, she could hear anyone’s voice as long as they were nearby, but, as she grew, her ability had apparently deteriorated.

There were many things she couldn’t hear these days. She also couldn’t hear it clearly unless she focused on listening to the voice of other person’s heart (Tistye would call this ‘hearted’).

In addition, this ‘reception’ also required unusual poses, such as raising her arm high and placing her foot at a wide angle—as such it wasn’t possible to do in public.

On the other hand, if the person had the same wavelength as her, she could hear the voice of their heart without even concentrating.

However, the number of people who shared that wavelength were very small.

Usually, Tistye would only hear the ‘voices’ of those people coincidentally.

—but, the first day she came to this kingdom and met Gaizel…

[“—there’s a Goddess.”]

Shocked, Tistye looked around her surroundings.

“What are you doing, introduce yourself.”

“F, forgive my rudeness. My name is Tistye Lacie…”

[“—Tistye… what a pure sounding word. I wonder what could the meaning be, a flower fairy? Or a jewel-studded place? Either way, it’s wonderful. I thank her parent for bestowing such a beautiful name.”]


She didn’t mishear it after all.

The voice of the heart she had just heard belonged to none other than His Majesty Gaizel.

“Must be rough, traveling all the way here. For today, rest.”—

[“—even though I was supposed to pick her up today! That bastard Randi! For him to give me a job exactly on this date! Due to that, I can only meet her at a time like this!”]

“T, thank you very much…”


[“—as I thought, was it because I’m a bit nervous…? Why is it that at such a time like this, I can’t even muster a single kind-hearted sentence…?”]

Tistye gently peeked at Gaizel’s face, listening to both of his voices.

Gaizel’s expression in the office was steep, and his eyes were glued on documents—in short, he never spared her a glance.

All the words he uttered were cold—if she couldn’t hear his other voice, Tistye would surely have been frozen by now.

Those words… were his true impression of me, right?

She was referring to the rhetorical phrase she had heard earlier.

At first, she was wondering if His Majesty’s lover was next door, but that was His Majesty’s private room. No matter how she looked at it, they were the only two there—Tistye and Gaizel.

Adhering to his words, Tistye excused herself from Gaizel to rest.

After closing the heavy wooden door, she could no longer hear Gaizel’s heart—it was as if the thread had been cut.

At last, Tistye sighed in relief.

It really is the voice of His Majesty’s heart… but why can I hear it clearly?

It was too vivid, and if she didn’t pay close attention, she might mistake it for his actual words.

When she thought about it—could it be, His Majesty ‘shared the same wavelength’ with her?

But said wavelength’s level was terribly high!

I feel guilty for listening to his true feelings as I please… but at the same time, why do I feel so embarrassed…?

Tistye realized her cheeks were burning.

As soon as they met, he had already called her a goddess, an angel, and whatnot. Even though all that could be read from his face was, ‘I’ll kill you if you commit the slightest mistake.’—

—w, what was with that huge discrepancy between his words and his true feelings?!

For the time being, I shall go to bed. Starting tomorrow, I must do my best!

Rubbing her hot face, Tistye exhaled quietly.

Eventually, her blue eyes shone with determination.

I’m no longer in Lacie. My slightest misstep will be a source of conflict…

Whatever treatment she received, she must never show any indignance—no matter how humiliating it was.

She was offered to that kingdom—as a hostage.

Therefore, I must accomplish my given role.

Tistye vowed so as she headed towards the room that was assigned to her.

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