I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

3. First Go! (3)

“To think that I would be involved with Maximilian upon reaching the age of seventeen…”

After investigating various ways and worrying that she might die, in the end, Ally decided to serve as a maid in the royal palace.

Crown Prince Maximilian Orlando was now 19-years-old. For some reason, though, he had no fiancée.

“Jean is truly ill… and just to afford the front payment of the surgery, I had to borrow about three years’ worth of living expenses… even then, I still can’t pay for the actual surgery…”

However, if it was for the sake of her precious Jean, she was alright with it.

Also, even among the royal maids, those that hailed from the families of mere barons were of the lowest of the low. As such, it was unlikely she would even cross paths with the prince.

There were some cases where truly beautiful maids were appointed as ‘hands’ for royalty, but in those cases, what mattered more was the house the woman was born into. The daughter of a duke or an earl was more likely to be appointed as hand.

“In that case, there’s the fifth princess Stila. Because her mother is a low-ranking servant, she’s treated coldly …if I become her maid, everything should be okay.”

Not wanting to meet Maximilian < wanting Jean to live.

Therefore, Ally decided to become a maid.

No matter how much she thought about it, she wasn’t Alicia, but Ally—everything should be fine.

“For the time being, I’ll be a bystander who will only watch the sequence of events following Mia’s descent. It may be terrifying, though… to see the sons of high-ranking aristocrats fall one after another, and finally, Maximilian himself…”

Since she had no money, Ally used a wagon. On the way towards the royal capital, she sometimes stayed at the houses of her father’s acquaintances along the way. Suffice to say, it was quite a long journey.

To travel all by herself at the age of seventeen without any danger like that, was perhaps solid proof that Ally wasn’t a beauty.

“After the first execution, I was in terrible shock, but afterwards, from the second to the ninth executions— “yes, yes, jeer at me as you like! Laugh!”—that kind of mental development happened to me, maybe to cope with the resentment…”

After rewinding her life nine times, in all of which she struggled in vain and died, she didn’t want to see Maximilian ever again.

At the same time, it seemed like after her second life onwards, due to having too much to digest, oftentimes she felt unsure of her reality.

“…I wonder if I was really a duke’s daughter?”

As the royal capital approached, the doubt intensified.

Perhaps it was as Jean said—the memories of her previous lives might be the product of her wild imagination, if not delusions.

“Well, first things first—(1) Never involve yourself with Maximilian, (2) Do not approach Mia, (3) Enjoy the entertaining show from afar, and be sure to keep to the previous two rules.”

Influential men from all over the kingdom would be captured by Saint Mia. It was quite possible that it would lead to the kingdom’s utter destruction.

She felt that it wasn’t a bad thing to enjoy watching the end in the place of Alicia, who no longer existed.

***T/N: Quite a rare catch! Usually the noble lady(s) in the stories I translated is described as a supreme beauty! Does the beautifulness of the female protagonist matter to whether or not you guys would continue reading the story?

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